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Top 10 Lady Don In India |Famous Indian Female Gangsters

Top 10 Lady Don In India: Phoolan Devi, famous as the real gangster, is the number 1 lady in India; being so powerful and ferocious, she had never been afraid of anyone in her time. From smuggling alcohol to pulling off trying heists, here are a few ladies from India who have controlled the hidden world, somehow. Indian women have been considered shy right from the start, but some women have repeatedly made mistakes that have shocked the world in many phases. Maybe, it made them happy.

Top 10 Lady Don In India

India is a country where women and considered idols, worshipped, and are in a high-ranking job position. On the other hand, some women are mainly famous for the harsh and cruel ways of murders they have committed, the bad ways of earning money. Let’s dive into our list and know more about these top 10 lady don in India.

No 1. Phoolan Devi- The Real Gangster

Although Phoolan Devi is no more, when lady dons are talked about, her name is remembered on number 1. Phoolan Devi (10 August 1963 – 26 July 2001), prevalently known as ” Bandit Queen,” was an Indian female rights dissident, criminal, and lawmaker from the Samajwadi Party who later filled in as Member of Parliament.

Naturally introduced to a helpless family in rustic Uttar Pradesh, Phoolan suffered destitution, youngster marriage, and had an oppressive marriage before taking to an existence of wrongdoing.

She was the solitary lady around there, and her relationship with one gangster, combined with rank contrast, caused a gunfight between gangsters.

No 2. Shashikala Ramesh Patankar

Siddharth Nagar has been notorious as a center point for drug dealing. The individual who lords over this labyrinth of shanties is a 54-year-elderly person, Shashikala Ramesh Patankar, otherwise known as Baby Patankar.

Her husband and brother both were drug addicts, and this lady had to arrange their doze, and that’s how she entered the zone of crime. Mumbai police had arrested her thrice on these grounds of drugs, but she was always bailed and came out of prison.

She even adulterated the drugs by keeping original with herself, mixing it in other stuff for her clients, and selling it.

No 3. Reshma Memon and Shabana Memon- The women behind Black Friday

The spouse and sister-in-law of Tiger Memon separately were effectively engaged with Black Friday, which handled an immense cost on their heads and gave them a standing as a destructive power to deal with instead of as the unassuming lovers of a feared criminal.

Shabana was also the wife of the famous Ayub Memon, accused of being involved in the Mumbai bomb blasts in 1993, where 250 innocent people were killed and murdered.

It is said that Shabana knew about all the Mumbai bomb blasts and these all things make her a famous lady don in India.

No 4. Shobha Iyer- The mysterious Gang Queen

Another famous criminal who has sidestepped catch for quite a long time, Shobha Iyer, currently has a Red corner notice against her. Alongside a prize for her catch, the way that there’s scarcely any data about her appearance, notwithstanding her impact, makes her another dangerous criminal. Not much is known about this female gangster, and the police are having a tough time tracing her.

No 5. Bela Aunty- The illicit Liquor Baron

During the crackdown on alcohol during the 70s, Bela Aunty offered huge incentives to various officials, considering various loads of illicit alcohol to come through and swarm the dark market. Even Vardhabhai, the then hidden world wear, couldn’t prevent her from selling alcohol in his heartland of Dharavi. As she ran her businesses in 70’s not much is known about her and her family.

No 6. Jena Bi- The Leader in the Shadows

Jena Bi, an older hidden world regulator, never ran her very own pack. Yet, her Nagpada home included guests, such as hidden world high rollers Karim Lala, Haji Mastan, and the officials from the Crime Branch, who saw a considerable amount of activity. Jena Bi held monstrous influence over significant hoodlums and dealers, and they never defied her orders. She falls under the dangerous lady Don in the India category.

No 7. Shilpa Zaveri-The one who helped the Don getaway

Shilpa Zaveri is a companion of feared hoodlum, Samad Khan. When Samad Khan was delivered on bail for a situation by the meetings court, another police group was holding up across the way to re-capture him another case. Shilpa Zaveri, a boss driver, drove a vehicle fast to the court doorstep and whisked Samad away instantly.

No 8. Rubina Siraj Syed- The Heroine who was Chhota Shakeel’s supplier in jail

A solidified lawbreaker, Rubina Siraj Syed, otherwise called champion, provided food, arms, and cash to individuals from the Chhota Shakeel. She utilized her appeal and her few associations to win favor with the ideal individuals and get in where no one else could. She is one of the most dangerous lady gangsters of India.

She was also popularly known as ‘Pathan.’ Rubina Siraj Syed used the cover of her henna business to run illegal businesses for Chhota Shakeel. She made sure that Chhota Shakeel’s gangsters were supplied with food, guns, and ammunition in jails. She was later tracked by the police and is now serving time in Byculla prison.

No 9. Seema Parihar- The New age Bandit Queen

Presently an individual from the Samajwadi Party, Seema Parihar, was seized at 13 years old and proceeded to turn into a fearsome scoundrel, driving her group into a few kidnappings, murders, and lootings. Asserting motivation from Phoolan herself, Seema has likewise shown up on the show Big Boss.

During her reign, she had killed more than 70 people, kidnapped 200, and looted over 30 houses in and around the Chambal area. After committing crimes for more than 18 years, she surrendered herself to the UP police in June 2000.

No 10. Haseena Parkar-The Don’s Sister

The story of Haseena Parker has been made into a film with the same name. She was Dawood Ibrahim’s sister and also one of the most notorious gangsters of Mumbai. She entered the underworld when her husband was killed by the rival gangs ArunGavli. She is one of the most dangerous lady gangsters of India. She also had a part in influencing movies and Bollywood. She also allegedly has undeclared assets worth 5000 crores.


  1. Who is the greatest Don in India?

Phoolan Devi is the greatest don in India.

  1. Who is the biggest female gangster?

Haseena Parkar is the biggest female gangster.

  1. What is a female gangster called?

A female gangster is called a lady don.

  1. Who is the biggest crime family in the world?

Tiger Memon family is the biggest crime family in the world.

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