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World First Movie – The Story of The Kelly Gang

World First Movie: It would not be wrong to say that the year 1888 marked the beginning of one of the most loved and adored sectors of the world, the film industry. Roundhay Garden Scene was the first movie ever shot. It was just a 2.11 seconds long movie that gave rise to one of the most entertaining parts of most individuals’ life these days. Unlike these days, the movies in the earlier era were just a bunch of photographs put together. From black and white to 3Ds, videography technology has evolved a lot.

World First Movie

Roundhay Garden Scene was a silent and short actuality film. On 14 October 1888, the movie clip was filmed at Oakwood Grange in Roundhay, Leeds in the north of England. Louis Le Prince was the director of the film. It certainly is one of the oldest films known in existence. The clip is starring Louis Le Prince’s son Adolphe Le Prince, Sarah Whitley (his mother-in-law), Joseph Whitley (his father-in-law), and Annie Hartley (friend to Louis and his wife) Joseph and Sarah can be seen turning with Joseph’s coat-tails flying as he moves. The Oakwood Grange was home to Sarah and Joseph. In the footage, people can be seen taking a walk in the garden. The clip gives no story but still shows us a sneak peek into the ordinary lives of that era.

The original clip was shot using Louis’s single-lens camera on Eastman Kodak paper base photographic film. Louis wanted to claim the technology with the fact that it could also be used to shot videos than just still images.


  • London’s National Science Museum, in 1930, has produced a photographic glass copy of the surviving 20 frames. The film was shot in 12 frames per second. However, later it was found out that that it was just 7 frames per second.
  • It was just after 10 days of the shoot when Sarah died. After 2 years, Adolphe, Louis le Prince’s son, was shot dead after testifying in court for the technology, against Thomas Edison.
  • Louis Le Prince shot some other scenes also after shooting the movie Roundhay Garden Scene. The projection of these scenes later on a screen made it the first motion picture premiere.
  • Before filing the patents to the film-making technology, Louis went missing on his way back to the UK. This remained a mystery.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.1: Which is the first movie ever shot?

Ans: Roundhay Garden Scene was the first movie ever shot.

No.2: What was the duration of the first movie ever?

Ans: The first movie ever was just 2.11 seconds long.

No. 3: Where did the shoot for the first movie ever shot was done?

Ans: The first-ever movie was shot in Leeds, North England

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