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Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India | List of India’s Profitable Business 2021

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India: Handmade organic and exotic soaps manufacturing business is the number 1 manufacturing business in India that can be started with very less investment and help you earn a stable good income. Someday a unique idea and a different vision can help you in building an empire. Your opinion and words can be the source of inspiration for you and nobody knows that what you bring or think today can be a business opportunity. If we take a closer look at the market the business world and its ways are evolutionary and dynamic.

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India

Having our own business may look like some job that will offer a luxurious life but let me burst the bubble and tell you to turn that dream of living an extravagant life need hard work and smart work both. Plans, strategies, and techniques should be implemented properly and one should carry out activities with honesty. Below mentioned are the top 10 manufacturing business ideas in India to earn a guaranteed profit.

No 1. Handmade Organic & Exotic Soaps

With more and more people looking for chemical-free products, it is the appropriate time to pool into the hand-made organic soap business. You are required to make an initial investment of INR 1.5 – 2 lakhs and with that little investment, you may expect monetary exciting returns.

Another exciting and encouraging fact is that you won’t have a hard time convincing people. Why? Because people are already opting for an organic lifestyle since no one is willing to harm themselves from the harmful chemical soaps.

For instance take SoulPure, a Bangalore-based startup that produces eco-friendly and skin-friendly products earning high profits annually.

No 2. Fashion Jewellery

Where so ever you find people is the place where you find fashion. People today live a life where their looks make them more confident and to look confident people need to walk in with fashion sense. The fashion jewellery business is a profitable business.

Rather than sticking on gold and diamond, modern-day women now prefer jewellery that is light and beautiful and wears it to work, events, and celebrations. Fashion jewellery is suitable for all occasions. Nowadays, the people doing fashion jewellery business use social media as their prime technique to target more and customers.

No 3. Women’s Footwear

In the evolutionary world, people are consistently updating themselves as well as their choices. Women are more inclined more towards home-grown brands and are more than willing to try fresh and different styles. Women look for footwear that is non-leather, cruelty-free, fashionable yet comfortable and hence the demand for business footwear for women is increasing.

Even these entrepreneurs use social media to promote the sale of footwear. Also, the social media handles on various platforms like Instagram and Facebook people are posting blogs along with attractive posts to get more and more customers.

No 4. Eco-friendly cutlery and kitchen items

The manufacturing business in India uses the usual denominator of making their customers’ lives easy. Eco-friendly cutlery is one of the rising industries that serve the same purpose. It not only saves us from the struggle of maintenance but also is the best possible substitute for plastics.

Today’s generation is becoming more sensitive towards society and hence are inclined more toward eco-friendly products. The aesthetic appeal will work as a favourable advantage. For starting a cutlery business one needs to invest in necessary machines that will cost around INR 50,000.

No 5. Environment-friendly bags

Environment-friendly bags comprises Jute, canvas cloth, and paper bags that are feasible substitutes to plastic products. This is one of those businesses which never face a shortage of customers because we will be in the need of bags every day. In supermarkets, pharmacies, and other retailers, paper bags and envelopes are in high demand.

The reason behind such high demand is that the raw material is inexpensive and is available in abundance. If we take a closer look we can find out that in the production of these bags only biodegradable and reusable “golden fibre” is used and the manufacturing process is also simple. The business today with an ethical vision earns goodwill in the market.

No 6. Smartphone accessories

If there is a constant demand for smartphones, there will be an obvious demand for smartphone accessories. The one who has a phone will need tempered glass, phone cases/covers, selfie sticks, and other accessories as well. This constant demand for smartphone accessories makes the business high in terms of profit.

Considering the investment the even glass-making machines which are of quite a low capacity tempered cost around Rs 75,000 and high capacity ones are of price over Rs 1.5 lakh. If you start this business along with manufacturing other smartphone accessories too it might need an investment of Rs 7 Lakh and later you will be able to earn double or more from this.

No 7. Personal care range

In today’s time, people are more than inclined towards buying natural/organic personal care products. This change in the consumer’s preference has happened because the consumer today is more aware. The range of products is wide, ranging from face wash, creams, and lotions to lip balms and scrubs. To start the business your choice can be a single product but with different varieties or a different variety of products. Monetary benefits will be an obvious outcome.

No 8. Recyclable apparels

What if I tell you heaps of garbage and unwanted things can turn into gold? Well, not exactly gold but surely a start-up. Various things which appear to be like waste and unwanted materials can be utilized for the production of edgy apparel out of it. Doesn’t it sound like an innovative way of earning? It is, and start-ups are capitalizing on it already. This opportunity is like a goldmine because it is unique and involves innovative marketing.

No 9. Indian handicraft items (Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India)

India has always earned worldwide popularity for its handicrafts due to their variety and quality. But even in the current scenario handicrafts enjoy demand in both domestic and international markets. Indians have always been a lover of art and opening a handicraft business will bridge the gap between artisans and customers. With your own investment, you can earn a reputation and higher monetary returns.

As an inspiration, we can consider a story about Ahemdabad. People there used recyclable materials like fibre, leather, wood, bamboo, and also urban waste to produce handicraft items like paintings, jewellery, and stationery. More such artisans are found in the states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Kashmir.

No 10. Handmade candles (Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India)

We are living in a generation where we all are fascinated by the power of aesthetics which is what becomes the reason behind making handmade candles a product which high in demand. In recent years, it is believed that scented and therapeutic handmade candles which are found in restaurants, households, and hotels, spas, and spiritual places are something that lifts the mood of people. The initial investment this business asks for is INR 20,000 to 30,000 and with this minimum investment, you can earn great returns, particularly in the festive season.

FAQs (Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas In India)

1. Which is the best manufacturing business to start in India?

Eco-friendly businesses are the best manufacturing business to start in India.

2. Which manufacturing business is more profitable?

The smartphone accessories business is more profitable.

3. Which manufacturing business is best?

The handmade organic and exotic soaps manufacturing business is the best.

4. What can we manufacture in India?

We can manufacture everything in India.

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