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Top 10 Video Editing Apps in India | Best Editing Software

Top 10 Video Editing Apps in India | Best Editing Software: If you plan to make an awesome video for any purpose but lack technical expertise, don’t feel sad. Below we are providing the list of easy-to-use top 10 video editing apps in India, which will help you get your goal of making wonderful videos. So, let’s have a look.

Top 10 Video Editing Apps in India

  1. Vizmato

Vizmato is an app that an Indian company develops, and it is available on the Google Play store for free. It allows you to make videos with photos and music of your choice. You can choose photos, music transitions, and animations to make videos as you need. It is an easy-to-use app that helps you to make videos using your mobile phone only. So don’t restrict your creativity. Install now to make your first video.

  1. Photo Video Maker with Music

Photo Video Maker with Music is an app by SOTEC APPS. It offers video creation and editing. It enables the creation of videos and slideshows using photos and music. It offers numerous themes and visual and audio effects to enhance your video. It helps you to make professional videos at ease.  It is available for free and has a star rate of 4.4 on the Google Play store. You can start video making with these apps as it provides easy to use interface.

  1. Filmize

It is a free movie streaming app that allows independent filmmakers to show their talent by making videos. It is purely a legal platform that allows users. Filmmakers earn through advertisements that play between films when users watch. The app respects the independent filmmakers for their contribution. So, if you possess such a talent to make a movie or short story, it is an ideal choice for you. Make your story heard by making a film on it through Filmize.

  1. Merge Video Editor

At number 4 in the top 10 list, we have Merge Video Editor from AppzCloud Technologies. The app is an appropriate platform for beginners as it provides multiple features that make it very easy to create a video. It allows video creation in HD quality, merging, trimming, editing, background sound addition, and many more. Though, it has received a 2.9 rating on the Google Play store. Still, it offers many features and performs well. So, give it a try.

  1. Filmora Go

At number 5, we have the Filmore Go app, which provides basic video editing features such as trimming, merging, themes, music, etc. It also offers video reversibility and offers suitable support to make Instagram and YouTube videos. Apart from basic features, it offers visual effects such as slow-motion, transitions, etc. It enables you to create video from your photo while you can use editing, crop, rotate or merge the videos, and sound can be added. It works with Android and as well with iOS. This makes it a must-have who desire to create good videos for social media platforms.

  1. Quik

At number 6, we have Quik in our Top 10 list. It allows you to edit videos from any source. You can give transition, filters, music everything to your video through this app. It allows you to make a creative and unique video. Later, you can save videos in different formats like 1080p and 720p to share on social media. So make good videos at ease. You can use this app. It works with iOS and Android.

  1. Magisto

Magisto is a video editor and making an app that allows you to make entertaining videos in few simple steps. It works on iOS and Android platforms. You can make videos by making a great combination of video clips, photos, music, effect, etc. It provides multiple themes and video filters. It is based on Artificial Intelligence. The first step is to choose your video style, the type of video you want to make, then choose video elements you want to include in your video. Finally, select music from the app’s library that helps you to finalize your video. It enables video sharing on leading social media platforms such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is a professional video editing app that helps you to make your video like a pro. It has received 4.8-star ratings. It can be used by professionals like journalists, movie makers, video makers to make perfect videos. It enables to export of videos on YouTube directly.  It provides quality up to 4K ultra HD. Though it is not available for free, and also it does not support iCloud syncing. It is available for the iOS platform only. So, you have born little expense if you want to make a professional video.

  1. Video

Video is at number 9 in our top 10 list of video editing apps in India. It is a cloud-based collaborative app for editing and making videos. It provides its library offering commercially licensed music. It supports 4K resolution and provides 10 GB cloud storage. It comes in trial version as well as in premium version. The trial version offers basic features only, though if you want to avail all features, go for the premium version. The app has a 4.5-star rating.

  1. VivaVideo

It is a widely used app to edit videos. It is used especially to make short video clips for social media. It enables video cutting, editing, pasting, merging, trimming, etc. A wide variety of collage templates are available in the app. It provides multiple themes and around 200 video filters. However, its free version comes with a watermark and time limit for a video. The app only works on the Android platform, and to use all features, you have to buy its pro-version.

Concluding Thoughts

This article has provided you a list of the top 10 video editing apps in  India that helps you to make professional videos for multiple purposes, such as social media, professional or personal uses. All the above-discussed apps are providing good features, though few apps work best in paid advance versions. Still, you can use the good feature for free. So, next time you make a video, don’t forget to use these apps.


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