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Top 10 Luxury Bikes In India | India’s Luxury Bikes

Top 10 Luxury Bikes In India: BMW HP4 Race is the number 1 luxury bike in India that costs around Rs 86. 70. Folks are literally insane about cruisers and overwhelming bicycles. These bikes are not only overwhelming but are pricey as well. These are made by the best of brands and with all the best fabricates. The most luxurious bikes in India are best in speed, structure, plan, viewpoint, and a lot more. These are so beautiful and attractive that you can’t resist buying them. For all people who love traveling on-road and enjoying the weather motorbikes are the best buys.

Top 10 Luxury Bikes In India

These ridiculously luxurious bikes will definitely make you fall in love with them. You simply can pack your bags and leave for a long trip on these bikes. Some of them are even considered to be better than cars. They can help you in reaching the most isolated areas of the country as well that you cannot actually visit by your cars. A bike is regarded as the best vehicle if your plan is to take a bath in nature’s lap. Here is our list of the top 10 luxury bikes in India.

No 1. BMW HP4 Race

BMW HP4 Race is one of the most expensive bikes presently being sold in India. It has a beautiful carbon body accompanied by a number of amazing world-class features. It comes with a 999 CC engine and a 6speed gearbox. It has a number of features still it is comparatively lighter in weight than other bikes of the luxurious segment. The price of the BMW HP4 Race is Rs 86.70 Lakhs making BMW HP4 Race the most expensive bike in India.

No 2. Harley Davidson CVO Limited

Harley Davidson is the best yet most value for money sort of bike you can say. Harley Davidson CVO limited bike is beautiful enough to redefine your biking experience. It comes with a 1923 CC engine and 166 NM torque. Full-on custom treatments are available for this bike by Harley Davidson. Its backrest trunk is so big that you can store your essentials and clothing items in it if you are going on a 2-3 days trip conveniently. Harley Davidson CVO limited costs Rs 50.5 Lakhs.

No 3. Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

This American motorcycle is currently ruling the Indian luxury bike market as well. It comes with a thunder 1890 CC engine that gives you the feeling of riding a beast each time. It has remote locking sandbags that float like a butterfly when you ride the Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster. It has amazing 200-watt speakers. The price of an Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster is Rs 42.15 lakhs.

No 4. Indian Motorcycle Challenger Limited

In India, Indian Motorcycle challenger Limited can be regarded as the most luxurious bike as it is impeccable. This bike is really one of a kind; it has everything next to perfect. It houses a 1768 CC powerful engine that can make you feel like riding a beast. The look of Indian Motorcycle challenger Limited is quite aggressive and people tend to stop at look at it when Indian Motorcycle Challenger Limited runs on the roads. Also, there are features that ensure your safety while driving as well. The price of Indian Motorcycle challenger Limited is Rs 40 Lakhs.

No 5. BMW K 1600 B

The BMW K 1600 B is one of the costliest bikes that come with a one-key anti-locking system. You can enjoy a keyless ride on this bike as it is a smart one. It is fully loaded with a number of other smart features as well. Who says the central locking system comes in only cars, BMW has bought this system for your bike too. Adjustable handbrakes, clutches, and dynamic modes are also some of the key features. The cost of BMW K 1600 B is Rs 28.70 Lakhs.

No 6. BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL is the elder sister of BMW K 1600 B, this elder sister is only a lakh pricier than the younger ones. It comes with a back box that you can easily detach when needed. It is a two-seater back in which the person sitting at the back can enjoy their ride with the comfy backrest. Also, the detachable box can be used to keep your luggage and other belongings. It comes with a Chrome kit and a center stand. The BMW K 1600 GTL costs Rs 28.75 Lakhs, being a luxury bike in India.

No 7. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

The engine of Harley Davidson Street Glide Special is of 1868 CC. This growling monster looks so goad on-road that people stop and look at it. The entire design is alluring and the gleaming look of the bike makes it different from the other ones. Also, Harley Glide comes with an RDRS system that can be called a complete electronic package which comprises ABS, Chassis Control, and reflex link Brembo. The price of Harley Davidson Street Glide Special is Rs 30.53 Lakhs.

No 8. Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Limited

This Chieftain Limited edition of Indian motorcycle is surely a worth buy among luxurious Indian bikes. This bike was definitely made to feel the rider more pampered and special. The peak torque that can be attained with this limited edition bike is 2800 RPM. It comes with an Infotainment system, LCD Display, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and a lot more.  Also, you get a meter to check your engine oil life. Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Limited price is Rs 39.20 Lakhs.

No 9. Honda Goldwing

Honda’s most priced luxury bike in India is Honda Goldwing. It has an amazing body along with high performance. The engine is 6 cylinder and 4-stroke.  Its windscreen can go up and down with 4.1 ranges and it has high sound quality speakers. Its plush leather seating gives this bike the most luxurious effect. It has an inbuilt USB port for flash drives. It has a 7-speed automatic DCT that works automatically fully. The price of the Honda Goldwing is Rs 28.50 Lakhs.

No 10. Triumph Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3 can be regarded as the largest 2 wheeler production to date. It comes with a displacement of 2485 CC along with 165 BHP. The riders state that this beautiful bike glides on roads similar to a knife gliding on butter. Triumph Rocket 3 is not only eye-pleasing, in fact, but it has also got amazing ergonomics as well. It comes with adjustable mono shocks and front forks. Also, you can customize the start screen in this luxurious motorbike according to your convenience. The price of Rs 18 Lakhs.


Which is the most expensive bike in India?

BMW HP4 Race is the most expensive bike in the world.

Which is the richest bike in India?

Harley Davidson is the richest bike in India.

Which is the luxurious bike?

BMW K 1600 GTL is a luxurious bike.

Which is the No 1 bike in India?

BMW HP4 Race is the number 1 bike in India.

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