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Top 10 Most Famous Beer Brands In India

Top 10 Most Famous Beer Brands In India: Kingfisher is the number 1 famous beer brand in India that is the best in itself and is loved by millions in our country. The colonial rule exploited India in every way be it economic or social but there are several things they left unintentionally in India but were beneficial to India. One of the things the British did well for India is the introduction of beer in India.

Top 10 Most Famous Beer Brands In India

Try considering anything more pleasing than a fine tall glass of a high-quality foaming brew on a hot scorching bright day, joined with pizza on the side and a fabulous flick on Netflix. It’s the only beer that you can think of. Below mentioned is the list of the top 10 famous popular beer brands in India.

No 1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher was launched in India in the year 1978. This brand is a well-recognized beer brand and is surely the “king of good times.” Manufactured by United Breweries Group and led by the disgraceful Vijay Mallya. The flavor originally is bitter for the taste buds which remains pleasingly high on the taste. The fresh light taste is reasonably why Kingfisher is most enjoyed amongst the beer drinkers and commencing the pack despite numerous skilled competitors.

  • One can drink the beer well alone but when you drink it along with having some salty peanuts, it’s a combination made in heaven.
  • The different variants of alcohol contain different amounts of alcohol. For instance, Kingfisher Strong contains 8% alcohol, Kingfisher Premium contains 4.8% alcohol,
  • Kingfisher Blue contains 8% alcohol, and Kingfisher Ultra, which is the latest edition arrived with 5% of alcohol.

No 2. Tuborg

If strong beers make you sense drunk in no time, then Tuborg should be your preference. A bottom-fermented lager beer, Tuborg has an alcohol percentage of just 4.8%. Fermenting it on lager beer ends in its well-known light, fresh taste with the fragrance of flowers. This medium-rich and energetic punch have a mild bitterness in the aftertaste. It tastes distinctive when bolted down with moderate meals such as salads and spicy Asian dishes and is perfect for any celebration, be it a dinner party, concert, or anywhere with your friends.

  • In India, Tuborg survives at number 2 amongst when it comes to global brands of beer.
  • Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Classic are some of the variants offered by Tuborg.
  • Tuborg was launched in India in the year 2010. The owner of the Tuborg beer brand is Carlsberg.

No 3. Carlsberg

Carlsberg is yet another brand of beer that is offered by Carlsber’s company. This company was launched in India in 2006. A refreshing and distinctive characterful beer with a malty chine and steady bitterness and “probably the best beer in the world.” This light yellow lager leaves a moderate, hoppy bitterness on your taste buds. The preferred quality European Barley gives Carlsberg a different rich flavor, delivering the drinking event smoother for those who enjoy the unique flavor and diversity of premium beers.

  • It would be exciting for you to know that Carlsberg joined with Tuborg breweries in the year 1970, making Tuborg a member of the Carlsberg beers.
  • Carlsberg Elephant and Carlsberg Smooth are the two variants of this brand.

No 4. Budweiser

Moving back in time, we weren’t having many choices to pick from, grasping a beer meant clutching a six-pack of Budweiser, and you were done. And now in today’s times when competition is merciless, Budweiser still influences not only in the US but also in India and also one of the perfect available beer brands in India. There is a rich rice flavor and a touch of tart hops.

  • With a flavor so light this drink is intended to be gulped down the throat while either viewing your favorite sports or something exciting. This beer satiates your thirst for some light drink.
  • Budweiser Premium and Budweiser Magnum are the two available variants of the Budweiser.

No 5. Heineken

Different from other drinks, Heineken ferments its beers in horizontal vessels for a more unique flavor and density. One of the most globally known beers, Heineken appears straight from Holland and into your soul. It is imperceptibly stronger than other mass-produced lager beer and a little bit better than others. Assay the beer for yourself, and you’ll conclude that this beer is tastier.

  • While beers are usually brewed for a fortnight, Heineken blends their beers for double the time – nearly for a month – Ending in a full-flavor beer.
  • The variants of Heineken are-  Heineken Premium Beer and the Heneiken Draught.

No 6. Corona

Corona has been mulled in Mexico since the year 1925. With a delightful, smooth flavor, Corona is an even-keeled ‘cerveza’ with fruity-honey fragrances and a bit of malt. The flavor is fresh and well supported between hops and malt. Although this liquor is not supported by severe drinkers, it is generally chosen by the ones who are bored of the mainstream beer taste – Bitter! The only unfavorable fact about this drink is that it’s not a cheap one. Corona beer price is nearly INR 250 in most of the states. The price increases up to Rs. 500-600 in clubs and bars.

  • Corona is a beer you must taste once before dying. Match it with spicy and citrus-infused food items for the best experience.
  • Corona Extra and Corona Light are the two variants of Corona.

No 7. Bira 91

Moving over to major beers, Bangalore’s Bira 91 is a new brand on the beer bar capturing over the market by storm. Over time, there have been numerous modifications in beer. Craft beer is among one of them. Unlike mass-produced beer, craft brewers have developed excellent quality as well as sustainable change. Craft brewers have built a different brewing experience in the world, and this is where Bira enters.

  • India is a thriving market for beer and Bira has clocked its way correctly.
  • Various variants offered by the Bira are- Bira Blonde, Bira White Ale, Bira Light, Bira Pale Al, and Bira Strong Ale.

No 8. Foster’s

A popular drink amongst the Aussies, Fosters is also preferred in India. In the brewing method, hops are affixed at the following stage to maintain freshness. This provides Fosters a fresh and robust flavor and is offered only in two variants. Foster’s Lager, which is a golden shaded beer with a great malty fragrance, and Foster’s Premium, which is a copper shaded drink.

  • It has a correctly balanced maltiness emphasized by rich caramel epistles.
  • If strong and tart beers are your preference, then you should opt for the Fosters beer.

No 9. Hoegaarden

Also called the real Belgian white beer, Hoegaarden is the most pleasing beer to its brewery, and that is you may not get it in many parts of India. First launched in the year 1445, Hoegaarden is one of the earliest beers in India. While fermenting the beer, the coriander and orange peel are willed unfiltered and consequently proffer it a cloudy look.

  • The beer has an alcoholic content of 4.9%, Bananas and cloves are instantly manifest of this delightful beer.
  • This beer has a spicy touch with a refreshing taste. This beer is a wheat beer.

No 10. MillerCoors (Top 10 Most Famous Beer Brands In India)

Miller High Life was launched in India in the year 1903 by MillerCoors. This drink is popularly known as the Champagne of Beers, it is an imitable classic. This drink is an American-style lager. A different blend of selected Saaz and Pacific Northwest hops and a high quantity of caramel malt can be recognized in the making procedure. It has more taste and fragrance than other light beers.

  • This beer is perfect for those who prefer to have a drink with water as this is one of the most economical beers offered in India.
  • Miller High Life is the available variant of this brand.


Which is the best beer brand In India?

Kingfisher is the best beer brand in India.

Which beer brand is best?

Bira 91 is the best beer brand.

Which is the most expensive beer brand in India?

Corona is the most expensive beer brand in India.

Which beer is costly in India?

MillerCoors is a costly beer in India.

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