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Top 10 Moral Stories In Hindi | You Should Teach Your Child

Top 10 Moral Stories In Hindi: A moral is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event. The moral may be left to the hearer, reader, or viewer to determine themselves or may be explicitly encapsulated in a maxim. A moral is a lesson in a story or real life. The use of stock characters conveys the moral of the story by eliminating the complexity of personality and depicting the issues arising in the interplay between the characters, enabling the writer to generate a clear message.

Top 10 Moral Stories In Hindi

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 moral stories in Hindi. We have categorized these stories based on their moral, story, and many more details in this list. So let’s start the list of the top 10 Moral Stories In Hindi. Tortoise and the hare are ranked in the first position in the top 10 Moral Stories list in Hindi.

No.1 Tortoise And The Hare

In this story, a Race schedule only after one hour. Remember, brother; I have complete preparation. Race started! The tortoise is far behind, eh … let me rest a little. The cold air causes the rabbit to sleep, and the turtle wins the race. This time it was a hoax. Let’s run once again and see who wins. Let’s all be well. Let’s run once again. Now let’s run to the lion’s den. This time the rabbit makes no mistake in the race and wins the race. Saw the turtle, made the rabbit dance, it got messed up. Once you win and once I, out of two, let’s go one more time. Right now, it will be final, okay. The turtle crossed the river again, reached the rabbit, and said, Look, brother, you are running fast and slowly. I won one race and one you.

Moral- Slow, And Steady Wins The Race

No.2 Now You Count Stones

In this story, a rich man lived in a village. He was very stingy. He had many gold coins. He placed gold coins in a coin and buried it in the backyard. Every day at midnight, the miser used to wake up and go to the backyard to see if the gold coins were safe. Come. Let’s see if my gold coins are safe or not. One. Two. Three. Four five. Six. And in 1000. He would wake up every day at midnight and count the gold coins. This was the miser’s routine. Come. Let’s see. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And in 1000. Both are of no use. I understand what you are saying. – Yes. There should not be only wealth. – Yes. The gold coins that I had… could be used to provide education to your son and all the children of the village. Yes. – I have realized my mistake. And I have also been punished. I will not repeat this mistake. I will not do it.

Moral- excessive greed is harmful.

No.3 Whose stick is his Buffalo.

There used to be a milkman in a village. He had a lot of buffalo. He used to take great care of his buffalo. He used to sell his milk in different villages. He was sincere. He never associated milk with water like other milkmen. Hence the villagers preferred to buy milk from him. Their number of customers increased manifold. He started running low on milk. As soon as the milkman got the stick, the milkman threatened him with the stick and said. Give me my buffalo, or ill break your head with this stick. The thief realized his stupidity. Here is your buffalo. I was hoping you could give me your stick back. Let’s get lost from here, or ill beat you up badly with this stick and take you to the police station. The thief got scared and ran away. The milkman happily returned home with a buffalo.

Moral- You can be powerful if you act cleverly.

No.4 Laughing is Not Allowed

Shanti and Arun were good friends. They had a lot of fun together. They shared secrets in class. They had a lot of fun together. They shared secrets in class. They ran on the way home. She was always cheerful. One day, Shanti slowly came to class. His head was folded. She looked sad. Did anyone scold you? Asked Arun. Shanti shook her head. Shanti shook her head. Shanti saw something flying towards her, and he caught her. It was a big, green, rubber frog! It was a big, green, rubber frog! Shanti’s eyes were wide open. Then he opened his mouth to laugh. Then he opened his mouth to laugh. Arun and his friends saw why he didn’t smile or talk all day! Four of his front teeth had gone missing!

Moral- Laughing is good.

No.5 Habshi Gulam

In this story, there Was once a black slave. And his boss was ruthless. He would treat that save the animals worse. That black slave escaped escaping the clutches of such a cruel master. If I stay in this city, I will catch it again. Thinking so, he ran into the forest. While walking in the forest, he hears the roar of a lion. He got scared. And he hid behind a tree. Hey, God! That lion is roaring. And he is getting closer. What do I do now? Is done for. This lion appears to be seriously injured.

Moral- We should always help those who need it.

No.6 Golden Egg

Once a day, a farmer buys a chicken. The next day he noticed that hen gave a golden egg. The farmer was too happy. And it continuous for the next one week. At last, greediness appeared in the farmer’s mind, and he thinks that if he cuts the hen, he will get all the golden egg at once and sell it at a higher price. And the next day, he did the same. He killed the chicken, but he didn’t get anything from the hen’s stomach. After that, the farmer cried so much as his greediness killed his golden hen.

Moral- Greediness is not good

No.7 Paving Stone And Responsibility

There was a king. He was knowledgeable and clever. One day he wanted to test whether his subjects were responsible. He woke up early in the morning, donated grain, and went to the village. He picked up a big stone from the path and placed it in the center of the road. And he placed a letter under it. He wrote in the letter. As a responsible citizen, you have fulfilled your duty. This is the award.
Moral- words are not enough.

No.8 Sheik Chilli’s Dream

Sheikh Chilli’s dream (Sheikh Chilli’s dream). There lived a boy named Sheikh Chilli in a village. He always dreamed a lot. It was his habit to get lost in his dreams and forget his job. His mother always tried to replace him. You always sit here and dream all day. But, it would help if you worked hard to fulfill those dreams. If someone helps me, I will give that person four eggs from my basket. Only four eggs? I can work for you, but I want six eggs. No brother. I can not give you six eggs. You can have up to five eggs. But, you must keep the eggs carefully. Do not break any eggs—don’t worry. Go ahead, I’ll follow you.

Moral- We must work hard to make our dreams come true.

No.9 Punishment Of Extreme Greed

There was a big forest. There were green trees in the forest. Pigeons lived on those trees. He used to play on trees all the time. They wanted any fruit they wanted. This was his routine. One day, a zoo came to the forest to catch pigeons. He laid a trap in one place, which he saw. He spread the grain in that area. Pigeons got trapped due to grain. He started eating those grains.  Seeing the bird trapped in the net, Paripal left from there. And left with the bird. The trapped pigeon sang a song as he was carried away. Beware. Beware. Be careful when the birdchacker arrives. Please do not get stuck like me. Do not lose your life. Beware. Do not lose your life.

Moral- Greed has serious consequences.

No.10 Snake And Rat

A snake caught a snake And imprisoned in a basket of bayonets, And then even caught a mouse these. Rat is good food for my snake, And I put it in the snake basket. As the snake inside the basket caught the rat, The mouse said, Hey snake brother, don’t kill me. Suppose you don’t kill me. So I can free you from this prison. That is why the whole drama of friendship. Come was pretending to befriend to save my life. Friendship can always be equal. Where are you so strong and where so weak! We can never be friends. Forgive me, Baba! This is very sensible. Bluff it. I need to find my food somewhere else.

Moral- Friendship should always be made with equal people

Final Thought

Based on research, here is the list of the top 10 moral stories in Hindi. We have categorized these stories based on their moral, story, and many more details in this list.

Please stay connected with us for further updates. We will be keeping you updated from time to time.

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