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Famous Magician in India

Famous Magician in India: Magicians are the one that performs different tricks, stunts, and other things that are not possible for everybody. They develop their skills by doing a lot of hard work and then perform in front of the audience. In the earlier times, magic was popular in India but as time passed and technology developed people lost interest in it. Now there are only a few people who are interested in it.

Famous Magician in India

Here is the list of famous magicians in India. In this article, we are sharing information about the tricks, awards, and more of the best, and popular magicians in India. Nowadays, magic is not much popular in India. And there are no new magicians in India now. Only a few people are interested in magic in this generation. In earlier times, it was much popular in India and also in other countries.

No 1. Ganapati Chakraborty

Ganapati Chakraborty ranks at the first position on the list of famous magicians in India. He was a magician from Kolkata. At the of 17, he left his home and joined the company of Hindu monks in order to learn esoteric knowledge and supernatural healing techniques. During this period, he met Khestrapal Basak and Jawaharlal Dhar. He started his career as a comedian at the Great Bengal Circus. His most popular tricks were the Illusion box and Illusion tree. Later, he also formed his own circus company and traveled India with his own circus, and earned a lot of fame and money.

  • Birth – In 1858
  • Birthplace – Salkia, Bengal, British India
  • Died On – 20 November 1939
  • Known for – Pioneer of modern magic in Bengal

No 2. P.C. Sorcar (Famous Magician in India)

P.C. Sorcar is one of the best magicians in India. During 1930 he performed magic tricks in Kolkata, Japan, and other countries. From the 1950s he was an active international magician who performed his Indrajal show before live audiences and on television. He also performed a Floating Lady routine featuring aerial suspension. He was also honored with awards such as Padma Shri, The Sphinx, and The Royal Medallion German Magic Circle. At the age of 57, he died of a heart attack in Japan.

  • Date Of Birth – 23 February 1913
  • Birthplace – Talgain, Bengal, British India
  • Died On – 6 January 1971
  • Status – Married to Basanti Devi

No 3. O.P Sharma

Om Prakash Sharma is a very popular Indian magician. At the age of 7, he started performing magic. He also pursued mechanical engineering. He was inspired by the magician K.Lal and Anand. He mainly performed in the northern states of India. In his magic journey, he has performed about 39,000 shows across India.

  • Birthplace – Ballia District, Uttar Pradesh
  • Known For – Entertainer, Magician, and Illusionist

No 4. K Lal (Famous Magician in India)

Kantilal Girdharilal Vora was a very amazing Indian magician. He started his career as a magician in 1950. His first show was held at Roxy Cinema in Calcutta. He has performed over 22,479 shows around the world. His last show was in July 2012 in H K College Hall in Ahmedabad.

  • Date Of Birth – 10th April 1924
  • Birthplace – Amreli District, Gujarat
  • Died – 23 September 2012
  • Status – Married Pushpa Vora
  • Children – One son: Harshad, and two daughters: Priti and Sonal

No 5. P. C. Sorcar Jr.

P. C. Sorcar Jr. is a very popular magician in India. He is the second son of Indian magician P.C Sorcar. His troupe, Indrajal, uses 48 tons of equipment, 75 artists, dozens of settings, 12 jadoo girls, psychedelic laser lighting systems, more than 400 brocade dresses, and more than 50 tricks of illusion. Some of the best tricks in his career were -he vanished the Taj Mahal for two minutes in Kachhpura in Agra, vanished a train full of passengers before a large crowd at Bardhaman Junction, and also made Victoria Memorial disappeared. He has cycled at high speed blindfolded from Trafalgar square in London and created a record. He also holds the record of being the highest individual foreign exchange earner in entertainment.

  • Date Of Birth – 31st July 1946
  • Birthplace – Tangail, Bangladesh
  • Status – Married to Jayashree Devi
  • Children – Three Daughters: Maneka, Moubani, and Mumtaz

No 6. Gopinath Muthukad

Gopinath Muthukad is an amazing magician and motivational speaker in India. He left his Nilambur home for Thiruvananthapuram to pursue his passion for magic. The journey was full of struggles, he didn’t quit. Later gained success for his unique magic tricks. He also performed an escape act in the style of Harry Houdini’s act. He is the founder of the world’s first magic academy. He has performed in more than 8,000 stages in India and foreign. He is the winner of the International Merlin Award instituted by the International Magicians Society.

  • Date Of Birth – 10 April 1964
  • Birthplace – Malappuram District, Kerala
  • Status – Married to Kavitha Muthukad
  • Children – One Son: Vismay

No 7. Prahlad Acharya (Famous Magician in India)

Prahlad Acharya is a very popular magician in India. In his career, he has performed many illusions, stunts, escape acts, ventriloquism, and shadow play. He also has a show of a 20-member performing of Indian illusions named Maya Jadoo. His underwater escape act of Madhwa Sarovar termed him as Indian Houdini. He calls his combination of drama and magic dramagic. He was also awarded the outstanding Magician Award at Vismayam 2000.

  • Date Of Birth – 14 March 1971
  • Birthplace – Karnataka
  • Status – Married to Poornima Acharya

No 8. Ashok Bhandari

Ashok Bhandari is a very amazing magician in India. At the age of 4, he played harmonica soo well, that he received an award from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He is worked as both a magician and a harmonica player. He organizes workshops on magic in several schools also. After his study, he moved to Delhi from Varanasi to work in the music business. He has performed in Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, and more. He is also appointed as a teacher of Harmonica and magic in the National School of Drama.

  • Date Of Birth – 25th July 1953
  • Birthplace – Delhi
  • Status – Married to Meena Bhandari
  • Children – Son: Krishna Bhandari

No 9. Karan Singh

Karan Singh is one of the famous magicians in India. He drooped his graduation to pursue full-time magic. In 2002, he met magician Ishammudin Khan and learned two tricks from him and performed only that two tricks for years. He gained popularity with his first commercial show- Karan Singh Magic: Saltus at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi. He used his audience as props in his stage shows. Since 2021, he has performed more than 800 digital shows.

  • Date Of Birth – 19th July 1991
  • Birthplace – Mumbai
  • Status – Unmarried

No 10. SAC Vasanth

Sebasti Arul Christopher Vasanth is an Indian magician, illusionist, and laser show artist. He performs his shows not only in India also in Burkina Faso, Dubai, and other countries. He has performed in many tv shows – Maya Maya on Doordarshan, G Boom Vikram in Vijay TV, Logic illa Magic Kalaignar TV, Star One, India’s Magic Star on Star One, and Comedy Circus ka Jadoo on Sony. He won the Award for Excellence in the Art of Illusion by Global Leadership Awards 2014.

  • Date Of Birth – 22 August 1974
  • Birthplace – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Status – Married to Geetha

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who was the best magician ever in India?

Ganapati Chakraborty was the best magician ever in India.

Who are the most popular magicians in India?

In the above article, you can check out the most popular magicians in India.

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