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Top 10 Smartphone Companies In India | 2021 | Features

Top 10 Smartphone Companies In India: Apple is the number 1 smartphone company in India that offers classy features with excellent camera quality in all its mobile phones making it the best mobile brand in India too. Mobile phone is the basic necessity of today’s time be it kids, adults or old age. Everyone is connected to family and friends using a smartphone. There are many smartphones companies nationwide that you must know if you are in an ardent desire of a smartphone. Millions of Indians have already been using smartphones.

Top 10 Smartphone Companies In India

Around the world, mobile phone companies have made their place and in our country too every individual is aware of the Indian mobile market. In the year 2017, about 468 million Indians used smartphones and by the year 2022, it is expected that this data will rise to 859 million.

This falls to be the reason that people have a wide range of choice when they look for a smartphone. It becomes usually difficult to buy a smartphone as there are several companies that are trying hard and bringing classy models that are equipped with the latest technology in the market. Here is our list of the top 10 smartphone companies in India.

No. 1 Apple

Apple is one of the few royale brands in our list that doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most profit earning smartphone company that is famous and renowned in the world. Apple also produces laptops, computers, handheld tablets, and iPhones that are available in a couple of models that lure customers but not everyone can afford them.

The range of the smartphones of apple company falls between Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 1.5 Lakh. The most popular models of the Apple iPhone in India are iPhone 7, The iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 7 Plus, and the iPhone 6s.

Best Features

  • The camera quality of the Apple iPhone is Superior.
  • The display is very brilliant.
  • The iPhone includes a Superfast processor.
  • Apple is expected to launch the two new devices, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 in the month of September this year.

No. 2 Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company and has always been one of the main competitors that stand against Apple in India. Samsung launches several smartphones as the Apple company does each year be it the medium-end, premium, and low-end devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus offers a couple of superior features to buyers who are looking for premium specifications and costs between Rs. 1.1 Lakh and Rs. 1.2 Lakh. Some of the popular Samsung models are Galaxy A50s, The Galaxy S9, Galaxy M30, Galaxy M30s, and Galaxy S9 Plus.

Samsung is one of the best smartphone companies in India and the Galaxy S10 Plus is the latest version and the best features of this model are:


  • It is build up with 12 GB RAM.
  • It has Impressive Quad HD+ screen resolution, showcasing the clearest visuals.
  • The screen is an All-screen display with no bezels.

No. 3 Google

The smartphones of Google have become popular nowadays and one of them named Pixel is in high demand across India. Android OS in the running stock, are extremely fast, featuring cutting-edge tech upgrades.

Today, Google Pixel 4 XL from the Alphabet Inc. owned company, is bought between Rs. 1 Lakh and Rs. 1.1 Lakh. The most popular models of the Google phones are Pixel 3, Pixel 2, The Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, and Pixel 3 XL.


The top-end model Pixel 4 XL includes the following features

  • The display resolution of this phone is set at 3040 * 1440 pixels.
  • It has unmatched Android OS performance and updates.
  • It has updated processors promising lightning-fast performance.
  • The upcoming phones of Google are 4a, Pixel 4a XL and Google Pixel 3 Lite, and more.

No. 4 Huawei

Huawei is a Shenzhen-based company in China that provides very strong competition to all other smartphone companies in India. Huawei is not allowed to sell its smartphone in the United States, still, its global sales numbers remain good.

The price range of the Huawei P30 model that is one of the most feature-rich phone is around Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 82,000. The most popular models of Huawei are Huawei P9, The Huawei Y9 Prime, Huawei Y9, Huawei Honor 3X, and Huawei P30 Pro and these models make Huawei one of the top 10 rich mobile companies in India.


The best features of Huwaei top-end P30 Pro are

  • It has an internal memory slot of 256 GB.
  • It is a build-up of 8 GB RAM.
  • This phone has a 6.47-inch crystal clear display.
  • It includes a Triple rear camera set up that comes with 40 MP, 20 MP, and 8 MP lenses.

No. 5 OnePlus

OnePlus is among the top 10 smartphones companies in India that operate out of Shenzhen in China. Indians are thankful to this mobile company for offering its services in India in recent years. As it got a great response from the consumers, OnePlus has expanded its work in the television sector too.

