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Top 10 Safest States In India For Women | India’s Safest States

Top 10 Safest States In India For Women: Mumbai is the number 1 safe state for women in India, where they are free and safe to go out for work and enjoy their life at night in dinners and parties at night. Women used to be solely responsible for taking care of their families and performing home chores. Women in India are increasingly venturing out to work as the times change. The number of young girls and women learning and working outside the house is steadily increasing along with increasing the threat for the safety of women in India, seeing the corruption rate here.

Top 10 Safest States In India For Women

Women’s safety is a key issue for most governments. A woman is a caregiver, an educator, and a world shaper. They must feel safe and secure everywhere they go. Many Indian cities are growing and promoting women’s empowerment allowing women to relocate to study or work freely. Also, many programs aimed at reducing gender-based stereotype, violence and crime are a major component of most governments’ agendas. Here is the list of the Top 10 Safest States In India For Women.

No 1. Mumbai

Mumbai has always been regarded as one of India’s safest cities. It is India’s most developed and affluent metropolis and the country’s financial and commercial centre. The city not only affects people’s lives through its commerce and finance, but it also provides the most pleasant and profitable opportunities to its residents. It is also one of India’s most expensive cities.

Mumbai is also known for its Bollywood film shoots and fashion trends. Many people from all around India go to the ‘dream City’ to try their fortunes in the film industry. The majority of people in Mumbai appreciate the city’s outstanding nightlife. Women in Mumbai feel safe travelling even late at night. Everyone is welcomed with an open heart, whether they are poor or wealthy, male or female. No one here can say anything to women, proving it to be the safest state for women.

No 2. Bangalore

Bangalore is home to around 62 per cent of immigrants. Making the city more diversified in terms of cultural values and conventional norms. It is now India’s third most populated city. It also serves a diverse cuisine that includes cuisines from all around the world. Bangalore residents are very united and welcoming to one another.

Banglore is another safe place to live for women, especially where they are safe both at work and in the streets. Especially for women, Bangalore has a large number of rental flats for its migrants with low rental indices that are also safe and pleasant. So there is no need to be concerned about your accommodation if you decide to relocate to this lovely city.

No 3. Pune

Pune is one of the developing industrial and urban hubs in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, so it offers a wide range of options, be it if you want to settle here or come out for work permanently.

The presence of nature and wildlife aids the city’s serene environment. Pune attracts a large number of job seekers. Its abundance of open public areas, such as parks, traffic island gardens, and playgrounds, has helped raise living standards.

Women here get a more respectful and secure atmosphere. Many bachelors and women can also find well-furnished, pleasant spaces in the city, though at a little greater cost.

No 4. Chandigarh

Chandigarh is India’s first planned city. In addition to being the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. According to the Swachh Bharat survey of 2018, Chandigarh was ranked as the third cleanest city in the country. This is an advantage for women who live here because, after safety, cleanliness is the second most important factor.

At home, where the women in Chandigarh are respected, they are also considered equally important at their workplace. Women in Chandigarh safely come and go on roads and in vehicles. They too enjoy late-night dinners here in hotels, enjoy the nightlife in pubs, and are all safe.

No 5. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is frequently seen as a safe and secure city for women in India. Since the last decade, the city has become increasingly urbanized.

Ahmedabad residents are vivacious and enjoy every moment of their lives. They believe in living life to the fullest, making it quite easy for newcomers and women to adjust fast. Due to its variety, vegetarians prefer Ahmedabad’s cuisine. The city is especially worth seeing during Navratri. A nine-day Hindu festival celebrated with zeal in this city. The girls and women are given full respect in this state of India.

No 6. Indore

Indore is a lovely city with excellent tourist facilities. The city has grown to become India’s fourth-largest cotton textile centre. Indore is also known as Madhya Pradesh’s commercial centre. Beautiful bangles are very well-known.

The city has a diverse cultural heritage, which is reflected in its cuisine. Indore residents are welcoming, courteous, and compassionate, making migrants feel at ease. This city has a lot of fantastic places to live for a reasonable fee. If women safety is a concern, you will be glad to know that women are safe here but need to make good efforts to stay safe when they are out at night. Women here get safe paying guests apartment for living and are safe in markets and at work too.

No 7. Kolkata

Kolkata, often known as the ‘City of Joy,’ is where contemporary Indian literary and creative ideas and Indian nationalism began. Its residents have worked hard to maintain the country’s own culture and civilization.

Bengali music and art are trendy in Kolkata. Many well-known museums and libraries may be found throughout the city.

According to the National Crime Reports Bureau, the city is the safest among India’s top 10 safest states. For the second year in a row, Kolkata has been on this list of the government.

Most importantly, Kolkata has a lower crime rate than any other city, which is why women feel safe migrating here.

No 8. Chennai

Chennai is another safe resort in India, with a lower crime rate than the rest of the country. Despite its poverty, Chennai makes no concessions to student literacy and jobs for its working population. The city is the epitome of South Indian architecture, music, dance, drama, sculpture, and other arts and crafts.

Many female solo travellers, students, and employees aspire to visit the “south capital of India” at least once in their lives. They wish to appreciate its rich culture and well-kept beaches. Women are safe here as especially in the metro, while travelling. So when a woman is safe out, the state tends to fall in the safest states in India category.

No 9. Hyderabad

Hyderabad, which is home to several significant IT companies. It is also known as the City of Nizams and Pearls. Hyderabad’s most famous monument, the Charminar, contributes to its splendour.

Hyderabad is known as The city of bliss, the city of a thousand faces etc. These names evoke a sense of friendliness that is reminiscent of the city’s environment. The city has been praised for its high standard of living.

Including low crime, excellent schools and curricula, low pollution, and high employment, women wish to work here and try to relocate as they and their kids are safe in this state of India, which is their major concern.

No 10. Jaipur

The bustling bazaars of Jaipur, which are known for Rajasthani jewellery, textiles, and shoes. With large avenues and spacious gardens, Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is known as the Pink City. It has a timeless character and is a buyers’ paradise. This magnificent city transports you to a time when nobility and tradition reigned supreme.

Jaipur is a safe place for lonely women to stay out during the night and day. Still, nasty things may take place if you dress up conservatively. Walking in groups of women may seek the attention of bad guys, so you need to stay safe from this. Apart from this, if you go out nicely, things are safe and of less issue.

FAQs (Top 10 Safest States In India For Women)

Which is the safest city in India for females?

Mumbai is the safest city in India for females.

Which is the safest state in India for females 2021?

Pune is the safest state in India for females in 2021.

Which states are safest for women?

All the above-mentioned states are safest for women.

Which state in India has the lowest crime rate?

Bangalore has the lowest crime rate in India.

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