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McDonald’s Net Worth | Net Worth of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Net worth:- The net worth of McDonald’s is estimated to be approximately 163 billion dollars. It is also the world’s largest food restaurant chain by revenue serving over 69 million customers daily in around 100 countries across 39198 outlets as of 2021.

McDonald’s Net worth

McDonald’s is a multinational corporation of American origin which was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald’s in California, United States. In the beginning, it was a stall selling hamburgers which were later turned into a franchise with a Golden Arches logo as its face in 1953. Previously its headquarters was in Illinois which was changed to Chicago in June 2018. It is best known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries later fast food like soft drinks and wraps were also added but due to the increasing importance of healthy food, the corporation has also included some healthy food items like milkshakes, salads, smoothies, fish and fruit. Most of the revenues of this multinational corporation come from the rent, fees, and royalties paid by the franchise and according to a report it also has the world’s ninth-largest brand valuation.

McDonald’s Corporation Information

  • Type:- Public
  • Genre:- Fast food restaurant
  • Founded:- May 15, 1940, in California 81 years ago
  • Founders:- Richards and Macrise McDonalds
  • Headquarters:- Chicago, Illinois
  • Number of outlets:- 39198 outlets in 2020
  • Key People:- Enrique Hernandez Junior Chairman and Chris Kempczinski president and CEO
  • Area of serving:- Worldwide
  • Revenue:- 21.076 billion dollars
  • Number of employees:- Approximately 210,000 million after including franchise.
  • McDonald’s No smoking policy:- It started banning smoking in 1994 when it restricted customers from smoking in all of its franchises across the world.
  • Official Website – McDonald’s Official Website


  1. Hamburgers
  2. Chicken
  3. French fries
  4. Soft drinks
  5. Milkshakes
  6. Salads
  7. Pancakes
  8. Coffee
  9. Wraps
  10. Desserts

McDonald’s History

It was started by two brothers Richards and Macrise McDonalds in California on May 15, 1940, with an original mascot of a chef wearing a hat on top of a hamburger who was then referred to as “Speedee” however it was replaced with a Golden Arches replacing Speedee in 1962. In 1961 Kroc purchased the McDonald brothers equity in the company and started the company’s worldwide distribution. Later Kroc was accused of being the aggressive partner who wanted to outthrow the McDonald brothers out of the industry. Kroc and McDonald fought for the control of the business of the McDonald’s Franchise but the San Bernardino hotel was eventually burned downed to ashes in 1971 and was sold to the Juan Pollo chain in 1998. With its worldwide reach, it has become a symbol of globalization and tells the lifestyle of America.

McDonald’s Corporate Overview

McDonald’s restaurants are easily available in more than 120 countries with 39198 outlets worldwide employing over 210,000 people which is also the second-largest by any corporate after Walmart. The company was ranked 131st on the fortune 500 of the largest United States company by revenue. According to a report, 70 percent of the sales is by drive-through and it shut down 184 restaurants in the United States in 2015 first time since 1970 that location decreased in the United States. It also started a new concept of on-demand delivery in 2017 with the partnership with Uber Eats and DoorDash in 2019witrh only particular location around the globe. The company although earns most of the revenue from the rent and loyalty from the franchise but on the contrary owns all the land on which the restaurants are made which is valued at around 16 billion dollars to 18 billion dollars. The rents have been increased to 26 % between 2010 to 2015. IT trains all its trainees of the franchise in the Chicago headquarters¬† located Hamburger University whereas

McDonald’s Headquarters

In June 2016 the headquarters of the McDonald’s shifted to Chicago which has an area of around 608,000 square feet building inaugurating on 4 June 2018 from its former headquarters McDonald’s Plaza from Oak, Illinois. which served as the main office since 1971.

Name of Board of Directors

  1. Enrique Hernandez Junior, non-executive chairman, president, and CEO of Inter-con Security.
  2. Lloyd H. Dean, non-executive chairman and CEO of Dignity Health
  3. Chris Kempczinski president and CEO of McDonald’s

McDonald’s Product

McDonald’s mainly sells hamburgers, different types of chicken, chicken sandwiches, french fries, breakfast items, and many more. Products are offered as “dine-in” which means the customer opts to eat food in the restaurant only and the other is “take-out” which means the customer opts out to take food outside of the restaurant.

McDonald’s Menu Variation

Due to the worldwide reach of its restaurant chains, they take very special care of its menu and customer’s taste by providing a taste of local in their own variety. Like in some places McDonald’s serves beer in Germany and some other Western countries after taking permission from the local governing bodies and it also sells meat in some places which include New Zealand.

Types of McDonald’s Restaurant

Most of the McDonald’s restaurant offers counter service and drive-through sometimes indoor and sometimes outdoor.

  • Drive-through:- It is a type of restaurant that does not provide any counter or seating place to the customer it is mostly available on highways where the intensity is very high.
  • Playgrounds:- McDonald’s Playground also known as McDonald’s PlayPlace which features indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

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