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List of Top 10 Zoology Books in India 2021

List of Top 10 Zoology Books in India 2021: A child’s favorite hotspot is the zoo always. Zoo visit always pleases the child as well as people of all age groups. The fondness for the beautiful creatures of nature sometimes became a passion for wildlife lovers, and they went on to study animals. They pursue their career in zoology.

List of Top 10 Zoology Books in India 2021

The scientific study of animals is called zoology. In this article, you will find the list of top 10 zoology books in India, which are a must-read for zoology students and animal fanciers. So here is the list of Top 10 Zoology Books in India 2021.

  1. Invertebrates by R.L. Kotpal

Invertebrates are animals without the backbone in their body. They are of different kinds, such as arthropods, cnidarians, and mollusks. Leaches, earthwork, snails, jellyfish, hydras, and corals are examples of invertebrates. Modern textbook on zoology invertebrates by R.L Kotpal covers a wide range of topics on the specific kinds of animals under 66 chapters. The book is ideal for degree students. The author has been a professor and Head of the Department of Zoology of Meerut College, Meerut, India. The authors’ name is a renowned name in zoology literature. The rich and broad content of the book securely placed it at number one on our list.

  1. Vertebrates by R.L. Kotpal

Another book by the same author is number 2 on our list. The book is for the vertebrates animals who have a backbone like us, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians like fish. The book features 60 chapters on a broad spectrum of vertebrates and their anatomy, complemented by a glossary and the selected references for the readers. The book is published by the Rastogi publication and is a good choice for zoology students.

  1. Biochemistry textbook by Nelson & Cox

Lehninger principles of biochemistry by Nelson and Cox makes the way at number 3 in our top 10 list of zoology books in India. The book has another renowned co-author Aaron Hoskins in the eighth edition of the book. It provides updated content on the basic principle of biochemistry that will help the students understand the same. The book is preferred by the teachers and the students for its teaching style before class preparation, learning during lectures, and learning post lectures.

  1. Introduction to Embryology by Balinsky

Boris Ivan Balinsky is a renowned Ukrainian and South African biologist and embryologist who was a profession of Kiev University and the University of Witwatersrand. Though he is not with us, his legacy continues to guide us. His most popular book “Introduction to embryology” sits at number 4 in our list of top 10 zoology books in India. The book is ideal for B.Sc. students with having specialization in biology or embryology. The book is described in terms of morphological and experimental physiological approach, which gives an understanding of the ontogenic development of living beings. Cengage learning is the publisher of the book.

  1. Organic Evolution by Veer Bala Rastogi

Veer Bala Rastogi is a name that cannot be missed if we are discussing zoology. She is an eminent textbook writer who has rich experience of more than 50 years in writing books. She holds a Ph.D. from Meerut University. Her book on organic evolution is useful for graduates and postgraduates students of zoology as it explains the concepts in simple language utilizing the diagrammatic presentation. The book is divided into five parts. The first part covers the basic concepts, evidence, and theories of evolution. The evolution mechanism constitutes the second part; the third part explains speciation, while the fourth part deals with the basic pattern of evolution. The last part is focused on fossils and the history of life on the planet.

  1. A Text-Book of Cell Biology & Genetics by Veer Bala Rastogi

Another book from the distinguished author Dr. Rastogi is on genetics and cell biology. Its content quality and originality make it an ideal choice for zoology students. The book is divided into four units. The first two units are focused on cell biology, while the third unit is concentrated on genetics as “Genetics-I,” and the last unit is “Genetics-II.” Kedar Nath Ram Nath, Meerut publish the book.

  1. Ecology and Environment by P.D. Sharma

Dr. P.D Sharma is another well-known name from the zoology literature. His name has become a synonym for his most popular book, “Ecology and Environment,” which is at number 7 in our top 10 list of zoology books in India. The book is focused on the concept and understanding of ecology and our environment and comprises 24 chapters complemented by a glossary. Being an ecology student, you must be having these books on your study table.

  1. Animal Behaviour by V.K Agarwal

Understanding animal behavior is not that easy as we thought by understanding the behavior of our pets only. Their behavior is unpredictable for most human beings. So, at number 8, we have “Animal Behaviour” by V.K Agarwal on our list. The book is 400 pages covered by 16 chapters, glossary, selected readings, and index. It entails approaches to study behavior, behavioral patterns, animal communication, and many other exciting topics. It covers the syllabus of B.Sc. nearly of every Indian university and as per the UGC curriculum. This makes it a must-have if you are a zoology student.

  1. Zoology by Miller & Harley

At number 9, we have “Zoology” by Stephen A. Miller and John P. Harley. The book provides a basic introduction about the subject to the students across multiple courses in zoology. The book acts as a fundamental body of knowledge about the discipline. Mc Graw Hill publishes it; the name is sufficient to prove the book’s credibility and trustworthiness.

  1. Biology of Animals by Ganguly, Sinha, and Adhikari

At the end of our list, we have “Biology of Animals” by Banku Behari Ganguly, Arup Kumar Sinha, and Simananda Adhikari. The book is divided into nineteen chapters detailing the animal’s life through biology. The book is perfect for degree students. It also has its volume II. New Central Book Agency is the publisher of the book. This book comprehensively describes animals’ biology, so it is a must-have for zoology students.


Here we have provided you the list of the top 10 zoology books in India, which are really helpful for zoology students. Even if you are curious to know more about wild mates, you can go through the lanes of these books, such as the book on animal behavior by V.K Agarwal will help you to understand the behavior of your pet dog or cat. The book must find a place on the bookshelf of the zoology students.

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