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Top 10 Places In India That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Top 10 Places In India: Aksai Chin, located in Ladakh, is the top place in India that you are not allowed to visit is the line of the Chinese Border and the Jammu and Kashmir. Almost all of us are fond of traveling and exploring new places, for this purpose we tend to plan our trips well in advance to explore a new place in each trip is our main motive while traveling but are you aware that there are certain places where you are not allowed to visit, yes you heard it right! These places are full of life, beauty and are mesmerizing but still either due to natural or human reasons you cannot visit them. 

Top 10 Places In India That You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Visiting a place with a big dagger on your head sounds weird and gross, but it is the truth. The top 10 places in India that you are not allowed to visit are nothing less than the above-listed situation. Suppose you are brainy, then never choose to visit these places. Mentioning these places is only for your awareness purposes rest everything depends on you; also, we are not trying to degrade the tourism of any place.

No 1. Aksai Chin

Location: Ladakh

Aksai Chin is a beautiful and forbidden place in Ladakh, India. It is a line that is considered a ceasefire one and parts the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese border. Everyone knows that Kashmir has an abundance of scenic beauty so is the Aksai Chin, but unfortunately, you are not allowed to visit it as it tops the top 10 places in India that you are not allowed to visit list.

  • Aksai Chin is not said to entertain visitors or tourists because it is quite dangerous, and the Line of Actual control also passes from this place.
  • The popular Pangong Tso Lake is located near this place.

No 2. Silent Valley National Park

Location: Kerala

The Silent Valley National Park was not at all forbidden earlier. Still, today tourists are not suggested to visit this place because of many Maoist attacks in the national park area. This place has always been of the top places in the green lands of Kerala to visit, but unfortunately, now it is not safe to visit Silent Valley.

  • This place looks nothing less than heaven on earth; you can adore it by viewing pictures of this place now.
  • Definitely, you are going to find the Silent Valley National Park amazing.

No 3. Chambal River Basin

Location: Chambal

Chambal River Basin has always portrayed stunning scenic beauty views to tourists. Chambal remains the most preferred location in summers, but the Chambal River Basin is forbidden from travelers. The major reason behind not allowing people at this beautiful and mesmerizing river basin is that the falling incidents increased day by day.

  • Almost every day numerous falling numbers were recorded in the Chambal River Basin. Hence, the authorities decided not to entertain people at this basin because it has proved to be life-threatening for several people in the past as well.
  • This iconic place has also been featured in some Bollywood movies.

No 4. Manas National Park

Location: Assam

No one had ever imagined that the terrorists would start exploiting the habitats of animals as well; in the year 2011, they proved their brutality by doing so in the Manas National Park. In 2011 a suspicious incident took place, 6 officials of the WWF got kidnapped from this national park, and the suspects were people from the Bodo.

  • Despite all the chaos caused by the terrorists in this national park, the government is still trying to promote tourism. However, many people still consider this place a life-threatening one, so you cannot visit this national park.

No 5. Tura

Location: Meghalaya

Each of us is aware of the landscapes, gushing waterfalls, vibrant people, tribes, beautiful limestone caves, and a lot more in Meghalaya, but sadly this beautiful place from the past few years has been under regular terrorist attacks. Tura has been the most affected town by terrorism in the entire Meghalayan region. This place has always been on the radar of evil-minded terrorists.

  • Many notorious terrorism-related activities have taken place in this region, so today, it is regarded as the dangerous one for travelers.
  • No pictures of Tura are enough to do justice with its beauty; always, this place will be counted among the beautiful ones in India. It is the most prohibited zone in the east of India.

No 6. Haflong

Location: Assam

Assam is said to be a divine place in scenic beauty; it also witnesses lakhs of visitors each year. This tourist preferred place has been the preferable place by a lot of terrorist gangs as well. Haflong, for quite a long time, is experiencing hindrance in its tourism because of terrorist camps in the Haflong region. The people of Assam state that these terrorist acts in their homeland have affected their sources of income a lot as many of them completely were dependent on tourism as a source of income. 

  • Believe us; this place is spellbinding in terms of beauty; the views are magnificent here.
  • I hope these all activities end soon in this place and you get a chance to witness this place full of serenity.

No 7. Bastar

Location: Chattisgarh

Bastar is a great choice for exploring beautiful landscapes in Chhattisgarh, India. This place these days is not popular because of its tourist-friendly places but is, in fact, popular because of Naxalite activities being practiced there. A Naxalite group, “Rampant,” is behind the nuisance created at this place.

  • Today this place has fallen in the red corridor of India completely. Earlier it used to be a hub for enchanting beauty and views.
  • Also, all these activities in Bastar will not end soon, so that’s why it is not allowed a place to visit in India.

No 8. Phulbani

Location: Odisha

Phulbani is not a popular place, but those who have witnessed its beauty have fallen in love with it. This iconic place full of lush green landscapes and waterfalls is situated in Odisha, about 200 km away from Bhubaneswar.

  • This place is affected to a great extent by Maoists, and that’s why it has fallen in the red corridor category of India.
  • We wish that soon eradication of terrorism takes place in Phulbani and we get a chance to witness the amazing waterfalls.

No 9. Nicobar Islands

Location: Nicobar

Many of you might have witnessed the Andaman Islands and their beauty, but unfortunately, the Nicobar Islands are away from tourists because of the guidelines by the government. This place has beautiful green grasslands and soothing beaches, but no common people are entertained in its premises without any pass.

  • In fact, the tribal belts are completely restricted.
  • Only researchers are allowed to enter them for their research purposes.

10. Barren Islands (Top 10 Places In India That You Are Not Allowed To Visit)

Location: Andaman and Nicobar

Barren Islands are forbidden because of a natural cause; this place has the only active volcano in India, so it cannot visit it as the volcano can explode without any warning signs. All the time, smoking hot red lava can be seen coming out of this volcano.

  • Some people take special permission to see this volcano from a distance with the help of a ship, but no one to date is granted permission to visit the hills because of safety measures to be followed.
  • The view, even from far off, is wonderful and soothing.


1. Where are Indians not allowed in India?

There are a lot of places in India where Indians are not allowed. All the places mentioned above do not allow Indians to visit.

2. What is the most dangerous place in India?

Bastar is the most dangerous place to visit in India.

3. Which place is not allowed to visit in India?

Life-threatening places are not allowed to visit in India.

4. Which is the least visited place in India?

Padum, which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir, is the least visited place in India.

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