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India’s Luxury Cars | List of Luxury Cars In India | 2021

India’s Luxury Cars: Lexus LS is the number 1 luxury car in India that starts from Rs 1.82 Crores and falls under the most expensive luxury car in India. For some buying, a luxurious car is something that enhances their status symbol. The Indian market has many luxury cars which fulfill the need of the high society people across the country. These cars are extremely expensive and are beyond the reach of a common man but along with the high cost the cars have many amazing features.

India’s Luxury Cars

When we talk about cars, a common man needs a comfortable and budget-friendly car and for that, you can refer to a number of articles on cars on our website the popular among which is the top 10 cheapest cars in India. For the ones looking for expensive can, can go for the top 10 most expensive cars in India, and if things are within your budget you can buy the best luxury sedan cars in India that are most expensive cars too.

No 1. Lexus LS

This model of LS is one of the most appreciated cars in the market today. It has numerous features like has an 8GR FXS V6 engine. The engine of Lexus LS has 6 cylinders and is a 6-speed automatic transmission. To check the body temperature of the person in the car and then after maintaining the required temperature in the car is an additional feature of this Lexus LS model.

  • The expected mileage of Lexus LS is 15kmpl with an engine displacement of 3456cc. The current market value of
  • Lexus LS starts from Rs 1.82 crores.

No 2. Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover from Land Rover excels in terms of style and comfort more than any other luxury car in India. There is the availability of two diesel variants and a petrol variant. The Range Rover has arrived in the market with an expected mileage of 7kmpl to 13 kmpl and has a current showroom price of 1.82 crores.

  • Range Rover has an engine displacement of 4999cc.
  • The list of features Range Rover has includes upgraded leather upholstery, adjustable seats which make the journey comfortable, upgraded interiors, and many more.

No 3. BMW M5 Competition

Because of having a V8, twin-turbocharged engine, the BMW M5 Competition car can produce a power of up to 625bhp. BMW M5 Competition engine arrives with an automatic 8-speed transmission, guaranteeing a powerful pickup. Isn’t it amazing that the car within 3.3 seconds can go from 0-100kmph?

  • BMW M5 Competition car has a Harman Kardon sound system, wireless charging and an Apple CarPlay Support, and many others.
  • The expected mileage of the BMW M5 Competition is 9kmpl with an engine displacement of 4395cc making it one of the most comfortable Sedans in India.
  • The starting price of the BMW M5 Competition is BMW M5 is Rs. 1.55 crores.

No 4. Mercedes Benz S-Class

The Mercedes Benz S-Class car is a super fashionable car that comes up with a list of amazing features. Mercedes Benz S-Class is a fabulous sedan that has a V12 Biturbo engine which is handcrafted and is of a capacity 6-liter. It has not one or two but 12 cylinders. Under ideal conditions, this automobile can generate 630bhp. The torque generating capacity is of 1000Nm. Mercedes Benz S-Class is to give an expected mileage between the range of 7kmpl to 13kmpl with an engine displacement of 5980cc.

  • The ex-showroom price of the Mercedes Benz S-Class is Rs. 1.36 crore.
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class once was honored with the award of the Best Luxury Car in the year 2019 at the Carbuyer Awards.
  • Along with the necessary features the car also has some additional features like a 360 camera with parking assist, wireless charging, and also an audio system which is surrounded by Burmester.

No 5. BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is an updated version of the series that has arrived after getting some impressive upgrades in the vehicle. Starting with the grille which is now larger than before, the LED tail lamps which are bow quite thinner, and the size of the instrument cluster is now 12.3 inches. The torque and power-producing capacities of the car are 850Nm and 600bhp. The engine of the car is automatic has 12 cylinders and is 8-speed.

  • The expected mileage of the BMW 7 Series is 7kmpl to 39kmpl.
  • The current price of the BMW 7 Series is 1.36 crores.
  • The World Luxury Car award was won by BMW 7 Series in the year 2016.

No 6. BMW X7

For the ones who are car lovers and can afford to have a very expensive car, BMW X7 should be their ideal choice because this car is the best of all available and is also the largest car.

Available with a 6-cylinder, a turbocharged engine that has the capacity of 3 liters. The car arrives with 8- speed automatic engine which can generate power up to 335bhp. The expected mileage is 10kmpl to 13kmpl and an engine displacement of 2998cc.

  • BMW X7 has a torque-producing capacity of 450 Nm.
  • The BMW X7’s current value is Rs. 92.50 lakhs.
  • The BMW X7 won the Luxury Car of the Year in the year 2019.

No 7. Mercedes Benz GLS (List of India’s Luxury Cars)

One of the most luxurious cars at present is the Mercedes Benz GLS which is offered by Mercedes Benz. A V-type engine which 6 cylinders are what boosts the power of the car. The car can produce a maximum power of 258 bhp and the peak torque generating capacity is 620Nm. A 9-speed automatic gearbox is what makes the engine of the car stronger.

  • The maximum speed of the Mercedes Benz GLS is around 220kmph.
  • Mercedes Benz GLS has a mileage of 8kmpl to 11kmpl with an engine displacement of  2987cc.
  • The price of the Mercedes Benz GLS is Rs. 87.77 lakhs.

No 8. Volvo XC90 (Luxury Cars In India)

To give a tough competition to Mercedes Benz GLS, the Volvo XC90 was introduced by Volvo. It is available in both petrol and diesel variant. The car arrived in the market with a Twin Turbo engine. The engine has 4 cylinders. The power generating capacity of the car is 401bhp, and the torque generating capacity is 640Nm. Volvo XC90 is available in the market in nine different elegant shades and designs.

  • The engine displacement of the Volvo XC90 is 1969cc and has a mileage of 17kmpl to 42kmpl, which is quite impressive.
  • The price of the Volvo XC90 is Rs. 80.90 lakhs.

No 9. Volvo S90 (India’s Luxury Cars)

The Volvo S90 is one of the best luxury sedans in India, powered by a 4-cylinder, D4-Diesel engine. 400Nm of torque and 190bhp of power is the maximum capacity of the engine to generate power and torque. The car can attain a maximum speed of 230 kmph because of 8-speed automatic gearbox. The car is available in four shades- Onyx Black, Crystal White, and the Magic Blue Metallic.

  • The expected mileage of Volvo S90 is 18kmpl with an engine displacement of 1969cc.
  • The Volvo S90 won the ‘Premium Car of the Year’ award in the year 2017.
  • The price of the Volvo S90 starts from Rs. 58.90 lakhs.

No 10. BMW 5 Series (India’s Luxury Cars)

BMW 5 Series comes with a TwinPower Turbo Inline engine. The engine of the BMW 5 Series has 6 cylinders. Along with being an automatic vehicle, it has an 8- speed gearbox. The car under the ideal conditions can generate a torque of 620Nm. The car has the capability of producing maximum power of 260bhp. Consumers are offered nine shades of the car by the Bavarian car manufacturers.

  • The BMW 5 Series is expected to give a mileage of 15kmpl to 22kmpl with an engine displacement of 2993cc.
  • The ex-showroom price of the BMW 5 Series is Rs. 55.40 lakhs.
  • At the Car and Bike Awards in the year 2018, the BMW 5 Series car won the award of Premium Car of the Year.


Which luxury car is best in India?

Lexus LS is the best in India.

Which is the cheapest luxury car in India?

The BMW 5 Series is the cheapest luxury car in India.

Which car is strongest in India?

Volvo XC90 car is the strongest in India.

What are the luxury car brands in India?

Audi, BMW, Volvo, Lexus are the luxury car brands in India.

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