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Top 10 Gurudwara in World | The World’s Best Gurudwara’s

Top 10 Gurudwara in World: A Gurudwara is a place of assembly and worship for Sikhs. People from all faiths are welcomed in gurudwaras. The main features of the gurudwara are, there are four entrance doors to show everyone is welcome, regardless of status, occupation, gender, religion, or wealth. The divan is the main prayer hall. The khanda symbolizes the Sikh faith that attained its current form around the 1930s during the Ghadar movement. Visitors of any background can seek shelter, comfort, and food through the institution of langar, a free community kitchen open to all.

Top 10 Gurudwara in the world

In this article, we are going to discuss the top Gurudwara in the world. The features of these gurudwaras are these public spaces, the presence of the holy book and eternal Sikh guru, the grant sahib, and the provision of the daily service. Here below is the list of top Gurudwara’s in the world.

No.1 Shri Darbar Sahib

It is also called Harmandir Sahib, acted which is popularly known as the Golden Temple. This gurudwara is located in Amritsar. There are four entry gates to Golden Temple, which depicts that all religions and people are welcome to the gurudwara. It was covered by gold by the orders of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century. Guru Arjan Dev Ji, architecture this gurudwara and its work were completed in 1601 AD. It’s all made of 24-Karat gold, much purer than the 22-Karat gold present in Indian households today.

No.2 Guru Nanak Darbar

It is located in Dubai. It is the biggest Gurudwara in Gulf Religion. It is built with Italian marble and hoses a five-star kitchen in it. This Gurudwara was opened on 17 January 2012. It is the second Gurudwara in Gravesend after Guru Ravidas Temple Brandon Street, after the Clarence place gurudwara, formerly a church. This complex has three prayer rooms and two langar halls. There is a building used for Punjabi lessons called Punjabi school. The UEFA President presented this at UEFA’s headquarters in Switzerland.

No.3 Sikh Temple Makindu, Makindu

It is located about 104 miles(170 km) from Nairobi to Mombasa road. In 1926, the Sikhs were working on constructing the Uganda railway line from the coast (Mombasa) inland to Lake Victoria and beyond to Uganda. All types of people visit the gurudwara every day, and it is a ‘must-see’ gurdwara for any Sikh traveling to Kenya and East Africa. The gurdwara complex is huge, spanning an estimated 5000 square meters, and has a facility for langar around the clock and living accommodation for travelers.

No. 4 Sri Guru Singh Gurudwara

It is located in Parklea, Sydney. It is a minority religion followed by 0.5% of the population in Australia. It is the fastest-growing religion in Australia since 2011. The Sikhs form one of the largest subgroups of Indian Australians, with 125000 adherents according to the 2016 census. Punjabi is the most common language in Australia. It also provides a facility of langar and accommodation for the people.

No.5 Arizona Sikh Gurudwara

Sikh religion society of Arizona is a non-profit organization that is working actively for the Sikh community in Arizona. The society is involved in many local projects for the benefit of the Sikh community. In November of 1996, it started working diligently towards the establishment of a new Gurudwara in Phoenix. A suitable location was purchased in the middle of town at 1129 E Sheridan Stree, Phoenix, Arizona, and gurudwara was founded in 1999. The services are regularly held on every Sunday at the Gurudwara.

No.6 Cambridge Gurudwara

The Cambridge Sikh Society (CSS), a registered charity since 1982, had been actively serving the local Sikhs community in Cambridge and its surrounding area for over 25 years. Among its main activities was a regularly month Divan, held on the last Sunday of each calendar month. The local Sikh Sangeet meets to receive our guru Ji’s blessings, participate and share our community Langar and address the local Sikh Community’s basic needs. However, with the growth of the population of Sikhs in Cambridgeshire attracted by its splendid historical city.

No.7 Gurudwara Karte Parwan , Kabul

It is located in Kabul, Afghanistan is one of the main gurudwaras in the region. Gurudwara means the Gateway to the Guru and is a place of worship for Sikhs. There were thousands of Sikhs living in Kabul before the Soviet-Afghan War and the Afghan Civil War (1992-1996). Many of them fled among the Afghan refugees in the 1980s and 1990s to India and neighboring Pakistan. After the American military involvement and the removal of the Taliban regime in late 2001. The road outside the gurudwara was widened before 2009, and the two rows of buildings and the courtyard of the Gurudwara have been reduced in size.

No.8 Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Bangkok (Top 10 Gurudwara in World)

This is considered the second-biggest Sikh temple outside India, and its construction is said to have cost 100 million baht. Indeed, so simply elegant is this marble structure with its golden dome that this price may very well be correct. When the Sikhs breakfast at the temple, non-Sikhs visitors may also sit down and eat with them- as is the case in all Sikh temples. Run under the auspices of the THAI SIKH ORGANISATION. Functions held daily also houses medical facilities, schools, and various other Sikh organizations. This Gurudwara is a must for Sikh visitors in Bangkok; there about 26 other Gurudwaras in Thailand, although the Sikh Thai only records about 17.

No.9 Yishun Gurudwara (Top 10 Gurudwara in World)

The Gurudwara Sahib Yishun, which opened on 27 August 1995, traces its origins to two gurudwaras located in Singapore north which merged the land on which they stood was acquired for redevelopment. The two were the Gurudwara Sahib Guru Khalsa Sabha Sembawang and the Gurudwara Sahib Jalan Kayu, both connected with the British military’s establishment in the 1930s. The Gurudwara Sahib Jalan Kayu was set up in the village just outside the airbase after the war in 1947 when the police force was disbanded.

No.10 Gurudwara Nanak Shahi (Top 10 Gurudwara in World)

It is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is located at the University of Dhaka campus and is considered the biggest of the 9 to 10 Gurudwaras in the Country. It commemorates the visit of Guru Nanak (1506-1507). It is said to have been built in 1830. The present building of the gurudwara was renovated in 1988-1989. The parkarma verandah had been constructed on all four sides of the original building to provide protection.

FAQ~(Frequently Asked Question) Top 10 Gurudwara in the world

Q- Is photography allowed in Gurudwara?

A-  There is no photography allowed inside the gurudwara.

Q- What are the rules when visiting a gurudwara?

A- All visitors to the gurudwara should remove their shoes and cover their shoes and cover their heads before entering the main hall. It is forbidden to smoke or take tobacco onto the premises, and visitors cannot enter the Gurudwara while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Q- Can we go to Gurudwara in periods?

A-One of the most important regulations is that a woman is not allowed to attend temple while menstruating.

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