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Top 10 Expensive Dogs In India | Most Expensive Dog Breed

Top 10 Expensive Dogs In India | Expensive Dogs Breed: Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier is the number 1 most expensive dog in India with a price starting from Rs 66,06,000. Our pets are some of our most valuable life stuff. With all our hearts we love them and shower them with love and affection. But how far are you prepared to pay for your pet? We do it all for our pups, and every day we spend a great deal of money. Although some rates for breeders are more than animal shelters, we nevertheless love them regardless of where your darling pup comes from.

Top 10 Expensive Dogs In India | Expensive Dogs Breed

No matter where and how you get a dog is, Americans roughly spend $1,675 on their dog average every year, with pure breed canines cost 5 times as much as a mixed dog and mongrel. Although it could look a lot, there are many more expensive dogs than pure breeds, that would like you to spend hefty, and here is our list of the top 10 most expensive dogs in India.

No 1. Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier

Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier is the most costly dog breed in India. Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier price in our country is Rs. 66,06,000. By nature, they are quite smart and active. He’s a muscular dog of medium size. The jaws are enormous, formidable. This breed’s lifespan is between 8 to 15 years. Male is 18-21 inch high average while the female is 17-20 inch.

  • The red nose pitbull is seen by many as one race of its own.
  • But in fact, it’s only the American pit bull terrier with a red-coated, red snout. Due to the gorgeous color, the red nose pitbull is demanding.
  • If you chose your pet from the championship line which was bred for many years, it may be really pricey.

No 2. English Mastiff

English mastiff is the second costly dog in India. English Mastiff price is in India ranges from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 80000. They are naturally very compassionate and loving. It’s a big, sweet dog. Like a wolf, it can groan. The black mask has a white head, and a silver and dark fawn. This race’s life is six to twelve years. The mean height is 30 inches for men and 27.5 inches for women.

No 3. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is India’s third costly canine breed. In India, it’s offered in half a billion. Its Current price ranges from Rs. 30000 to Rs.60000. The Tibetan dog breed Mastiff is considered to be courageous and aggressive. They’re a huge breed of mountain dogs. They are smart and protective. It is utilized by Tibetan and Indian native tribes. High up to 33 inches can be achieved by males. It has 10 to 14 years of lifetime.

  • This is one of the big and muscular dog breeds that attracts a lot of dog enthusiasts.
  • The Tibetan pet needs proper exercise, training, and food, thus this dog is not to be suggested for the novice.

No 4. Alaskan Malamute

The most expensive dog Alaskan Malamute price ranges between Rs. 200000 to Rs. 3,50,000. Alaskan Malamute is regarded as a dog that looks particularly wolfish. They are huge, powerful, enormous, but very quiet and kind. This dog breed is not appropriate for warm temperatures. This breed’s life expectancy is 10-14 years. High up to 25 centimeters are possible for males and 23 centimeters for females.

  • If you are seeking an extremely strong, hard-working dog like a spitz dog, you may think of Alaskan Malamute as a loyal, affectionate, playful, and worthy dog.
  • The dog we present you today is popular with its well-furred feathered tail, straight eyes, and large bone.
  • The malamute from Alaska is one of the largest families of domestic dogs raised for strength and endurance.

No 5. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog price ranges from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. They are the smartest race of dogs. They are really large but very gentle and lovely. They are very enormous. This race is known for its tremendous construction and power. It is a 9 to 10 years lifetime of this race with a height of 28 cm for males and 26 cm for females.

  • The dog is mostly a buddy.
  • The dog possesses some outstanding traits, but it needs to be determined by its huge size and possibility for health problems.

No 6. Akita Inu

Akita Inu is India’s 6th most costly dog. The prices are Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 55,000 in India. The race was born in Japan. Akita Inu is courageous and faithful and an outstanding vigilante. This race is always willing to face problems. Akita Inu is a strong breed of dogs. It’s really big. This breed has 10-15 years of life expectancy. Male in average height is between 25 and 27 inches and female between 23 and 25 inches.

  • The Akita is a big, strong race of dogs with a noble and bullying presence.
  • The Akita doesn’t face problems and isn’t easily afraid.
  • They are hence frightened and committed family guardians.
  • However, when properly trained and socialized, they also have love, respect, and fun for dogs.

No 7. Caucasian Mountain

 The 7th most highly-priced dog in India. Caucasian Mountain Shepherd Dog’s price is  Rs. 60,000 to 80,000. The race came from Armenia, Russia, and Georgia. They’re quite protective and intelligent for their family. They are very large and heavy and also known as mountain dogs from the Caucasus and Russian bear dogs. This race has a life span of ten to eleven years.

  • The Caucasian shepherd Dog, loyal, robust, and brave, is a fervent guardian of the family.
  • It has various variants and varieties and they have been also known as Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Russian Bear Dogs, Baskhan (Karachay), etc.

No 8. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound price in India is Rs. 150000 to Rs. 225000. Afghan Hound is known for its beauty. The race was born in Afghanistan. They have long silky, bright hair, big feet, and ears. Strangers don’t enjoy touching them. It is not known that this breed is a good watchdog. This race is a 12 to 14 years life expectancy. This breed has an average height of 25 to 27 inches and a mean weight of 20 to 29 kg of this breed.

  • Afghan Hound is a slim, elegant race with long, silky hair.
  • In ancient times this dog breed was born in the Middle East.
  • The Afghan hound’s fearless nature is well recognized.

No 9. Boerboel

Boerboel price in India is between Rs. 125000 to Rs. 225000. They come from South Africa. The owner and family of Boerboel are highly loyal. The South African Mastiff is also known. It is one of the strongest breeds of dogs. It’s 10 to 12 years of age for this race. The male average height is between 24 and 27 inches and the female between 22 and 25 inches.

  • The first sight of this race makes this big, menacing dog a guard dog fantastic.
  • Boerboel is also popular as a charming, calm, and family-friendly dog, with wonderful guardian dogs.
  • This breed is known as the Farmer’s dog and also as the South African Mastiff, Boerboel and Bole.
  • This breed is a distinguished guard of the home and family. They sometimes prevail, but they’re bright and eager to learn.

No 10. Maltese

Among the Top 10 Expensive Dogs In India | Expensive Dogs Breed, Maltese Price in India is between Rs 30,000 to s 50,000, Its price is the omnipresence of the newspaper. He is the best-known little dog and can only be found in white. This breed has been recognized by Malta Akc. In general, these dogs are playful, very energetic, and caring people. It takes 12 to 15 years to live for this breed. Male dog’s height is between 8 and 10 inches and female dogs between 8 and 9 inches.

  • The Maltese race, a friendly and courageous dog, welcomes anyone as a friend.
  • Their white coat gives them a haughty appearance of nobility.


Which dog is best for a home in India?

Maltese is the best dog for a home in India.

Which is the costliest dog?

Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier is the costliest dog in India.

Which is the highest dog in India?

Akita Inu is the highest dog in India.

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