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List of Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers In India 2021

List of Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers In India 2021: Why is it important that we look into wooden door manufacturers before we plan on building on one? Well, there are many reasons. The major one is that doors give the first impression before anyone even enters a house and therefore, it has to be good and the best material should be used while making one. Let’s look at such a list of Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers In India 2021.

List of Top 10 Wooden Door Manufacturers In India 2021

  1. Greenply Wooden Doors

Greenply wooden doors stand at the top position in the Top 10 wooden manufacturers list due to their tailor-made doors to suit all customers’ tastes accordingly. Greenply flush doors include high strength, stability, and resistance from all types of weather conditions. Their production plans are different from all other wooden manufacturers, and they have also developed a sustainable farm management plan intending to promote farm forestry. Apart from that, in various regions of India, they have been holding meetings with plywood manufacturers educating them to use forest timber and share their R&D with them. Their branded plywood is affordable as well as of high quality.

  1. CenturyPly Plywood

Century Plyboards Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer, seller, and exporter of plywood and veneers. Their molded flush doors give the best look to your house. They bring a collection of classy entrances which are long-lasting and adds a touch of style to the overall décor of a house. CenturyPly is also involved in many bedrooms, kitchen furniture, and even office decors. So, this is a good option to look into if you are searching for accessories to complete your home decor.

  1. Mangalam Timber Products Limited

Mangalam Timbers provides the best decorative wooden doors, and if you want to have a whole detailing of wardrobe, cupboards, kitchen shelves with it, you will get all of that here in one place. They follow a very elaborate strategy as they use plantation timber, waste wood, and agro wastes for production purposes. They have made their brand presence in different parts of our country, and possibly you will be able to find a showroom nearby in your city.

  1. Shree Balaji Wood Impex

Shree Balaji Wood Impex is an Indian wood company dealing with manufacturing and supplying readymade and stylish wooden doors in various parts of our country. Formed in 2011, they have a wide variety of readymade wooden doors and window frames. They are readily accessible in the market under the brand name of “GSM doors.” They have shown their concern towards nature by adopting eco-friendly production methodologies. And if you want some quality-assured durable doors and windows to match your style, this is your place to choose. And thus, we are keeping them at fourth position in our list.

  1. Pure wood Doors

Pure wood doors are at fifth position in our list as they have perfected themselves in creating luxurious custom-made wooden sets for their luxurious residential projects. Their innovative tailor-made doors make them stand out against their competitors. They have been making and exporting these doors since 1997 and have been sufficiently providing luxury homeowners with their befitting luxury doors, hence, matching their preferences.

  1. MiniMax plywood

MiniMax plywood is one of the leading wooden door manufacturers in India. They focus on meeting their customer’s needs and tastes. Their experts have a good understanding of different types of woods; thus, they use their expertise and help their clients understand what wood will suit their purpose. They provide customized designs and make sure they receive the best value for their money. Hence, they stand at the sixth position in this list, and you can try this company if you are looking for a sturdy and durable wooden door.

  1. Maxon doors

Maxon doors have been in this business since 2007. Their doors are manufactured and engineered professionally. They bring efficiency to their operations by using superior tools and machinery. They have shown various videos on their sites explaining how different layers are developed to make a strong wooden door in their plant. Their raw materials are gathered from durable conscious suppliers, which gives them a long-lasting life. These levels of perfection have resulted in gaining them many client recommendations, and different varieties are given to their clients to select from, which in return has enhanced their business.

  1. Supreme Industries

Supreme Industries, established as a sole proprietorship firm in the year 2000, is at eighth position in this Top 10 List. They produce various wooden materials such as veneer, wooden plywood, wooden door, etc. They promise to deliver a well infrastructural unit at reasonable rates and within the promised deadline. Their timeliness and responsiveness to their customers have made them a renowned name in the wood manufacturing industry in India.

  1. Mikasa Doors

Mikasa doors and frames offer a wide range of accessories and door frame types to its customers. Unlike the current method in which doors are installed early and suffer damages in the after stage of construction, their products are ready to install. Apart from doors, Mikasa provides surfacing material ranging across veneers, laminates, and paints. They design accessories to complement your doors and interior decor. Their quality designs give a competitive edge over other manufacturing companies, and hence they are at ninth position in this Top 10 list.

  1. Doormak

Doormak is a company headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They are a creative and elegant pioneer youth brand dealing in designer doors in India. They claim that every single unit produced by them goes through many tests before it reaches their customers. They adapt to changes in the trends, aim to satisfy their customer needs, and build simple yet elegant doors that match their customer’s demands. They use eco–friendly materials to make premium quality designs and have collaborated with many international businesses .to expand their business further.


We have listed the top 10 wooden door manufacturing companies in India that provides very classy, elegant, yet authentic door designs to their customers. People are becoming more and more aware, and this has made them extra cautious about their choices so, they have started focusing on buying doors that would complement their house’s décor. This rising demand has further made companies come up with innovative ideas and attract customers. So next time when you need a wooden door for your dream home, you can consider anyone the top 10 listed wooden door manufacturers in India.

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