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Cheapest Bikes In India | India’s Cheapest Bikes | 2021

Cheapest Bikes In India: Hero HF 100 is the number 1 cheapest bike in India that costs Rs 49,400 and comes in 1 color variant. The prices of bikes in the entire automobile industry have seen a hike in the last few years because of a number of factors. So many people still haven’t figured out the perfect bike for them. The major reasons behind the hike in the prices of bikes are 5-year insurance regulations, Compulsion on ABS/CBS. Regulations like 5-year insurance, compulsory ABS/CBS, apart from these two the BS6 norms are also a factor that has led to the price hike.

Cheapest Bikes In India

The bike segment that got affected the most by the hike in prices is the entry-level one, the luxurious ones haven’t suffered that much. Today only a few options are available for people with a tight budget for bikes. Don’t worry we have curated an entire list for you with all budget-friendly and affordable bikes being sold in India. These bikes are not just cheap but are having BS6 compliant engines as well so you can without any worry choose one from these. The Top 10 cheapest bikes in India are listed below

No 1. Hero HF 100

At the top of the list, we have this newly launched bike Hero HF 100. This is a Hero Moto cop production. Presently Hero HF 100 can be regarded as the cheapest one in India. Hero HF 100 is the cheapest bike and also has a BS6 compliant engine. The only drawback with Hero HF 100 is that you don’t have color options or model options here to choose from.

  • Hero HF 100 is available in only 1 color variant.
  • In India, the price of Hero HF 100 is INR 49, 400 (Ex-showroom price).
  • The Hero HF comes along with a combined braking system with drum brakes.
  • The weight of Hero HF 100 is about 110 kg and its petrol tank’s capacity is 9.1 liters.

No 2. Bajaj CT 100

Next on the cheapest bikes list is Bajaj CT 100, this bike is presently available in one variant and three colors. So unlike Hero HF 100 here you can choose your preferable color as 3 options are there. If we talk about the Bajaj lineup in India then definitely CT 100 is the cheapest bike from Bajaj.

  • The ex-showroom price of Bajaj CT 100 in India is INR 51,750.
  • Bajaj CT 100 comes with a BS6 compliance engine.
  • The weight of Bajaj CT 100 is about 115 kg with a fuel tank of 10.5 liters.
  • The engine Bajaj CT 100 is a 102 cc one with matted gearboxes.

No 3. HF Deluxe

The HF Deluxe is the second cheapest bike from Hero for people with a low budget. Hero HF Deluxe comes in a total of 5 variants so you have a lot of options to choose from. Also, 5 vibrant color options are being offered for Hero HF Deluxe by Hero. Hero HF Deluxe’s starting price in India is INR 50,700.

  • The top variant is available for INR 60,775.
  • HF Deluxe is the bestselling bike in India in the Cheap category.
  • Hero HF Deluxe has a 4 box gearbox.
  • The weight of HF Deluxe is around 107 kg.

No 4. Bajaj CT 110

The Bajaj CT 110 is available in only 1 variant but you have 3 color options to choose one from. This commuter BS6 compliant has a number of modern features. The Ex-showroom price of Bajaj CT110 in India is INR 54,662.

  • Bajaj CT 110 has a 4-speed gearbox along with a 115 cc engine.
  • Bajaj CT 110 weight is approximately 118kg.

No 5. Bajaj Platina 100

The Bajaj Platina 100 is a great bike from Bajaj. Two paint schemes are available on Bajaj Platina 100 so you can choose yours from. The Ex-Showroom price for the Bajaj Platina 100 is INR 55, 379. Bajaj Platina 100 comes with an anti-skid braking system. Also, it comes with a single-cylinder DTS-i engine.

  • The Kerb weight of Platina 100 is around 117 kg.
  • Bajaj Platina 100 fuel tank capacity is 11 liters.

No 6. TVS sport

Bajaj Platina 100 commuter bike comes in two variants, the first one is the kickstart one and the second one is the self-start one. Apart from these two variants, you are given 7 color options as well. The price for TVS Sport is INR 56,130 (Ex-Showroom Price) in India for the kick start variant and the self-start variant comes at a price of INR 62,980 (Ex-Showroom).

  • The fuel tank capacity of TVS sport is 10 liters and it weighs around 110 kg.
  • Speed gearbox in Bajaj Platina 100 is present with drum brakes.

No 7. Bajaj CT 110 X

The Bajaj CT 110 X is the best and the latest launch by Bajaj in the Indian automobile market. The best thing about Bajaj CT 110 X is its rugged design that attracts buyers the most. Four beautiful paint schemes are offered in Bajaj CT110X to buyers. The price set for Bajaj CT 110 X is INR 56,659 (Ex-Showroom Price). It comes with a 1-cylinder engine.

  • The weight of Bajaj CT 110 X is around 117 kg with a fuel tank of 11 liters.
  • Bajaj CT 110 X has drum Brakes along with a combined braking system.

No 8. TVS Radeon

TVS Radeon is another cheap bike from TVS. The TVS Radeon comes in three variants. You can buy the base variant in 7 color options. The TVS Radeon has been awarded as the commuter bike of the year. The TVS Radeon price in India is INR 59,992 and the top model can cost you up to INR 68,576. It comes with internally expanding drum brakes.

  • The fuel tank’s capacity of TVS Radeon is 10 liters and the weight is 116 kg.
  • TVS Radeon comes with a dura-life long-lasting engine with fuel-injection technology

No 9. Hero Splendor Plus (Cheapest Bikes In India 2021)

Hero Splendor is a legendary bike and makes a massive business each year in India. The new variants of Splendor come with the BS6 engine and they are offered in different four variants. The Splendor Plus is the most reliable and the best-selling affordable bike in India. The Hero Splendor price in India is INR 62,535 (Ex-Showroom Price).

  • Hero Splendor fuel tank capacity is 9.8 liters.
  • Hero Splendor Plus is powered by an engine of 97.2 ccs.

No 10. Bajaj Platina 110 (Cheapest Bikes In India)

The Bajaj Platina 110 can be another great affordable commuter bike in India. This bike is offered with a disc brake variant along with drum brakes. If we talk about the cheapest bikes with front disc brakes then Bajaj Platina tops the list. The market price of Bajaj Platina 110 is 61,318 (Ex-Showroom) in India but if you go for the drum brake variant then it is INR 61,318 (Ex-Showroom) whereas the disc brake variant will cost you INR 63,808 (Ex-Showroom).

  • The weight of Bajaj Platina 110 is 119-122 kg.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank of Bajaj Platina 110 is 11 liters.


Which is the cheapest 2 wheeler in India?

Hero Splendor is the cheapest 2 wheeler in India.

Which is the lowest price bike in India?

Bajaj Platina is the lowest price bike in India.

Which is the no 1 bike in India?

Hero HF 100 is the no 1 bike in India.

Which bike is best below 1 lakh?

All the above-mentioned bikes are best below 1 lakh in India.

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