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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in India | Richest Developers

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in India | Richest Developers List: Buying a home is a dream of every household. But, there are multiple complexities associated with limited availability of finance, location, whom to trust, and the list goes on. So if you are an interested buyer to buy a home or commercial property, we are providing the list of the top 10 real estate companies in India. The companies listed below will help you to choose your property wisely.

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in India | Richest Developers List

  1. Delhi Land and Finance (DLF):

It is a commercial real estate development company established in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghavendra Singh, and its headquarter is in Haryana. The parent company of DLF Ltd. is Rajdhani Investments and Agencies Private Ltd. The company operates in real estate development. The activities include that is- planning, identification of land, execution, and construction of projects. The company also provides maintenance services, hospitality activities, retail chain outlets, generation of power, and Life Insurance. DLF has its unique business model.

  1. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.

This is another real estate company that comes at number 2 in our top 10 list of real estate companies in India. It was established in 1997; its operations cover Pune, Ahmadabad, Goa, and South India. Prestige Ltd. has completed a total of 212 real estate projects, and they also established a diversified portfolio that focuses on commercial, residential, hospitality projects of real estate businesses. Companies offer several services, such as property management services, fit-out services projects, construction management services, and many more. This business started with the partnership with late S. Razack Irfan, Sameera Noaman, and Rezwan Razack. In 1997, the company was registered as Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. So, it is a reputed name to think upon.

  1. India Bulls Real Estate Ltd.

India Bulls Real Estate Ltd. is another successful real estate company that comes in India’s topmost real estate companies. It is a leading player of real estate projects across residential and commercial. IREL was established in 2006, and its headquarters is in Chennai. It aims is to give luxury living spaces for its clients. The company is working to carry its operation of project advisory, project engineering, project maintenance, and other ancillary activities to another level. This company is focusing on expanding its operation into the international market as well.

  1. Oberoi Realty Ltd.

It is a Public Ltd. company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and incorporated in 1980. Vikas Oberoi is the chairman and director of the company, and they provide transparency and trustworthy services in the field of the real estate sector. Oberoi Realty Ltd. has its vision to “To create spaces that enhance the quality of life,” and for this, they are committed to ensuring that their services will positively impact the customers. Oberoi Realty Ltd. is renowned for innovation, integrity and transparency, honesty, and customer-oriented services. The company’s success is teamwork; they believe in a collectivist approach instead of individualism. Here all employees come together to achieve a common goal and help each other.

5.     Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

At number 5, we have Brigade Enterprise Ltd. It is another top-notch real estate company in India. It is the company of Brigade Group that came into existence in 1986, and its foundation was laid by M.R. Jaishankar. Brigade Enterprises Ltd. has it headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. It operates in the different cities of South India, which includes- Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mysore, Chikmagalur, and Dubai. Bridge Enterprise offers a wide array of services such as leisure and hospitality, education and hospitality, commercial offices, apartment, malls, and management services, etc. This company has won awards at the national and international level in the real estate industry for its services.

6.     Phoenix Mills Ltd.

Ramnarain Ruia founded Phoenix Mills Ltd. in 1905. Phoenix operates its operation in constructing a commercial property, residential property, hotels, malls, etc. They are giving services in the aspect of planning, implementing, analyzing, and effectively managing things. Phoenix has a total of 18 direct and 7 indirect subsidiaries with 5 associates. It has 8 retail assets in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai Lucknow, and Bareilly. Phoenix Mills Ltd. is composed to set many milestones by the expansion of plans and setting of several benchmarks year on year.

  1. Godrej Properties Ltd.

Godrej Properties Ltd. is one the leading real estate company originated by Ardeshir Godrej in 1990, and it occupies number 7 in our top 10 list. The company belongs to Godrej Group, and it focuses on developing commercial, residential, IT, and retails projects diagonally in cities like- Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Its operation focuses on commercial complexes, townships, business centers, office spaces, IT and Technology parks. Basically, their activities are related to the development of the commercial and residential real estate. It undertakes its projects through partnering with companies.

  1. Omaxe Ltd.

Omaxe Ltd. was incorporated in 1989, and Rohtas Goel founded it. It is a private real estate company that caters to homebuyers from middle- and lower-income groups and NRIs. The company has diversified its operation into several cities, including Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. The company is recognized for providing quality services. It understands the market dynamics, customer needs, and wants better, which gives them a competitive edge in the market. It has a total of 97 subsidiaries and 1 associate company with 2 joint ventures. Omaxe became the first company of North India, which received an ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.

  1. Vedanta Ltd.

Vedanta Ltd. is a diversified natural resources company that comes under the topmost category of India. It is a mining-based company founded by D.P Agarwal in the year of 1979. The mission of Vedanta Ltd is to “strive for a positive impact on the communities we operate in and leave a legacy of pride.” For this, they provide services to external and internal stakeholders as per their commitments. The company aims to learn, develop and endeavor to improve its operations constantly. Vedanta Ltd. has it headquarter in Mumbai, and it operates across India, Namibia, South Africa, Australia, and Ireland. The company’s working philosophy focuses on lead, zinc, copper, aluminum, iron ore, oil, gas, and commercial power.

  1. Sunteck Realty Ltd.

At number 10, we have Sunteck Realty Ltd. Mr. Kamal Khetan set it up in 1981. Piramal group and WJ Towell Group have their stake in the company. It is based in Mumbai and offers high-end luxury residential properties. It is well known for its unique property designs in Mumbai. So, if you are looking to buy your dream home in the film city, Sunteck is the name you can bank upon.


Property rates are on the continuous rise in India. Buying the right property is a daunting task. Therefore, if you plan to buy your dream home or commercial property for your business, the above list is of great help to you.  This is the list of the top 10 real estate companies in India that made you familiar with the top-notch companies in India. So, you can consider these companies to buy a property. Be wise and careful before you make any purchase of the property.

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