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Most Luxurious Colleges In India | India’s Luxurious Colleges

Most Luxurious Colleges In India: IIM is the number 1 luxurious college in India that along with education, provides 5-star facilities to the students. All-star amenities, beautiful design, spectacular surroundings, and hotelier food zone, you get to see it all in the most excellent universities that we have in our country! There’s no doubting the truth that our university is very valuable to each one of us and conquers a unique place in our hearts!

Most Luxurious Colleges In India

After all, if we were delivered a choice to time-travel back to the great old days of mass hogwash, canteen gatherings, and classroom lectures, we would have placed off to the journey in no time! While we know that knowledge and staff operate a crucial part in determining the ranking of colleges and universities nationwide, even the campus’ design, facilities, and place have the same importance. Below mentioned are the top 10 luxurious colleges in India.

No 1. IIM

Situated in Kerala’s Calicut is the wonderful Indian Institute of Management (IIM) that also occurs to be one of the most sought-after universities in the country! The university expands across 111 acres on doppelgänger hills which are a portion of the Western Ghats. Beautiful mountain scenes in the backdrop, soul-satisfying lush around, and the beautiful foundation it owns are a few of the many important characteristics that make this campus absolutely amazing and luxurious!

The campus owns 17 hostels and fits over 900 students, proffering us an impression of how spacious it is! Not just that, it also has a private museum for its scholars which covers benefactions from great business leaders and more! When soaked in rain, this institute atop a hillock is a vision to observe!

No 2. Forest Research Institute

Established back in 1868 and growing as one of India’s most popular colleges now, the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun is ahead just being elegant! Developed over 450 acres of land, with the Himalayan range exhibiting up in the history, the design of this famous university features the British styles.

You’ll be astonished to know that it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for a long time as the most considerable purely brick building in the world! Well, that tells a lot. The university owns a museum, garden, library, arboreta, and lots of labs and research courses, which makes it one of our preferences and luxury too! Even the famous movie Student Of The Year 2 was filmed here.

No 3. ISB

Along with its exceptional educational programs, the Indian School of Business (ISB) also accumulates much appreciation and recognition for its beautiful campus! It was founded back in 2001 and has been created by Vikram Lall who has numerous outstanding landmarks to his credit inclusive of the Akshardham Temple which is in Delhi.

It expands across 260 acres of grassy land and houses an educational center, entertainment center, and four student centers in which over 150 students could be adjusted. Vivek Agnihotri’s biography film ‘Buddha In A Traffic Jam’, which starred Anupam Kher and Arunoday Singh in the main roles, has been 80% shot at this wonderful college in Hyderabad!

No 4. Jaypee University of Information & Technology

Constructed on a hilltop in Himachal Pradesh, Jaypee University of Information & Technology (JUIT) can effortlessly make you fall in passion with its scenic college if you befall to be enamored and an enthusiast of mountains! The campus crosses across 25 acres on the green and lush slopes of Waknaghat and endures at a mountainous altitude of 1550 meters and looks breathtakingly gorgeous when the clouds envelope and cap its top-most peak!

The calmness of the surroundings and the green sceneries around are the additional features to the germination and advancement of the students, making certain that they don’t just assimilate knowledge but some refreshment as well!

No 5. IIT Roorkee

In the beginning, you may think it’s a library or a lodge but what you see beyond is a college that’s normally on the radar of every ambitious engineer! Highlighting beautiful white structures surviving fully soaked in rich and grandiose, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Roorkee is one of the famous names when it gets to the most gorgeous colleges in India!

This organization was established back in the year 1847 as the ‘College of Civil Engineering’ and reaches across an area of 365 acres. The architecture of the college is surely perfect.

No 6. St. Xavier’s College

When you find that this college has been highlighted in many blockbuster Bollywood movies like ‘Main Hoon Naa, ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa, and ‘Rockstar’, you grasp there has to be something unusual about its image! St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai holds an Indo-Gothic structure, holds on 2.94 acres of land, and has been identified as a legacy structure by the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee.

Besides classrooms, it owns a large auditorium, a canteen, prayer assembly, sports grounds and courts, libraries, audio-visual centers, and much more that gives this institution value all the hype! While we started it with the movies that have been shot here, for the completion we have the names of a few which are the popular names in India Salman Khan, Neerja Bhanot, Zakir Hussain, Anil Kapoor, Azim Premji, Freida Pinto, and Vidya Balan all of them have graduated from here.

No 7. BITS Pilani

Placed on the banks of the Zuari River which is in Goa, BITS Pilani has been established by the RSP Design Group. The college includes a BCCI-recognised cricket ground which is managed by the Goa Cricket Association, a football area managed by the Salgaocar F.C, and other sports grounds that highlight state-of-the-art facilities and designs.

It owns a huge group of 4,000 students in its three hostels together, providing us an idea of its large institution. The green gardens with sprawling flowerbeds easily add to its spectacular charm, offering spectators a show to capturing during their traverse over the beach purpose.

No 8. Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College

Spur wheel up to get some beautiful glimpses of the Himalayas when and if you intend to visit/study from Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College in Uttarakhand. This college is placed in Pauri Garhwal which is a town in the Shivalik range. From here, you can quickly locate the snow-capped Himalayan mountains of Nandadevi & Trisul, Neelkath, Kedarnath, Satopanth, Chaukhamba, Sumeru, and many others!

The city itself gives a 180-degree panorama of the Himalayan hills concludes laden in the snow all-encompassing the year. The campus has 13 hostels (4 for girls and 9 for boys) which are provided with all the necessary amenities inclusive of safe drinking water, internet, stores, and more. Also, there is a health care center, sports center, guest house group, computer center, central workshop (welding shops, carpentry shops, etc), and also a post office for the students, staff members, and faculty.

No 9. Manipal University (Most Luxurious Colleges In India)

That’s correct, it’s a college and not a protected fort or a castle in Jaipur! Surviving on 122 acres of lavish land, Manipal University is one of the most equivocal titles when we consider the multi-disciplinary colleges we have in India. Well, it’s not just its subjects, in fact, its site and state-of-the-art support also have a part to play. Large and grand establishing with fresh design, lush gardens, and flowerbeds, in-house amenities like gyms, sports complex, libraries, labs, and more, absolutely making it the college of our goals!

No 10. Indian Institute of Science

Situated in North Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Science (IISC), among the Top 10 Luxurious Colleges In India, has more than 40 departments registered with routes including Arjuna Marg, Gulmohar Marg, Badami Marg, Ashoka Marg, and more. The campus possesses six canteens, a gym and sports association, a cricket and a football playground, a large dining chow, an in-house restaurant offering many cuisines food, an airstrip, two shopping malls, and hostel facilities for students, faculty, and staff workers.

It also considers both indigenous and exotic varieties of flora that adorn the institution further! The design of the campus looks beautiful, comprises skyscrapers, and statues, which presents it as one of the most appealing ones on our list and anyone will like a college like this.


Which is the most luxurious college?

BITS Pilani is the most luxurious college.

Which college is most beautiful in India?

IIT Roorkee is the most beautiful college in India.

Which college has the most attractive students?

St. Xavier’s College has the most attractive students.

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