The price of the OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7 are almost the same that falls between Rs. 32,000 and Rs. 35,000, while the OnePlus 7T Pro may be set back to Rs. 55,000. The most common models of OnePlus are the OnePlus 7, The OnePlus 7T, the OnePlus 7 Pro, the OnePlus 6T, and the OnePlus 7T Pro.


  • OnePlus smartphones have a fast charging facility.
  • The best processor leads to lightning-fast speeds.

No. 6 Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the best smartphones selling companies in India. Xiaomi too is a Chinese company and entered India when the consumers lacked good options in mobile phone for the low quality and mid-range handsets. It has managed to become one of the top smartphone sellers in India.

At present, the Redmi K20 Pro is available at the price of Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 30,000. Some of the most popular models of Xiaomi are Redmi Note 7S, Redmi 8, Redmi 8A, Redmi 7 A, and Redmi Note 7 Pro.


The features of The Redmi K20 are

  • Its performance is extremely fast across gaming and other processor-intensive applications.
  • The design of the Redmi K20 is a Bezel-less design.
  • The screen is fully HD+ resolution that enhances the display abilities of the smartphone.

No. 7 LG

If anyone wishes to buy a dual-screen smartphone, LG is one of the only smartphone brands in the market, that is trusted and has created goodwill amongst the consumers. The model LG G8X ThinQ, which was launched in December 2019, being a foldable device with dual display costs around Rs. 50,000. The most popular models of the LG smartphones are LG W10, LG W30 Pro, LG G8s ThinQ, LG G8X, and LG W30.


The features of LG G8X ThinQ are

  • It includes Dual displays.
  • It is build up with the Top processor, ensuring impressive speeds.
  • The camera of this phone is a 32-megapixel selfie camera.

No. 8 Oppo

Oppo is one of the Chinese mobile manufacturers that started its operations in 2004, as a part of BBK Electronics. At present, it has captured major markets of India. The flagship of Oppo in 2019 was the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom which ranged between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 60,000. The most popular models of Oppo are Oppo A5, Oppo A7, Oppo A3s, the Oppo F11, and F11 Pro.


The best features of The Reno 10X Zoom are

  • It includes a pop-up camera.
  • This phone allows clicking the pictures at 10X zoom.
  • This phone has impressive and fast performance.
  • It has no noticeable bezels.

No. 9 Vivo

Vivo is one of the other BBK Electronics-owned companies, and it is one of the top mobile brands in India. The Vivo company is immensely popular among the consumers of India. The average range of Vivo’s handsets is affordable and the price lies between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 40,000. The most popular used models of Vivo in the market are Vivo U20, Vivo V17 Pro, V15 Pro, Vivo Y91i, and Vivo U10.


The best features of V17 Pro are

  • Vivo V17 Pro is built up with a High-quality display.
  • The quality of rear and front-facing cameras is high.
  • It consists of 4100 mAh battery capacity led to increased screen-on times without loss of charge.

No. 10 Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone selling company in India and is one of the Top 10 Smartphone Companies In India. Nokia is a Finnish telecom company that was once known to be the best cellular phone manufacturer in the world. In the year 2000, it was at its peak and Nokia’s popularity in the world was such that its revenue was around 4% of Finland’s GDP.

In the year 2019, the Nokia 9 PureView was the best device from the company. The price of this phone was approximately Rs. 50,000. Some of the popular models of Nokia in the market are The Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 2.3, Nokia 2.2, and Nokia 6.2.


The best features of Nokia 9 PureView are

  • This phone includes Impressive performance in gaming and other apps.
  • It includes not one or two but five rear-facing cameras.
  • It is build up with brilliant quality.


  1. Which is the No. 1 mobile company in India?

Apple is the No.1 mobile company in India.

  1. Which Indian mobile brand is best in India?

Samsung is one of the best mobile brands in India.

  1. Which mobile company is best?

Oppo is the best mobile company.

  1. Which is the number 1 phone in India 2021?

Apple is the number 1 phone in India 2021.

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