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Top 10 Rappers In India | Best | Famous | Popular | 2021

Top 10 Rappers In India: Divine the gully boy rapper is the number 1 rapper in India who rocks the stage always. Rap music has undeniably developed as a famous genre in Indian Music. It has granted birth to many new rappers in the nation as a consequence of which India has many top rappers now. The different styles like mumble rap, rap metal, lyrical rap, desi hip-hop are getting fame. Rap music has promoted to bridge the hiatus between poetry, emotion, and instrumentation. One-of-a-kind music includes the rapper delivering out his strains, sensations, current events, the past-everything relatable.

Top 10 Rappers In India

Some of the most skilled rappers in India have carried out the sensation together gracefully. The rappers not only rap, but they write poetry too, along with building music videos and creating the whole video for the public. In fact, while there are some names working in India, there are a number of unconventional top rappers who do all this on their own. While it’s right that people hear to it for how fast they sing, it is also true that it demands a talent of a different order to be able to bestow thoughts with an artistic flow, and also call out the issues irking the society. Here is our list of the Top 10 Rappers In India.

No 1. Divine

The Gully boy publicity, Divine, is not an unfamiliar face to the rap fan. Beginning off at a young age, his tale is no distinct from the rappers of now, besides the fact that his style of music resembles what the colour rappers from the west do, that is to write songs on their past.

  • In the “Voice of the Street”, Divine was a kid to his mother who was operating abroad and a drunkard father.
  • In one of his songs, he says how he perpetually wanted to bring back his mother from abroad and never wished her to work more, because he always desired to be with her and spend time with her.
  • His past has been connected with selling drugs at one time, which he fully admits as being one of the darkest stages in his life.
  • The net worth of Divine is Rs 3.5 crore.
  • The favourite car of Divine is Mahindra Thar CRDe.

No 2. Sonia Ashraf

Sonia Ashraf is a Rapper and Singer acclaiming from Chennai. Her songs are acknowledged to discuss social problems and prejudices. Her song ‘Don’t Work for Dow’ in 2008 scrutinized Dow’s failure to recompense victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy 1984.

  • She delivered ‘Dow vs. Bhopal: A Toxic Rap Battle’ in the year 2016.
  • The net worth of Sonia Ashraf is $1 Million to $5 Million.

No 3. Raftaar

Raftaar rapper in India has an emotional story behind his success. His parents used to hear to Michael Jackson when he was a kid, which rose his hustle venture. To trade MP3s in school at Rs. 15, he accepted to download a lot of songs, inclusive of Linkin Park and Eminem. After this, he commenced coaching students on how to dance! Yes, this rapper initiated with dancing rather than rapping.

  • It was during his opening analysis days on Youtube, that he began to blend a number of songs to make a medley.
  • This is how his musical and rap tour sprang.
  • He inaugurated by writing Punjabi songs as Dilin, but ultimately became the Raftaar we all acknowledge– the one who composes about life narratives.
  • He is presently contracted under Sony Music and the co-owner of Kalamkaar.
  • The networth of Raftaar is Rs 1.2 Crores.
  • Raftaar has expensive cars like Audi Q3 and Mercedes S Class.

No 4. Emiway Bantai

Emiway, an Antop hill citizen as obvious from many of his songs rhythmically describing his Pincode “Mumbai 47”, this rapper is called Bilal Shaikh in real life. Emiway Bantai is really a combination of “Eminem” and “Lil Wayne”, as he stated in one of his videos. As far as his videos are involved, you must be acknowledging it already (Maaloom hai na?)

  • He left studies after completing his 12th, and strived through his days with mumble rap, with videos like “Maal waali Aunty”, which was removed from his youtube channel.
  • According to rap fans, it was only after this song meant for Raftaar, that his fame grew manifold. After a lot of hard work, he reached where he is today.
  • The net worth of Emiway Bantai is $1 Million.

