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Top 10 Actors Who Own Most Expensive Luxury Cars

Top 10 Actors Who Own Most Expensive Luxury Cars- In the Bollywood industry some famous actors love to add the most expensive cars in their daily life and they want to give a great impact through their entrance. So, we fetch some of them who has the most expensive car and we shared all the details about them in this article. Have a glance!!!

Top 10 actors who own most expensive luxury cars

Here is the list of the top 10 actors who own the most expensive cars and are passionate about collecting the luxury cars in their garage. The lists are as follows-

No.1. Ajay Devgan: Rolls Royce Cullinan 

Ajay Devgan is one of the famous actors in the Bollywood Industry. His personality is known for action movies, on-screen he enters with a big car and gives numerous super hit movies. In real life also he likes to ride in cars and recently he bought a Rolls Royce and added this luxury car to his collection. Rolls Royce is considered as the topmost luxuries car whose price is around Rs. 6.5 crore and it covers 0-100 km/hour within 5 seconds. Singham Recently added this car to his garage.

  • Cost- 6.95 crore
  • Engine- 6749cc
  • Sitting- 5-seater
  • Shades- available in 12 colors.

No.2. Ranveer Singh: Aston Martin Rapide S

Ranveer Singh is an energetic and enthusiastic personality who always does daring work and makes others proud with his work. He comes up with different films which hit too much. He knows how to enter with the royal way in film or real life. Recently Ranveer gifted himself on his 32nd birthday a big expensive car Rapide whose price is 3.8 crore. It comes with a 6.0 liter V12 which covers 100 kph within 4.2 seconds.

  • Cost- 3.29 crore
  • Engine- 5935cc
  • Sitting- 4-seater
  • Shades- available in 14 colors

No.3. Amitabh Bachchan: Bentley Continental GT

Amitabh Bachchan is popularly known as Big B or Shahenshah of glamorous Bollywood. He gives super hit movies not only movies he hosts many TV series as well one of the famous shows is “Kon Banega Crorepati”. Film stars have their own luxury life which they love to enjoy with cars, Amitabh Bachchan has several cars such as BMW X5, Mercedes S320, Range Rover, Lexus LX470, and currently, he added Bentley Continental GT in his collection.

  • Cost- 3.57 crore
  • Engine- 5998cc
  • Sitting- 4-seater
  • Shades- available in 6 colors
  • Key features- Multi-function are available like- engine start & stop button with power-adjustable view mirror and automatic climate control.

No.4. Shah Rukh Khan: BMW (Top 10 Actors Who Own Most Expensive Luxury Cars)

Shah Rukh Khan is King of Bollywood and he is the most renowned star of the film industry. Khan has also one of the most luxurious cars i.e., the BMW i8. He bought this car from exculsiv3 showroom Gurgaon and shared a video of his riding with BMW i8 over the internet which boomed and become famous among fans of Shahrukh khan. King of Bollywood has several cars such as Rolls Royce Phantom, Mitsubishi Pajero, BMW Convertible, BMW 7 Series, and Audi Q6. Shah Rukh Khan is a car freak person.

  • Cost- 3.30 crore
  • Engine- 1499cc
  • Sitting- 4-seater
  • Shades- available in 4 colors

No.5. Sanjay Dutt: Ferrari 599 (Top 10 Actors Who Own Most Expensive Luxury Cars)

Sanjay Dutt is another celebrity whose name comes under the list of luxurious cars. Sanju baba has given many films which were super hit and recently his biography released on cinema box office which won the heart of people. He spends lavish life and he has many luxury cars such as Audi R8, Rolls Royce Ghost, Audi Q7 and Ferrari 599 was the recent collection of Sanju baba.

  • Cost- 1.39 crore
  • Engine- 5999cc
  • Sitting- 2-seater
  • Key features- Anti-lock system, Automatic climate control, and multiple functions of steering, wheel, etc.

No. 6. Akshay Kumar – Bentley Flying Spur

Khiladi of Bollywood, well-known for daring stunts and his awesome acting is Mr. Akshay Kumar. He is the most active and perfect actor in the film industry. He did a tremendous job during his journey. One of the famous shows of Akshay Kumar is “Khatron Ke Khiladi”, Akshay has several luxurious cars one of the recent cars is Bentley Flying Spur which was bought by him.

  • Cost- 3.3 crore
  • Engine- 5999cc
  • Sitting- 2-seater
  • Shades- available in 2 colors

No.7. Emraan Hashmi- Lamborghini Huracan

Emraan Hashmi is famous for his acting and currently, he has gifted himself with a Lamborghini car which is considered as one of the luxury cars. Emraan was spotted with his car at Mumbai Street when he was enjoying the ride Lamborghini, apart from this Emraan has Audi R8 also in his collection list of cars.

  • Cost- 3.43 crore
  • Engine- 5204cc
  • Sitting- 2-seater
  • Shades- available in 6 colors

No.8. Rajinikanth – Rolls Royce Phantom (Top 10 Actors Who Own Most Expensive Luxury Cars)

One of the renowned names of the south Indian film industry is Rajnikanth, he did fabulous work and performed back-to-back movies which were super-duper hits, and became the biggest celebrity of the film industry. On Instagram, he has shared a picture with his new car i.e., Rolls Royce Phantom, and many times he spotted it while driving with his purple Rolls Royce Phantom on the street. This car provides several facilities which are as follow:

  • Cost- 8.99 crore
  • Engine- 6749cc
  • Sitting- 2-seater
  • Shades- available in 4 colors
  • Key features- Air conditioner facility with Anti-lock system, power steering, and power window front.

No. 9. Hrithik Roshan – Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

Hrithik Roshan is a lover of collecting luxurious cars, on several occasions, he loves to buy and add cars to his collection, and a few days back on his 42nd birthday he gifted himself a fully customized Rolls Ghost Series II which is one of the expensive cars. It covers 250 km per hour, Hrithik doesn’t post many photos on social media but he has always been spotted on streets with his different- different car collections.

  • Cost- 7 crore
  • Engine- 6592cc
  • Sitting- 4-seater
  • Shades- available in 6 colors
  • Key features- facility touch screen with automatic climate control, multiple functions of steering, wheel, etc.

No. 10. Abhishek Bachchan – Bentley Continental GT

Bachchan Family is the topmost and renowned name in the film industry. Abhishek Bachchan is another most talented personality and performs well in Bollywood. His name and fame are very big and he has also a luxury car which he rides and spots with his wife Aishwarya Rai at Mumbai Street. He has a Bentley GT of white color.

  • Cost- 3.6 crore
  • Engine- 5998cc
  • Sitting- 2-seater
  • Shades- available in 5 colors


Q1. Which is the most expensive car in the world?

Ans- Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is the most expensive car.

Q2. Which is the most expensive car in India?

Ans- BMW M5 is the most expensive car in India.

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