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Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas: Aluminum door and window manufacturers are the Number 1 manufacturing business idea and the most profitable most popular famous manufacturing business idea.

Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas

A manufacturing business has always been an interesting field around the world. It demands reasonable investment for once. But once it is established, it starts fetching you consistent profits. There are several manufacturing business ideas that one can bet upon. However, if you are looking for some of the best profitable medium-scale manufacturing business ideas, this post is for you. So, look at the top 10 manufacturing ideas and the 10 most profitable most popular famous business ideas.

No 1. Aluminum door and window manufacturing

The use of aluminum in business complexes, buildings, auditoriums, theatres, etc., is extensive due to its lightweight and functionality.

  • The fabrication of different doors and windows is one of the most innovative and profitable business ideas.
  • AGA installs systems with infills along with glazing glass, including aluminum panels, composite materials, and natural stone. The company has also dealt with integrating custom ornamental trims and sunscreens on several projects.

No 2. Ceramic glazed tiles production

Tiles have been an essential item in the kitchen, bathrooms, and hospitals, etc. Ceramic tiles are made of porous bodies with a white or colored glaze coating.

  • They are in high demand due to their resistance to weather and chemicals, high strength, and easy cleaning. A lot of designs and variety can be introduced to it through innovation.
  • Due to heavy constructions in large cities in India, Ceramic tiles production is one of the best Profitable Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India.

No 3. Making of paper bags

A paper bag or paper sack is a preformed container made of paper with one end open. It can be a layer of paper or multiple layers with a thin plastic coating inside. It is the most successful small business.

  • It is extensively used to pack materials like juice, buttermilk, etc. this business can be initiated with moderate investment.
  • The paper bag contains the necessary information about the product too. A lot of innovation can be introduced to make your design stand out of the league.

No 4. Manufacture of furniture

The demand for furniture is long-lasting, be it residential or commercial. You can start this business with a little investment.

  • With the changing lifestyle, the need for furniture also changes like folding furniture is in much demand due to lack of space.
  • You can commence the manufacturing of furniture, which is a quite profitable venture.

No 5. LED Light manufacturing

Having a better lifespan and electrical efficiency than incandescent lights, LED lights have been in great demand. The industry experts expect a growth of more than ten-fold in the coming decade. You can start this business with just 1000 Dollars.

  • Though LED lights come with little high cost, considering that they would reduce monthly power bills.
  • It is one of the Top & new manufacturing business ideas with medium investment in India.

No 6. Leather product manufacturing

The leather product manufacturing industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy because of its massive potential for growth and employment.

  • A plethora of products can be created with leather to give this industry a new charm.
  • The leather-making process is generally restricted to batch processing, but if the surface coating sub-process is added, some continuous processing can be included.

No 7. Talcum Powder production

Talcum powder is used as basic toiletry. It is used to absorb moisture and ideal for oily skin.

  • A lot of fragrances can be added to it, like sandalwood, lily, rose, etc.
  • A perfect formula of manufacturing and aggressive marketing strategies must be adopted for such products to be a hit business idea.

No 8. Textile printing

Textile printing is applying color to the fabric in a definite pattern or design to make it attractive.

  • In a properly printing fabric, the color bonds with the fiber, so it is long-lasting.
  • Dyeing and printing are offering a lot of creativity and novelty these days.

No 9. Manufacture of energy drink

An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, mainly caffeine.

  • It is basically for mental and physical stimulation.
  • Energy drinks are typically attractive to young people aging 13 to 45 years, with 65% of the consumption being male entry.

No 10. Mineral water plant

The demand for mineral water can never go down due to its extensive use in weddings, parties, hotels, restaurants, commercial and residential places, etc. Different sizes of mineral water bottles can be chosen according to the demand.

  • A mineral water plan can be started in small size and, in the short term, can be turned into a medium-sized business.
  • Considering that Indian’s are becoming more health-conscious, a mineral water plan could be one of the best profitable medium-scale manufacturing business ideas in India to start on a Medium Scale.


1. What are the most successful small businesses?

Making of Paper bag is the most successful small business.

2. What business can I start with little money?

Manufacture of Furniture business you can start with little money.

3. What business can you start with $1000?

Manufacturing of LED and Lights business you can start with 1000 Dollar.

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