No 5. Karma

K.A.R.MA. The “Dehradun ka ladka”, with his enormous ability, commenced his journey when he was serving in a call centre in Delhi. While his parents were glad that he was at least doing something with life, he was never contented with it. He began writing poetry and singing it with a tune, which finally spanned from one thing to another and he got a song with Zee Music.

  • Vivek Arora is the real name of Karma. He still stammers when he speaks.
  • Presently, this rapper is contracted with Kalamkaar, the name, and has been making masterpieces.
  • The networth of Karma is $4.8k to $6.4k.

No 6. MC Manmeet Kaur

MC Manmeet Kaur is a very famous and well-known female rapper in India. She made her name in the industry after breaking all the prejudices and stereotypes. She started her rapping career when she was a teenager.  MC Manmeet Kaur is famous for her striking voice and for considering issues like inequality.

  • Her debut album got famous in 2015 as Hip Hop Bahu, which was based on her being a married woman.
  • The net worth of Manmeet Kaur is $0.8 Million.

No 7. Yo-Yo Honey Singh

Yo-Yo Honey Singh is obviously, a name we can not miss while listing the best rappers in India. He earned a thriving come back in the music industry, he is the most popular and valuable music director in the music industry. He is not an ordinary hop rapper. He is a pop hip-hop artist who fuses pop music with hip hop and presents his moves to the dancing audience.

  • Yo-Yo Honey Singh is typically considered an innovative music revolutionist of India who made pop-rap music so familiar within the nation.
  • He is among the highest-paid musical rapper in Bollywood.
  • The net worth of Honey Singh is $ 25 Million.
  • The expensive cars of Honey Singh are Porsche Cayenne, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Rolls Royce Phantom Series II, Jaguar XJL Supercharged, Audi Q7, BMW 5-Series 520d etc.
  • Honey Singh is married to Shalini Talwar.

No 8. Badshah

Among the top 10 rappers in India, Badshah is the most important in the industry momentarily and if we are speaking about the commercial industry, no one is the same as Badshah. Because Badshah has a unique skill that he can create a popular hit track that is stuck in your mind. His music composition is minimum but with a snappy hook, he becomes the most exquisite commercial artist. Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is the real name of Badshah.

  • He is a well-known Indian rapper and singer recognized for his Hindi, Haryanvi, and Punjabi songs.
  • He’s widely regarded as a victory machine in Bollywood.
  • The networth of Badshah is $5 Million.
  • The luxury cars of Badshah are Rolls Royce Wraith, Jeep Wrangler, Porsche 718 Cayman, Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d and many more.
  • Badshah has a luxurious house too.
  • Badshah is married to Jasmine.

No 9. Deane Sequeira

Deane Sequeira was born into a Goan-Catholic family and walked into the studios to tape her first real Hip Hop RnB rap song ‘Random’. Her original ‘Random’ made it enormous along with other records such as ‘ONLY MINE’, ‘Timeflies’, ‘Nobody Cares, etc. making her the most sophisticated and youngest rapper in the country.

  • She has managed Bollywood with some of the famous music leaders such as Pritam, Ram Sampat, Sachin-Jigar, and many more.
  • The networth of Deane Sequeira is $1 Million.

No 10. King

Among the top 10 rappers in India, Arpan Kumar is the real name of King. King Rocco is his stage name.  But this raper is more famous with his stage name. He had made up his intention to become a rapper when he was just 13 years old. He used his skill to attract an audience on Youtube. But he is more famous because he made it huge in the show called ‘MTV Hustle’.

  • He is one of the most famous talents as of now in the Raping industry and can be seen performing with Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya in live performances.
  • He sang some fabulous songs in his rapping career.


Who is India’s most popular rapper?

Yo-Yo Honey Singh is India’s most popular rapper.

Who is the no 1 rapper in India?

Divine is the number 1 rapper in India.

Who is a good rapper in India?

Badshah is a good rapper in India.

Who is India’s best rapper in 2021?

Raftaar is India’s best rapper in 2021.

Who is the richest rapper in India?

Honey Singh is the richest rapper in India.

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