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Volleyball How Many Players | Volleyball number of Players

Volleyball How Many Players:- Volleyball is a team sport which consists of six players each side separated by a net. The ball is generally played with hands and arms but it is permitted to touch or hit the ball by any part. Some of the special skills involved are passing, setting, high vertical jump, special positions, defensive and attacking playing techniques.

Volleyball How Many Players

It was invented in 1895 by a physical education director in Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States. Canada becomes the first country to adopt volleyball outside the United States in 1900. In 1947 first international federation, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball(FIVB) was founded. It became more popular in Brazil, Italy, Russia, and most Asian countries. There are mainly six positions where a player can play the game and can execute its planning. Most successful teams across the world master these skills to become the best among the others. So a player can be a server, blocker, and setter.

  • Server:- A serve is done from behind the inline to drive the ball to the opponent’s court. The main objective is to make the ball land inside the court. It depends on the server is responsible for the variation in the ball’s direction, speed, and acceleration to make the service more difficult for the opponent team. A serve is called an ‘ace’ when the serve lands directly on the opponent’s side or goes outside the court after touching one’s opponent’s hands on it.

There are basically three types of serve

  1. Underhand serve:- In this service the player strikes the ball below the waist instead of tossing the ball up instead of striking it with an overhand throwing motion. They are considered as the easiest way to serve a ball and are very to receive and are not used in competitive games.
  2. Sky ball serve:- It is a special type of underhand serve mostly used by beach volleyball players in this service the ball hits so high that it comes down in a straight line. This serve was invented by Brazilian players in the early 1980s but this service is considered outdated. However, this service was used by Italian beach volleyball player Adrian Carambula and it is known by the name of Jornada nas Estrelas or Star Trek in Brazil
  3. A topspin serves:- It is an overhand serve her the player tosses the ball high and hits it with the wrist which results in the dropping of the ball faster than it would have been. It is not used above the high school level of play.


It is an overhand serve her the hit with no spin and it makes the path unpredictable to find.

Jump serve

It is an overhand serve where the ball is first tossed high in the air and then the player makes a timed jump contact with the ball. It is also the most famous service among the college and professional teams.


The pass is an effort by a team to handle to opponent’s serve or any other attack by the attacking side. It involves preventing the ball to not touch the court but also to male it available to the setter’s position quickly and accurately. There are basically two ways to pass a ball by underarm passing and overhand passing. In the underarm passing, the ball touches the inside part of the joined forearms at the waistline, and in the overhand passing, the ball is passed by the help fingertips above the heads.


The set is the second touch that a team makes after the opponent’s team serves. The main aim of the setter is to put the ball in the air in a way that it can easily land by the team’s attackers in the opponent’s team court. It is the setter who decides which player will hit the ball off their side. The main thing to be taken care of by the setter is that they must touch the ball with both hands at the same time to make it easy for the attacker to drop the ball more effectively as if the setter does do so then it provides the opponent team a point by the foul called ” double hit”.

Outside hitter or Spiker

The spiker is generally the third and last contact made by the team. The main aim of the attacker is to make the ball reach the opponent’s court in such a way that it becomes undefendable by the opponent’s team players. They are generally the most consistent and regular strikers of the team who perform the attack. A bounce is a term used by the players for a very hard attack that almost takes the point but with the efforts of the opponent team effort which returns the ball in the court again and a kill is the term used by the players for an attack that is not returned by the opponent team and results in making the point.

Middle Blocker or middle hitters

It refers to the blocking or stopping the ball attacked by the opponent team. The main aim of the block is to stop the ball from penetrating the net. It requires the perfect timing of the foot and the jump at the same time to execute the block perfectly. The best angle considered for the blocking is around 45 to 60 degrees with a downwards direction.

Outside hitters

They are responsible for the defensive workload of the team. Their main responsibility is to form a good defence for the opponent team’s hitter and also to provide a backup setter for their own team.

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