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Top 10 Interesting Fact About American Football

Top 10 Interesting Fact About American Football:- American football is started as a mixture of soccer and rugby and was the first player in 1869. It wasn’t until the 1800s that it was shaped into the game we know today, with the help of Walter camp, also known as the “father of football.” The American professional football association wasn’t created until 1920 and a couple of years later changed its name to the National Football League.

Top 10 Interesting Fact About American Football

In this list, we have mentioned the Top 10 Interesting Fact About American Football. In this Blog, we have provided you with some amazing and interesting facts about how American football has to develop and where its journey started. You will get the perfect knowledge about American football.

No.1 How was American football invented?

  • Walter camp is often regarded as the “father of American Football.” On November 12, 1892, a day that would forever be etched in sports history because American football was invented on this day.
  • Walter Camp is the only person who introduces American football to the U.S.A. He convinced various institutions, including the Intercollegiate Football Association, to place specific changes that would better the sport.
  • Camp is also responsible for introducing the quarterback position, the 11-man team, offensive signal calling, and the scoring scale used in modern-day American football.

No.2 Oldest Surviving Franchise

  • American football’s first team is Arizona Cardinals, which have existed since 1898, and they are the oldest professional football team in the United States that’s been continuously run. Initially known as the Morgan Athletics club, this club started as an amateur football team, which then joined the NFL in 1920 as a charter member.
  • Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears are the only two NFL charter member franchise that is still in operation.
  • They have only won two NFL championships, and at 72 seasons, the team holds the record for having the longest active championship drought amongst North American Sports.

No.3 Oldest Stadium of American Football

  • The oldest Stadium of American football in the NFL is Soldier Field, located in Chicago, Illinois, near Downtown Chicago.
  • This stadium is home to the Chicago Bears, who moved there in 1971.
  • The stadium, which opened in 1924, has a football capacity of 61,500 and was once listed as a National Historic Landmark.
  • Until 2002, when renovations were done to modernize the stadium, the facility got delisted.
  • Besides the Chicago Bears, Soldiers fields have also served as the home for the Chicago Cardinals of the NFL and University Of Notre Dame football.

No.4 Oldest Football Rivalries

  • Rivalries exist in any sport, and they are a relevant component of any league play.
  • The oldest rivalry in professional football started in 1921, and it is between Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.
  • This rivalry started as a feud between the founders of the two teams and became fueled by market overlap.
  • Outside of professional football, the oldest continuous rivalry in the history of American football started in 1887, and it is between Boston Latin School and English High School.

No.5 Deadliest Accident at the U.S. Sporting Event

  • There was a game between Stanford and California ( football rivals) held in 1900 on Thanksgiving Days.
  • During the game, a large group of men and boys observed from the roof of S.F. and Pacific Glass Works, which was located near the stadium.
  • Unfortunately, the roof collapsed, having the spectators fall into the fiery interior of the building.
  • The accident resulted in 13 instant deaths and 78 injuries. On December 4th, the last victim of the disaster died, bringing the death toll to 22.
  • To date, this remains the deadliest accident in any U.S. sporting event, which turned fatal for the spectator.

No. 6 The NFL is made up of 32 teams in two conferences, NFC and AFC.

  • The National Football League is composed of 32 teams. The teams are then divided into the National Football Conference(NFC).
  • Each conference has one champion each year. Those two championship teams then play each other in the Super Bowl.
  • Each football team must have 11 players on the field. The positions the players play vary depending on whether the team is on offense or defense.
  • Offensive positions include quarterbacks, halfbacks, fullbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends. Defense positions include linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties. Players can be substitutes between downs.

No.8 There are seven officials during  a football game

  • The NFL uses seven different officials to ensure fair play. These officials keep track of many things, including the downs and the fouls.
  • American football facts show officials wear black and white striped shirts.
  • The seven officials each watch for different infractions and are each responsible for different things.
  •  The referee is the highest-ranking of the officials and has the most responsibilities in the term of oversight.
  • The other officials are the umpire, the back judge, the head linesman, the side judge, the line judge, and the field judge.

No.9 NFL hired its first full-time female officials in 2015

  • Sarah Thomas will become the first full-time female official in NFL history when the 2015-16 football season gets underway.
  • She follows in Shannon Easton’s footsteps. Easton was the first woman to officiate an NFL game, though she did not have a full-time contract with the league.
  • Thomas then joined the NFL’s officiating development program, worked some new orleand Saints’ training camps, and also officiated an NFL preseason game last August.

No.10 American football is played in public school and collages

  • Today, American football is played in public schools, colleges, and the pro circuit, a big money earner.
  • The player plays the game on a 360-foot by 160-foot field.
  • The end zone is 10 yards long, and the players wear protective equipment that includes helmets, face masks, shoulder and thigh pads, and mouth guards.
  • College and professional games last 60 minutes, divided into four quarters of 15 minutes.
  • The plays have frequent stops so that a game might last 2.5 to 3 hours or more.
  • High school games generally consist of four 12-minutes quarters. Game for younger kids can be even shorter.


1.How far has the ball has to go before it’s not considered as an on-side kick?

There is no distance for this.

2.What is meant by the term play action? 

In a play-action pass, the quarterback pretends to give the ball to a running back, who then keeps going as if he had the ball. Meantime, the quarterback steps back and passes the ball.

3.Why does a team’s offense take a knee? 

Teams take a knee when they are ahead at the end of the game and win just by running out the clock.

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