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Top 10 Used Car Dealers In India | Second Hand Car Dealer

Top 10 Used Car Dealers In India | Second Hand Car Dealer: Used cars in India are a lot more popular now than ever before. Not everyone can buy a new car, so they are left with the option of used cars. The used car market in India is as large as the new car market. Nowadays people think to buy a used car among any category as it comes in 40-60% lower price than new. Now the question always comes to our mind that where to buy certified used cars? There is no need to get in confusion; here, we provide you the list of the top 10 used car dealers in India.

Top 10 Used Car Dealers In India | Second Hand Car Dealers

  1. Cars 24

In our list, Cars, 24 is on 1st rank. It was founded in 2015. Founders of Cars24 are Vikram Chopra, Gajendra Jangid, and Ruchit Agarwal. It has its branches in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, and many more; currently, it has 202 branches across 73 cities in India.  It provides an online auction platform to businesses looking to sell their pre-owned cars. In 2019 company started providing certified used cars. The company offers a buyback guarantee on the vehicles verified by inspection. The company has tie-up with more than 10,000 channel partners across 230 cities in India. The company offers inspection services for its customer at their door location. The company offers all types of cars, including Luxury, Sports, and low-segment cars. All the pre-owned car brands offered to the customers are Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Mahindra, and many more. The company provides the facility to sell your car in 3 easy steps: first Online Evaluation, second Car Inspection, and last Sell at Best Price. This process takes hardly one hour to execute. The company does free RC transfers and instant payment.

  1. Big Boy Toyz

BBT was started in 2009 as a benchmark model for Pre-owned cars situated in Gurgaon, Haryana. The mission of BBT is straightforward to deliver a new dimension of luxury while standardizing and raising the used car market in India. A primary aim is to deliver excellence to its customers. BBT offers more than 30 cars in its showroom and has the rarest of the rare car in India. It has its branches in Hyderabad and Mumbai. BBT only deals in super luxurious premium cars. Used car brands offered are Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, and many more. More than 7600 happy customers are being linked to BBT. The official website of the showroom provides a virtual 360-degree angle experience of the stock parked in the showroom.

  1. Car Dekho

In our list Car, Dekho is in 3rd rank. This company was established in 2008; it is one of the oldest car dealers in India. This company was set up by young and enthusiastic IIT graduates. Investors of this company are Ratan Tata, Hillhouse Capital, HDFC Bank, Times Internet, and Google capital. The company has many branches in India, including Noida, New Delhi, Kolkata, etc. It is one of India’s leading car dealers that helps customers buy a car that is best for them. This company has its website and app, which shares rich automotive content like detailed specs and prices, customer reviews, videos, and pictures of the cars. The company has tie-up with many various auto manufactures, more than 4000 car dealers, and various financial institutions to facilitate the purchase of vehicles. Car Dekho offers exciting features which show the 360-degree angle of the car on the dealers’ website. The company’s vision is to make a complete ecosystem for car manufacturers, dealers and customers so that customers can have a good buying or selling experience.

  1. Rally Motors

In our list, Rally Motors is in 4th rank. It is located in New Delhi. Directors of Rally Motors are Dalbir Singh and Ronak Singh. It is a one-stop-shop to buy and sell premium pre-owned cars with all the relevant information on pricing, financing, insurance, and vehicle valuation. It guarantees cars of Impeccable condition, best value and peace of mind to its customers. Rally Motors deal in all varieties of pre-owned cars, including luxury, sports, and low segment cars, brands that are being offered are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, and many more. Reasons to choose Rally Motors are Hassle-free deals, Certified cars, Transparency, and pre-approval of loans.

  1. Autobest Emperio (ABE)

In our list, Autobest Emperio is in 5th rank. The directors of ABE are two brothers Hunny and Sunny. There both passions for cars converted into the family business. It is located in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. ABE aims to provide Non-Accidental, No Odometer Tampered, and Well-Maintained cars. The ABE doesn’t have any hidden cost, and it doesn’t charge any processing fees. The mission of ABE is to be the best in every area of their business. ABE only deals in luxury premium cars. The Unique Selling Proposition of the company is to provide well-maintained and less driven cars to its customers. All the pre-owned car brands are being offered to the customers, including Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper, Range Rover, and many more. The customer’s review of ABE is very satisfying.


  1. The Car Mall

In our list, The Car Mall, Delhi is in 6th rank. It is located in Old Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi. It is a one-stop to buy pre-owned Luxury & Exotic cars that suit your lifestyle. TCM Delhi only deals in Luxury Premium Cars starting from 10-12 lakhs. More than 30-40 cars are always in stock of TCM Delhi. All the pre-owned car brands are being offered to the customers, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Mini Cooper, and many more. TCM Delhi offers the facility to their customers to get the best resale value of their luxury cars. TCM Delhi aims to gain a good customer experience and provide the best to best deals to their customers. TCM Delhi also provides the Finance option to pay in EMIS.


  1. Spinny Car Hub, Gurgaon

In our list, Spinny Car Hub is in 7th rank. It is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. It was started in June 2015. It provides you the facility to take a test drive of a car at your home online payment and doorstep delivery. It offers a variety of cars, including luxury, sports, and regular cars. It always has more than 100 excellent cars in its stock at any time. It is definitely one of the top 10 car dealers in India. It also provides Money-Back Guarantee and a free warranty with every car. Facilities that Spinny Car Hub provides are that you can get your car evaluation done on your doorstep, sell your car, and get the payment instantly transferred. Brands that are being provided are Honda, Mahindra, BMW, Mercedes, Skoda, and many more. Spinny wheels aim to provide a good car at a reasonable price to its customer.

  1. Car, Naraina

In our list Mr. Car, Naraina is in 8th rank. It was established in 2010, situated in Naraina, New Delhi. It has more than 10 years in the automobile industry and had spent significant time giving the best autos at the most moderate costs. The motto of Mr. Car Naraina is “Cars are not just Business, they are just Souls.” Mr. Car is an initiative by Mr. Mukesh Chona with a vision to develop one of the largest independent multi-brand automobile sales and service networks. The aim is to gain ultimate customer satisfaction and excellence in service. Mr. Car offers facilities to buy and sell all variety of cars, exchange facilities, and arrange financing facilities to the customers. All the pre-owned car brands are being offered to the customers like Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper, Range Rover, Honda, TATA, and many more.

  1. Luxury Ride

In our list, Luxury Ride is in 9th rank. It was established in 2012, giving you a final destination for the foremost exclusive and fascinating luxury cars. The clear and cut philosophy of Luxury Ride is to deliver the very best quality vehicles at the best competitive cost. Luxury Ride offers you the best-in-class friendly sales promotion team, which will provide you the best service. Luxury ride only deals in premium luxury cars. Brands offered in Luxury Ride are BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, and many more. It provides 15 days Money Back Guarantee, Easy Finance & Insurance, and 6 months Engine& Gearbox Warranty with every car.

  1. Turbo Toyz

In our list, Turbo Toys is in 10th rank. It was started in 2004, owner of Turbo Toys is Jasmeet Singh. Customer satisfaction, transparency, and trust is their main objective. It is one of the showrooms offering more than 100 cars stock at the time. It deals in luxury and low segment cars; brands are being offered are Maruti, Mahindra, Honda, Hyundai, and many more. Usually, cars price starts from 1 lakh.


We tried our best to provide you the Top 10 used car dealers in India. The above list ranking is being made upon the facilities, well-maintained cars, prices that the car dealers offer. This list will help you choose the best nearest dealer to purchase a good and certified used car.

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