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Story Writing of Rabbit And Tortoise

Story Writing of Rabbit And Tortoise: Stories are one that has a connected series of events told through written or spoken words. Stories are told to small children as stories always have some great moral. Stories always help in giving children good moral values and principles. Kindergarten schools always told stories to their students, as it helps in giving them a break from regular study and giving knowledge with a different method.

Today, we are sharing one of the most popular and best moral stories. This story is told to every new schooling child as it has a very great moral. This story is mostly known by every child as it is one of those stories that is easy in understanding and gives a very good moral.

Story Writing of Rabbit And Tortoise

  • Once upon a time, there was a Rabbit and Tortoise in the jungle. The rabbit was boasting about his fast running criticizing the tortoise for being so slow.
  • Again One day, they both met each other and the tortoise was moving slowly as usual. The rabbit looked at him and started laughing.
  • The Tortoise asked Rabbit that, What Happened? Why are you Laughing?
  • The Rabbit replied that You are so slow Tortoise, How can you survive like this?
  • Rabbit said many attacking and humiliating things to the Tortoise. After that Tortoise felt very bad about it.
  • Then Tortoise, asked the Rabbit that you are so proud of your speed. So Let’s have a race, and it will declare that who is faster?
  • The Rabbit was surprised by the challenge because the tortoise also knows that he is slow. But the rabbit was overconfident so he accepted the challenge.
  • They both started the race, the rabbit ran very fast and went far away. But the tortoise was slow and left behind.
  • After running for some distance, the rabbit looked back and didn’t see the tortoise. He asked himself that, the slow tortoise will take a lot of time to reach near me. I should take a short nap.
  • The rabbit was very tired as he ran very fast and the sun was also very high. So, he ate some grass from that place and decided to take a nap under the shadow of a tree. He thought when the tortoise will reach here, I will get and start to run very fast, and will reach firstly.
  • The rabbit slept and lost track of time.
  • On the other hand, the tortoise kept moving and didn’t stop. And soon reached the place where Rabbit was sleeping. He saw the rabbit sleeping, still, he didn’t stop and was walking continuously.
  • The Tortoise kept moving and moving for the race, and the rabbit was sleeping.
  • All of a sudden the rabbit woke up after a long time. He saw that the tortoise was very close to the finishing line.
  • The Rabbit started running very fastly with his whole strength, but he was too late.
  • The Tortoise has already reached the finishing line and has already won the race.
  • The rabbit was very disappointed and disheartened with this. And the very very happy as he won the race. It was unbelievable and very shocking for him.
  • Now The Tortoise asked the Rabbit ‘Now tell me Who is fast?’, The rabbit was not able to speak a word and was feeling very guilty. Then the tortoise left the place by saying bye to the Rabbit.

This Story Has Many Valuable Morals Such As

  • Failure of one time is not a failure of always, provided, one should take the lesson and correct the mistakes.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the race. Always keep going. Even if you are slow, your steadiness and consistency will let you win in any situation. Like the tortoise did.
  • Never be overconfident and Always be focused on your aim.

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