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Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India: Indian Foreign Services is the number 1 highest paid government job in India that is very secured. The officers work in Foreign Countries. In Indian, millions of students and adults apply and prepare for government jobs. Few of them clear the exams and interview and get to the post of a Grade A or B officer. At the same time, many people think that government job does not provide adequate salary according to their qualification and they tend to work in corporate or private firms. Some of them think about fixed pay, job security, and pension after retirement. The perk that comes with government Job and reorganization they get from Government Jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Multiple government jobs provide equal opportunities to all the candidates. Some jobs give power and responsibility to take actions and decisions for the country like policymaking or bringing change in the way things happen. Here is the list of the Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India.

No 1. Indian Foreign services

Indian Foreign services are the highest-paid government jobs in India 2021. Officers of foreign services are selected from the Civil Service exam result, which is under UPSC. Their job is to represent our country in other International countries.

In foreign, the Indian Foreign Services Officers get perks, foreign allowances based on the cost of living Index, which the United Nations give. There are more than 162 Indian Diplomats and International Diplomats around the globe.

  • Salary of Indian Foreign Services Officers starts from the US $4000-5500.
  • Amazing accommodation around the world
  • Luxury Car, House helper, Free health care is a bonus.
  • Education for children in International schools for free

No 2. Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Police Services (IPS)

Indian Administrative Services and Indian Police Services are the highest-paid government jobs in India. These officers are selected from the IPS and IAS exam, which UPSC holds. The exam is tough to crack, but you have a permanent job for your life once you are selected. You will become a part of policy-making in India. They have a lot of power and the capability to change things for betterment.

  • Starting salary of IAS and IPS Officers is Rs 50,000.
  • The officers stay in a bungalow when they become DM.
  • Official chauffeur and vehicle, Subsidized electricity is a bonus.
  • Government sponsorship for higher studies in International universities is a perk to them.

No 3. Defence Services

Defence Services officers get selected through various exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and many more. They go through various complicated pieces of training. They are much-trained officers as their job is to protect the nation. The service involves risk, security of the country, and adventure. The promotions in this job are one of the best parts. Every pay and perks are different in terms of service and location allotted to the officer.

  • Starting salary of a Lieutenant is Rs 50 000-60.000.
  • Ration for free, Health care allowance, Maintenance allowance, Child education allowance, and pension are the extra benefits provided to the Defence Service Officers.

No 4. Scientists/ Engineers from ISRO, DRDO

Suppose genius minds of Scientists/ Engineers want to Research and work for the development of the country; they have to provide sustainable and various solutions for the country’s growth. They can apply to ISRO, DRDO, or BARC. You can continue your research or start new research for better solutions and the country’s development. These are very respectable jobs. You will have many perks and a good salary in this job.

  • Starting salary is Rs 55,000- 60,000
  • Bonus (6 months after joining)
  • Food in the canteen
  • Rs 7200 transport allowance and Accommodation allowance is the main attraction of this job.

No 5. RBI Grade B

Working for RBI and starting your career as a new banker is a great opportunity. The highest monitoring unit of India is RBI. If you join as a fresher in RBI, you can go up to the Deputy Governor of RBI post. RBI Grade B officer has around Rs 18 lakh per annum as their salary and many other perks.

  • Starting salary is Rs 67,000
  • 3 BHK flat
  • Child education allowance, Laptop allowance, House helper allowance, Newspaper allowance, Study leave are the main attraction of this job.
  • Rs 1 lakh tour allowance in two years

No 6. Public Sector Undertakings

Public Sector Undertakings are one of the highest-paid government jobs in India. This job profile is for engineers who are not interested in working in the corporate sector can work with Public Sector Undertakings. They have to clear the GATE exam for this job. Job security and salary are very high in this job in comparison to the private sector. PSU includes ONGC, IOCL, BHEL, etc. There are a lot of perks in this job.

  • Starting salary Rs 52,000
  • Accommodation by a company or House Rent Allowance
  • Compensatory off
  • Increase of Rs 3000-4000with shift allowance
  • Furniture allowance, Laptop allowance, Transport subsidy, House maintenance, Subsidized Canteen is the main attraction of this job.

No 7. Indian Forest Services

Indian Forest Services, as the name, suggests the job is related to forest and wildlife. The officer who wants a life near a forest or greenery and wants to be away from the city can choose this as their career. Indian Forest Service officers need to protect the forest ( overall environment), mines, and other forest activities. Full fill forest dweller’s needs. This is a very adventurous job and offers perks.

  • Starting salary is Rs 52,000
  • Furnished house, Subsidized electricity, House Maid is additionally provided in this job.

No 8. State Service Commission

Every state has its own exams like UPSC for All Indian services and central government posts. The post for which these exams are conducted is sub-division magistrate, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Excise and Taxation officers, Tehsildar, etc. They are posted under grade A officers. They are responsible for state affairs and have a lot of responsibility for them. They don’t get a transfer as their job is state-wise. However, they have many perks, and their salary varies from state to state.

  • Starting salary is Rs 35000- 45000.
  • Furnished house, Vehicle with driver, Electricity allowance is the main attraction in this job.

No 9. Lecturers/ Assistant Professors in Government Colleges

Teaching is one of the oldest jobs, and sharing education helps to gain more knowledge. You can convert your knowledge-sharing nature to a paid government job by becoming a professor or Lecturer in colleges. You can work in colleges and institutes like IIT’S, NIT’S Delhi university and many others. It would help if you had a PhD degree in most cases. You get a high salary with perks and vacations.

  • Starting salary Rs 75000-80000
  • Health care facilities, Laptop allowance, Accommodation allowance is an additional attraction in this job.

No 10. ASO in Ministry of External Affairs

ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs is a Grade B category job. The officer needs to clear the CGL exam conducted through SSC. You can travel the world as the postings are done in foreign. ASO gets 3 years in a country, and their country can be changed six times. One of the requirements is to clear the language test of that country. The job offers many perks and a good salary.

  • Starting salary is posted outside India is Rs 1.25-1.8 lakh
  • Government accommodation, Health care facility, Allowances are the attraction of this job.

FAQs (Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India)

  1. What is the highest government salary in India?

The highest government salary in India is given to Indian Foreign services officers around us, from $4000 to 5500.

  1. Which job has the highest salary in India?

Indian Foreign services have the highest salary in India.

  1. What are the best government jobs in India?

Many government jobs are best in India

  • Indian Foreign services
  • IAS and IPS
  • Defence Services
  • Lecturers/ Assistant Professors in Government Colleges
  • Scientists/ Engineers from ISRO, DRDO
  • RBI Grade B
  • PSU
  • State Service Commissions
  • ASO in Ministry of External Affairs
  • Indian Forest Services
  1. Which degree is best for government jobs in India?

The degree for government job varies according to the departments.

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