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Kpop Popular Groups | Top 10 Kpop Popular Famous And Best Groups

Kpop Popular Groups:- Korean Hip hop music popularly known as k pop, that has been originated and established in South Korea and now is an integrated part of South Korean culture. In the current scenario, k pop is known internationally and was ranked at 6th position in the Top 10 music markets all over the world.

Kpop Popular Groups

In 1992, the boy band SEO Taiji and boys were the first k pop group. They experimentalized with foreign style and generic music and reshaped contemporary South Korean music. In 1996, a boy band named HOT was the launch that influenced a lot of teenagers and young adults and that’s how the modernization and Popularity of k pop started Rising. In 2020, k pops have an unparalleled year of marking approx 44.8 percent growth in revenue and were considered as the Rapid rising market of 2020.

No.1 BTS

  • Members:-
  1. Jin
  2. Suga
  3. J-Hope
  4. RM
  5. Jimin
  6. V
  7. Jungkook
  • Labels:-
  1. Big Hit
  2. Pony Canyon
  3. Def Jam Japan
  4. Columbia
  • Years Active:- 2013-present
  • About:- A well famed, Dazzling, and Reputed boy band called BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is the band of  7 South Korean boys who started their journey in 2013 by Big hit entertainment.BTS is basically a hip-hop group but their style covers a hell of a lot of categories. For example, their lyric’s center of attraction is sometimes on individual and community comments, towards self-love, mental health. BTS premiered with their first album named 2 Cool for 4 skool. In 2014, they broadcasted their first Korean language album ‘Dark and Wild’ and ‘Wake Up’ which was a Japanese Studio album.

No.2 Blackpink

  • Members:-
  1. Jisoo
  2. Jennie
  3. Rose
  4. Lisa
  • Labels:-
  1. YG
  2. YGEX
  3. Interscope
  • Years Active:- 2016-Present
  • About:- Another very popular k pop group Blackpink is one of the most heart throbbing girl’s gangs across the world having four young and talented Korean girls. They were among the first girl Korean group to top the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. They are also been privileged to be certified by the Recording Industry Association of America with the blockbuster music video ‘Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du(2018) which is the most viewed video by Koreans on YouTube.Blackpink has given record-breaking and most viewed music videos such as ‘Kill this love’[ 2019] and ‘How you like that‘[2020].

No.3 EXO

  • Members:-
  1. Xiumin
  2. Suho
  3. Lay
  4. Baekhyun
  5. Chen
  6. Chanyeol
  7. DO
  8. Kai
  9. Sehun
  • Labels:-
  1. Avex
  • Years Active:- 2012-Present
  • About:- Designated as king of K Pop and biggest boy band in the world and Rank among 5 most influential celebrities from 2014 to 2018 by Forbes Korea, a band of South Korean Chinese boys consisting of 9 members is showing great excellence in pop, hip hop and R&B. Exo’s first album ‘XO XO’ was a huge commercial success. Exo’s famous album named’ Don’t mess up my tempo’  was a great success and was leading as the highest-charting album on the US Billboard 200.

No.4 Twice

  • Members:-
  1. Nayeon
  2. Jeongyeon
  3. Momo
  4. Sana
  5. Jihyo
  6. Mina
  7. Dahyun
  8. Chaeyoung
  9. Tzuyu
  • Labels:-
  1. WarnerJapan
  2. Republic
  3. Columbia Taiwan
  4. Sony Taiwan
  • Years Active:- 2015-Present
  • About:- Twice is nine South Korean girl’s gang who debuted on October 22, 2015, with the play ‘The Story begins’. But recognition to this group came in 2016, with their single ‘Cheer up’ which was ranked at the top on Gaon Digital Chart and also won ‘Song of the year’ at Melson music awards and Mnet Asian Music Award. According to reports, this group has sold approx 10 million copies of their albums across South Korea and Japan.

No.5  Seventeen

  • Members:-
  1. Coups
  2. Jeonghan
  3. Joshua
  4. Jun
  5. Hoshi
  6. Wonwoo
  7. Woozi
  8. DK
  9. Mingyu
  10. The 8
  11. Seungkwan
  12. Vernon
  13. Dino
  • Labels:-
  1. Pledis
  2. Geffen
  3. Records
  • Years Active:- 2015-Present
  • About:- Pledis entertainment formed a band of 13 South Korean boys. This group has specialization and mastery in hip-hop, vocal, and performance unit. Members are well known for songwriting, choreography in their performances as well as in their music. Till now they have released 10 extended plays and three albums.

No.6 Red Velvet

  • Members:-
  1. Irene
  2. Seulgi
  3. Wendy
  4. Joy
  5. Yeri
  • Labels:-
  1.  Avex Trax
  • Years Active:- 2014-Present
  • About:-This South Korean girl’s group debuted with a Mini album, Ice cream cake. Red velvet is widely appreciated for their very versatile Discography and their hook songs and had received many accolades in their career as Best Pop song for ‘Red flavor’ and in 2019 Song of the year award at Asia artist Award for’ Umpah Umpah’.They ranked 5th most followed k Pop artists on Spotify.

No.7 GOT-7

  • Members:-
  1. Mark
  2. Jay B
  3. Jackson
  4. Jinyoung
  5. Youngjae
  6. Bam Bam
  7. Yuyuan
  • Label:-
  1. Sony Japan
  • Years Active:- 2014-Present
  • About:- Stylish and Dashing South Korean boy’s band by JYP Entertainment who Debuted in 2014, January with the album EP got it? Which is ranking on top in Billboard’s World Album Chart. They are the masters of Martial Art Tricking and Street Dancing.

Number-8, TXT

  • Members:-
  1. Yeonjun
  2. Sookin
  3. Beomgyu
  4. Taehyum
  5. Hueingkai
  • Labels:-
  1. Bighit
  2. Republic
  • Years Active:- 2019 Present
  • About:- Formed by Big Hit Music, is 5 South Korean boy’s band named Tomorrow X Together. They debuted on 4th March 2019 with the’ Dream chapter star’ and were considered as Blockbuster as it was ranked on top of Gaon Album Chart. On October 21, 2019, they broadcasted their first album’ The Dream Chapter Magic’, and also it gained a lot of Praise.

No.9 Mamamoo

  • Members:-
  1. Solar
  2. Moonbyul
  3. Wheein
  4. Hwasa
  • Labels:-
  1. RBW
  2. Victor
  • Years Active:- 2014-Present
  • About:- WA entertainment formed a group of four South Korean Girl’s gangs named Mamamoo. This group Debuted with ‘Mr. Ambiguous’. They are well known for their performances in Retro, Jazz, R, and B.

No.10 Big Bang (Kpop Popular Groups)

  • Members:-
  1. TOP
  2. Taeyang
  3. G- Dragon
  4. Daesung
  • Labels:-
  1. Universal Music
  2. Japan
  3. Warner Music
  • Years Active:- 2006-Present
  • About:- South Korean Boy band debuted in 2006, formed by YG Entertainment. They are known for their outstanding stage appearance and are considered as the trendsetter for experimentalizing with music. Debuted with the album named ‘Big Bank volume 1’ which came as a great success followed by consecutive hit Singles like’ Lies ‘,’ Haru Haru’, ‘Sunset glow’ for which they have been awarded as Artist of the Year at 2008.

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