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Top 10 Travel Blogs in India | India’s Best Travel Blogs

Top 10 Travel Blogs in India | India’s Best Travel Blogs: Almost everyone is an explorer on the most key level. Finally in our lives, whether or not we see it’s anything but’s, an entire need to go on off on an outing that doesn’t have a portrayed target and joins just the timetable of evaluation. There are some lucky ones who get the likely increase of opening their wings and fly in the sky, some of them pen it down to give us a short gander at their brilliant life, the gutsy venturing encounters, and so forth, known as Travel Blogs.

Top 10 Travel Blogs In India

As Travel Blogging is getting advanced in India nowadays, in this article we are going to talk about most famous travel blogs of India which inspires us to travel. 

No. 1:

Mridula Dwivedi has been making on her blog for around 12 years now.

  • It began with on a very basic level articles about progression in India, regardless as she has broadened her stance since she gave up her educational calling and decided to focus in on arrangement.
  • Her blog as of now covers articles from her own enhancements outwith India.
  • Which is correspondingly as almost certainly, as we need her course of action.
  • Whether or not it is about how to manage the tornadoes of Kerala
    or of course where to stay in the deserts of Rajasthan, this blog has you covered.
  • Dwivedi has got something of an overall standing, having been solidified by the BBC, and The Gatekeeper.

No. 2:

Desitraveler by Prasad Np, he has been dedicated to clarifying India as displayed by the perspective of the two his family – in comfort and style – and as a sole explorer in a truly climbing, make things up in transit approach.

  • Spilling out finished with India travel tips and rules and rules, you can glance through the blog by express sensible (or state), which is essentially critical if you are wishing to go start to finish during your India endeavors.
  • You may wish to avoid rise sickness at Ladakh in the Himalayas, or track down a couple of arrangements concerning how a specific festival in a specific Indian city ticks. This is the blog for you.
  • What we love about Desitraveler is the earth shattering photography – taken by the blogger’s own sensible hands – that perfectly epitomizes India.
  • Prasad NP has gotten it done perfectly: the outing is the target!

No. 3:

  • Shivya Nath runs sensational and best blog stood apart from other Adding to a blog protests in India called “The Falling star”. She has been to more than 20 countries across four landmasses.
  • Her blog “The Meteorite’ is point of truth one of best web diaries in India where can track down a couple of arrangements concerning living in chocolate properties of Costa Rica to freeloading a ride visit through Romania.
  • She has in like manner been related with various driving channels and allocations like Events of India, NDTV, BBC Travel, etc.
  • She shapes the issues with be found in the countries she visited, the lodgings to live a few improvement tips.

No. 4:

This inside and out planned and eminently organized blog by voyaging master Dheeraj Sharma is based on the meaning of the influenced Himalayas of India.

  • Given in this blog how carefully he explains the shrewdness of snow-covered zeniths and valleys.
  • This blog promises you will not whenever miss another event in Ladakh or Spiti Valley.
  • There are top tips devoted to your maintained get-around style – be it through air, bike, foot, or 4×4.
  • has clearly the most wary summary of comfort nearby. Focused in on great core interests.
  • The blog similarly shows the Experience Club, which invites people from the Devilonwheels social class to join on area visits that reward the typical Himalayan social class.

No. 5:

This blog by Lakshmi Sharath , she exchanged her media work district work for a proceeded with outfit and-go life. Sharath flawlessly diaries her climbing travel stories as she attempts to the little disguising spots of India, where she mystically weaves the appeal of legacy, culture and legends into something liberal for rocker pioneers.

  • The blog will keep you on the edge of that seat as she pens down her encounters of an undesirable coastline, or a town once gulped by a twister, in her blog
  • This blog got India’s best visiting web journal of the year grant in 2008.
  • It has been assessed two or three records among the Top Bloggers in India and modernized media influencers in the country.
  • It is more than once refered to and associated with worldwide and public assignments, from National Geographic traveler to the Deccan Messenger.

