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Top 10 Cricket Bats In India | India’s Top Cricket Bats

Top 10 Cricket Bats In India: New Balance BURN is the number 1 cricket bat in India that is used by cricketers in the cricket stadium while playing the match. Cricket is a wonderful sport and it’s earning fame across the world remarkably fast. Around 5-6% of India’s population plays cricket at school, college, national, and international levels. That’s an unbelievable 5 crore people, just in an individual country!

Top 10 Cricket Bats In India

If you are one of these 5 crore souls wanting to drop a mark on the game, you must have your defense, A Cricket Bat. The other point to be kept in mind while selecting a bat is the weight of the bat, size of the bat, and the type of wood utilized to make the bat. There are many other things such as grains on the bat, length of the handle, thickness of the edge, big sweet spot, shock absorption, etc. to examine. Below mentioned are the top 10 cricket bats in India manufactured by trustworthy brands in India.

No 1. New balance BURN

The bat is made up using the Kashmir Willow wood. The weight of the bat is 1200- 1250 grams. The size of the bat is a short handle. Good to hit hard tennis ball cricket, but New Balance Burn can be utilized for Leather ball cricket as well if your funds are less. Although made from the real Kashmir willow, it appears very familiar to English willow.

The manufactured quality of this bat is excellent. An ideal benefit for money. It has the Singapore Cane Handle which serves to hold the grip tight. Once the knocking has been done correctly, it has a good fresh spot. Though the bat provides a good grip it is quite heavier than regular bats.

No 2. SG Cobra Xtreme

This bat is of the brand SGCobra KreedOn. It is made up of an English Willow bat and is of weight 1180 – 1190 grams. The bat is available in a Short handle size. SG Cobra Xtreme is very lightweight, has great strokes, perfect balance, and thick edges. Though you require to use it with care at the start.

Do make certain that the knocking has been done correctly so that the bat doesn’t get broken early. Added plus feature is that the oiling process for the bat is done beforehand. The bat arrives with a toe protector for better durability. The only disadvantage of the bat is that it is made up of softer wood and hence is more vulnerable to damage.

No 3. New Balance CW DC 480

NB cricket Kreedon is the brand under which this bat is manufactured. Kashmir willow is the type of wood that is utilized to make this bat. The size of the bat is Short Handle. The weight of the bat is 1200- 1275 grams. New Balance’s CW DC 480 arrives with an excellent overall surface. This is not unusual, reflecting NB is well-known for manufacturing high-quality products. And this one is not an exemption.

It also has the right weight stability. For someone who is commencing out with expert cricket, this bat could be a good deal. Along with the good quality, the bat is economical and also has a fascinating look.

No 4. SG Scorer Classic

SG Scorer Classic is a popular brand in India. The bat is manufactured using Kashmir willow wood. The weight of the bat is 1100 grams. The size of the bat is Short Handle. SG’s Scorer Classic is particularly buoyant for a Kashmir Willow. It is covered in grain-faced bat tape, providing it a sleek finish and a smart look. The shorts are good, and the bat is oiled up. The bat requires knocking before use.

No 5. Spartan Chris Gayle Run

Chris Gayle bat Spartan is among the top cricket bat manufacturing brands in India. The bat is made up of English willow and the weight of the bat is 1100-1250 grams. The Spartan Chris Gayle Run arises with a traditional Caribbean layout. It has a 1-year guarantee and is promoted profoundly by Chris Gayle. The bat gives good and great balance. It is also a lightweight bat which makes it easy to swing.

No 6. Gray-Nicolls POWERBOW Smash Exclusive 2019

Gray Nicholas KreedOn has gain goodwill in the market because it provides bats of good quality. Kashmir willow is the type of wood used to make this bat. The size of the bat is 1180-1250 grams. The bat is available in different sizes Size 5, Size 6, Short handle, and Harrow. The low edge of the bat is suitable for front-foot shots. The bat is quite heavy but nice grip and the oblong handle makes it easy to hold. The bat is pre-pressed, but it is advised that you do beating with it before you use it in the match. This is bat provides a good balance.

No 7. Spartan MSD Run

Spartan MSd Run is one of the favorite brand names when it comes to cricket bats. This bat is made up of English Willow. The weight of the bat is Less than 1000 grams. The bat is available in a short handle size. Whirl it just like MS Dhoni! The Spartan MSD Run bat is lightweight and effortless to whirl. It has 10-12 textures on the bat and is beneficial for handling fast bowlers. As it isn’t pre-knocked, it’s recommended to knock it for a substantial period before using it in a competition for best returns. Since the bat is lightweight it maintains balance.

No 8. Spartan MS Dhoni King

Spartan bats MS Dhoni King is a popular cricket bat brand in India. The weight of the bat is 1000-1200 grams. The bat is available in th market in different sizes ranging from Size 1 to Size 5. The Spartan MS Dhoni King appears with a 6-months guarantee and many sizes to meet the requirements of all ages. Being a Kashmir willow, it is accommodated for a beginner level of trained cricket or hard tennis cricket.

It is also economical and satisfies a player with a very competitive game. It comes with thick edges which additionally support having a great stroke. The bat is cheap and is an ideal choice for sandlot cricket both for hard tennis and leather ball.

No 9. Protos Blaster

Protos Blaster is a famous brand of bats in India. The weight of the bat is 1200-1250 grams. The bat is available in the market in Short Handle (full) size. The Protos Blaster is created of reasonable Grade III of Kashmir willow, the Protos Blaster is perfect for cricket with a tennis ball. It also arrives with glass fiber tape on the top. However, it does not arrive with pre-knocked and demands to knock before being used with a leather ball.

A great alternative for casual plays, practices, or small-level matches. The bat is cost-effective and has a large sweet spot and edgewise edges which restricts jerking of hands and enhances stroke. The weak point about the bat is that it is quite heavy.

No 10. GM 1601258 Paragon Apex

This bat is made up using Kashmir Willow wood. The weight of the bat is 920-975 grams. The bat is of Size 5. Among the Top 10 Cricket Bats In India, GM Paragon Apex is manufactured from Grade I Kashmir willow and has a regular shape that fits extra resistance. It has an adequate cuff and comes pre-knocked. The bat makes thick edges for enhancing stroke and is good for volatile players. Perfect choice for beginners and seasoned kids.

It also attains security on the toe end. Apex has a decent flexible grip as well as a gratis bat cover. The advantage of using this bat is primarily it is a bit of good quality and is economical as well. Its treble spring comes with a cover. The only disadvantage of this bat is that it has glass fiber tape on the face which prevents the checking of the quality of the wood.


Which is the best cricket bat in India?
GM 1601258 Paragon Apex is the best cricket bat in India.
Where can I buy cricket bats in India?
You can buy the above cricket bats online.
Which bats are used by Indian cricketers?
The above-mentioned bats are used by Indian Cricketers.

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