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Visa Free Countries For Indians |Visa Free Country For India

Visa Free Countries For Indians: Mauritius is the number 1 visa-free country for Indians that is famous for beaches and holiday destinations. Who on this planet does not enjoy wandering to beautiful places. Travelling is a way for humans to get an escape from the mad rat race of modern times. We want to travel out of India but getting a visa of the country is the work hearing which we get tired of. This is because of the cumbersome visa procedure that we have in our country.

Visa Free Countries For Indians

Sometimes things aren’t that complicated and hectic as you see or hear. There are ways to make life easier, it is just we are sometimes quite unaware of the opportunities we have. One always needs to get in better and in a different environment once in a while to get back to the work with a better and fresh mind. What if we tell you that there are countries where you can travel even without a visa? Yes, it’s true. To make your travelling plans easier here are some Visa Free countries for Indians.

No 1. Mauritius

Walking on the sand of the surreal beaches and enjoying a lavish and stylish holiday, isn’t it sounding like our dream holiday and the cheery on the cake is that going to Mauritius doesn’t require viva.

Among the Visa Free Countries For Indians, Mauritius is full of things that will give you immense pleasure be it the beaches or reefs and lagoons or be it the mouth-watering street food. If you are someone who enjoys the spectrum of colours then visiting Chamarel, a village in Mauritius is must witness vivid colours of volcanic surface that is uneven.

  • Another amazing place is L’Aventure Du Sucre, which is a famous sugar museum with has sugarcane fields of its own.
  • It will also be easy to communicate with people there as they use the English language for conversation.
  • If you got lucky on the trip you may also find the extinct bird dodo there.

No 2. Fiji

Fiji is a country that is an obvious name on the travelling wish list of everyone. What makes the country an obvious choice is the most beautiful 333 sun-kissed islands. When you visit Fiji for a vacation you should not miss the opportunity to go to Kula Eco Park to see the beautiful abundant flora and fauna of Fiji. Fiji is a place, that you can visit, without worrying about visa for Indians.

  • Also, try to enjoy jet skiing at the paradise-like location of Denarau Island.
  • You should always visit the famous Fiji museum.
  • Try to collect as many as you can nature-gifted views you will witness at Taveuni Island.
  • Once you will get there, you will come back as a fan of Fijian culture as it is so rich and glorious.

No 3. Hong Kong

Want to experience a buzzing travelling experience that gives you a journey full of pubs, shops, hotels, a shiny skyline, and lots and lots of entertainment? Pack your bags to visit Hong Kong if you are an Indian as you won’t need to arrange the visa. We all have grown up listening to fairy tales and in some corner of our hearts, we all want to visit Disneyland for once.

  • If you want to go to Hong Kong you don’t require a Visa but you are required to fill up an online form which is very easy as it includes only some general questions.
  • Hong Kong is a dream destination for everyone since it has malls with the best products for shopping addicts, Disneyland for Disney lovers, nature-rich places to visit for people seeking some peace, and the best Temple street markets as well.

No 4. Jamaica

Looking for a country where spending your vacation will be fun? Make a plan to visit the rainforest and reef-lined beaches abundant country Jamaica where if you are an Indian can go without a visa. The country has many things to offer- forests, wildlife, rivers, mountains, and adventures.

  • When you visit Jamaica don’t miss the opportunity to climb the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios.
  • Also, witness the Blue Mountains, National Park.
  • This is a place famous as an adventurous spot for tracking but along with that, it is also famous for its coffee.
  • Also, do not forget to try the famous jerk dishes and red stripe wine of the country.

No 5. Nepal

Why go far away when you have some beautiful places nearby to visit? Yes, I am talking about Nepal. Our neighbouring country, Nepal offers various exotic places to visit. This place has many beautiful nature created mountains and valleys. Also, the country has a traditionally rich culture.

  • Among various religious places in the country, Pashupatinath Temple is a must-visit temple.
  • The country is a traditional and heritage-rich country along with delicious cuisine. Nepal is a visa-free country for Indians.

No 6. The Cook Islands

Thinking about doing scuba-diving or say Snorkelling? We suggest you plan a vacation in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific! The Cook Islands is known as a group of 15 islands that are scattered over a vast area. The islands have political connections to New Zealand but are a visa-free country for Indians.

  • Aitutaki Lagoon for an amazing and exciting beach experience and another recommended place to visit is the One Foot Island.
  • The Muri Night Market is the place you need to visit to taste the delicious local food.

No 7. Ecuador

Want to experience lush Greenland? Must visit Ecuador. Ecuador covers the wildlife-rich Amazon, Andean Highlands, and the famous Galapagos Islands. The country lies between Peru and Colombia. It is a country that lies on the equator in northwestern South America.

  • When you are in Ecuador, take a bus to reach the equator of the earth. The Equator is the place that divides the earth into two parts but standing on the equator will unite with an adventurous feeling that you will always remember.

No 8. Bhutan

Seeking some happiness because you are tired from the daily hustle of our modern-day lifestyle? Well, let me tell you that Bhutan is considered to be the world’s happiest country. The country lies at the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Indians can travel to Bhutan without a visa.

  • The country has numerous hills and valleys, forests, and wildlife that will leave you speechless.
  • Paro Dzong, the very famous and picturesque piece of architectural amazement is recommended place to visit.
  • You will regret if you missed trying the Bhutanese cuisine particularly Ema Datum.

No 9. Samoa

Let me brief you with what you will see while having a trip in Samoa, where you can visit the reef-bordered beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and too much delicious food. The country welcomes you with open arms and not even asks for any Visa for the visit. When you visit this country you must dive into the popular waterfall of Togitogiga and enjoy the scenes of Lalomanu Beach.

  • The country is rich in culture and an amazing fact about the culture is that tattooing is part of the culture of the country.
  • The country lies in the South of the Pacific Ocean.

No 10. Macau

Want to visit a place which is like Las Vegas but you aren’t able to get out of Asia? Well, your dream destination is Macau. Macau is a country with numerous casino games. The country is known as the centre of games. Also, 80%  of the country’s economy comes through the games played in the country.

  • If you visit Macau you must grab an egg tart and you will remember its delicious taste will remain on your tongue forever.
  • Taipa village is a very beautiful village in Macau and visiting it is highly recommended.


How many countries can an Indian visit without a Visa?

An Indian can visit 58 countries without a visa.

In which countries can an Indian work without Visa?

Nepal is the country where an Indian can work without a visa.

Is Indian Passport powerful?

Yes, an Indian passport is powerful.

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