No. 6:

Blog by Anuradha Goyal, she has been conveying content to a blog for since 2004. Travel blogger Anuradha Goyal has each state in India covered – even the lesser visited spaces of Odisha and Meghalaya in the upper east of India.

  • To those for the most part familiar with her work, this probably deadens nobody, given that she has been making for more than 10 years.
  • With walking visits as a most adored sign of gathering of hers, similarly as craftsmanship history and culture, Goyal structures with a positive, intense voice.
  • You will in like manner track down a marvelous number of Indian bird photography on her Inditales blog – ideal for as a rule bird dears.
  • In her blog, ‘Inditales’, she shares stories related to all things considered endeavors, places she visited in India and travel tips, how to show up at the target.
  • IndiTales is the singular bi-lingual visiting blog that is streamed in both English and Hindi.

No. 7:

Set up by Tony John (from Kerala) and his happy men of improvement lovers.

  • Indiatravelblog is a stunning asset, acting fundamentally as an outline webpage of convenience, visit affiliations, and exercises.
  • Regardless of whether you are searching for the best spot to go for an Ayurveda spa resort information in Kerala or,
  • A homestay in the Western Ghats, there is an extraordinary arrangement to help you continue dreaming that your next India escape is rarely far away.

No. 8: (Top 10 Travel Blogs in India)

Spilling out finished with single treats and should see records, this individual going on the web journal of India – the brainchild of Mumbai couple Sandeepa and Chetan is an astounding examined. They have brilliantly gotten each and every outing of their life in their blog, ‘Sandeepa Chetan’.

  • Regardless of whether you need to consider the best train journeys to take or the best scenes in India, or inside story on demanding area, or outside of what may be all around anticipated pearls for bona fide explorers, it has everything.
  • You will find bit by bit manual for development to places like Kashmir and wandering excursions, food trips, coastlines to discover in each spot and essentially more.
  • They have investigated India especially the Himalayas.
  • They have journeyed all things considered around South America, New Zealand and some of Southeast Asia.
  • They have been related with Your Story, Yahoo Travel, Indiatimes, The Better India, Scoop Whoop, Tripoto and amazingly more.

No. 9: (Top 10 Travel Blogs in India)

Run by two Mumbai-based travel sweethearts Harsh Sonawala and Abbas.

  • You will get a respectable sort of Indian culture on Indiasomeday.
  • Not in the littlest degree like many visiting on the web journals, IndiaSomeday respects and acknowledgments excess travel in India whatever amount of your typical climbing experience.
  • It is particularly extraordinary for generally travelers who are wanting to come to India, as it is holds the gigantic information – like how to inspect the on occasion jumbling universe of e-visas.

No. 10:  (Top 10 Travel Blogs in India)

Indrani Ghose has been appropriating content to her blog for basically ten years. In that time she’s been getting the point of convergence of India with a plan of photography, particularly stunning pictures and faces of India.

  • Blissfully committed, no stone is left awesome, whether or not it’s anything but’s an examination of the latest Indian auto, appalling stories in visited Indian regal homes, or brilliant target eating.
  • Ghose has since released up the blog to as a rule endeavors – having made an excursion to in excess of 19 countries and 225 metropolitan associations.
  • is similarly THE blog where you will see Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May wearing sari during her new India visit. Her travelog has been appropriated in an overall book what’s more her article on Eco-visit has been passed on in a public magazine.
  • You will find what spots to visit in the countries that she visited, food that is uncommon to those spots, lodgings to remain, things that are superb and excellent to the spot.


FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is a Travel blog?

Like some other specialty blog, a travel blog is the place where you can share your movement encounters with your crowds and bring in cash on the web.

      Do travel blog sites bring in cash?

Indeed, they do. You can bring in a nice measure of cash from a travel blog too.

      How travel bloggers bring in cash?

For travel bloggers, there are such countless approaches to bring in cash beginning from Publicizing, subsidiary advertising, digital books, supported posts, and so forth.

     What are the best travel blogs in India?

The Shooting star,, Inditales etc.

     How might I turn into a travel blogger in India?

To turn into a travel blogger all you need a domain name and web facilitating and begin sharing your travel encounters.

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