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Top 10 Richest Beggars In India | India’s Rich Beggars List

Top 10 Richest Beggars In India: Bharat Jain is the number 1 beggar in India who earns about 75000 Rupees monthly by begging and has bought a couple of properties and saved a lot of wealth for himself and his family. It sounds quite weird that a beggar can too get rich. Many people out there have a misconception that beggars beg only to survive with minimum living elements. But, especially in urban areas, most people who beg on the street are professional beggars. They make a lot of money and become wealthy by global standards.

Top 10 Richest Beggars In India

You usually imagine a beggar in untidy attires, homeless and starving on the street but let me say that this concept is totally wrong. India has no such law yet now, but many took this as their serious profession. And by this, they have earned quite a lot of money and property, which becomes really hard to believe. Here is the list of the Top 10 Richest beggars in India.

No 1. Bharat Jain

It is alluring to know that Bharat Jain is the richest beggar in India. Bharat Jain works in the Parel region of Mumbai. Even his name was nominated as the richest beggar in the world. His untidy looks and pale clothes might make you feel pity for him. After knowing his monthly earnings, the misconception you came across will break.

  • He is not the one who is starving for days; rather, he is the one who earns millions and makes INR 75,000 each month, a similar amount as a classified employee gets.
  • Bharat Jain earns up to INR 10,000 extra by putting up his property in rent. He is still now living happily with his wife and children.

No 2. Krishna Kumar Gite

Krishna Kumar Gite is not yet as wealthy as the first guy on our list of top 10 richest beggars in India. But he has grown to become the second richest man as a beggar. Also, it has been reported that he is passionate about what he does.

  • He is begging for alms in Mumbai’s Charni Road and earns up to rs 1500 per day.
  • Simultaneously he is the owner of a flat in Nala Sopara that is worth around INR 5 lakhs.
  • And something quite interesting to know that he hired his brother as his ‘account manager’ whom he gives legitimate salary.

No 3. Pappu Kumar

Pappu Kumar is the third richest beggar in India and one of the richest in the world. He mostly begs for alms in Patna’s rail platform and makes a lot of money. It’s hard to believe that he earns in crores that he has shown interest to lend the money to small traders. At his early age, he lost one of his legs due to a train accident which led him to beg at the starting and now it is insane even to think that he owns a property of ₹1.25 crores.

No 4. Sarvatia Devi

Here a female comes named Sarvatia Devi, who is regarded as the famous beggar in India. She makes money by begging for alms in the trains of Patna, where she stays. It has been reported that she earns up to INR 50,000 each month, which is a hell of a lot.

  • Even you might be surprised to know that she is smart enough and quite concerned about her security that she invested INR 36,000 per annum in insurance.
  • She wants to make sure that she won’t have to depend upon anyone else when she cannot beg.

No 5. Massu/ Malana Khan

Massu Khan became rich by begging. He is being called Malana Khan also. This 65-year-old man begs for alms mostly in Lokhandwala, around the exclusive restaurants that TV and film stars visit. He goes to the place he begs by his own auto, works for 7-8 hours, and then returns home by that auto only.

  • Even you will be surprised to know that he owns two 1BHK flats at Amboli in Andheri.
  • This guy earns around INR 2000 each day.
  • There are four people in his family (including him), wife, two sons, and daughters. He owns some properties that worths INR 30 lakh.
  • Massu is never dressed in haggard clothes. He has his own special way of living.

 No 6. Sambhaji Kale

A popular Beggar in India is Sambhaji Kale. He is mostly seen in the Khar region of Mumbai. According to several reports, he earns around 1 thousand to 1.5 thousand bucks a day.

  • He lives in his own flat in Virar in Mumbai with his family of four, of which he completely bears all the responsibilities.
  • Apart from that, he also owns two more houses and a plot.
  • He also invests in Real Estate, making him quite a professional and intelligent one in his field.

No 7. Lakshmi Das

Lakshmi Das is also regarded as one of the highest-paid beggars in India. She is Poliomyelitis-affected. She has been on the streets since she was a teenager, and now she earns a lot.

  • She earns around 30,000 a month.
  • She used to beg on the streets of Kolkata; now, she retired as being a beggar, surviving with the savings of estimated Lakhs of money which she made begging for about five decades.

No 8. Haji

Haji earns more or less INR 2000 per day, which is astonishing but even tends to increase in the festive seasons. His list of property includes his own house and a plot worth INR 15 lakhs. His family owns a small embroidery factory of ‘zari’ work that includes 15 regular workers of its own.

  • At this point, though his family tries to convince him not to beg anymore, he seems to be immensely attached to his career of begging and thus refuses every time to retire.

No 9. Rambai

Rambai can be seen begging in the streets of Andhra Pradesh. Her Financial wealth stayed unknown to everyone for a long time until an exciting event happened one day. She was begging in the streets as usual in her regular attire with a worn-out bundle-bag or ‘potli’ bag of normal saree. In the meantime, a thief suddenly snatched her bag and ran, which finally revealed her secret to everyone.

  • She started screaming for help, and the policemen around came to her rescue but catching the thief. The astonished policemen found a huge amount of around INR 80,000 inside her completely weary ‘potli,’ most of which was in coins.
  • She claimed to earn all of these by begging only. Later it was found out that she had got more money like that stored in her room.

No 10. Burju Chandra Azad

This man was also a resident of Mumbai, more specifically belonging to the Gowandi Gonthan area. Yes, he was because he is not alive anymore, yet he left such an enormous amount of money that it is nearly impossible to ignore him still as one of the richest beggars in India in 2021.

  • It is known that he started begging from a very little age and surprisingly never did any work other than begging in his entire life.
  • In 2019 he died of a train accident while begging, which led to the discovery of INR 1.5 lakh cash and fixed deposits worth INR 8.77 lakhs from his house when searched.


  1. Who is the richest beggar in India?

Ans: Bharat Jain is the richest beggar in India.

  1. Who is the No. 1 beggar in India?

Ans: Krishna Kumar Gite is the No.1 beggar in India.

  1. Who is the number one beggar?

Ans: Massu/Malana is the number one beggar.

  1. How much a beggar earns in India?

A beggar earns and half of the lakhs or less in India, but at least more than 10 thousand.

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