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Top 10 Electric Scooters In India | Price | Features

Top 10 Electric Scooters In India: Since petrol prices are at an all-time high, more and more people are shifting towards alternate means of transport. Some have opted for public transport while others are shifting towards alternative resources of fuel.

Currently, a majority of people are opting to use electric scooters for their day-to-day commute. These scooters have a very less carbon footprint. Also, they have very little to no maintenance cost. Also, the prices of all Vehicles are Ex-showroom. So let’s take a look at some of the best electric scooters you can buy in India.

Top 10 Electric Scooters In India

No 1. Ather 450 ( Price INR 1,08,847)

There is no disputing the fact that Ather is India’s best electric scooter. Since the Ather 450 has a plethora of features and was entirely researched and produced in India, it is a significant move toward India being self-sufficient.

It’s constructed with an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame and durable plastic panels to save still more weight. The Ather 450 weighs just 111 kilograms, making it similar to its gasoline-powered counterparts.


  • Electric motor with 5400 Watts maximum output.
  • Three riding modes (Eco, Ride, and Sport).
  • 55 – 75 KM range depending on riding mode.
  • 7-inch full-touch instrument panel.
  • Google Navigation, Calls, Messages support.

No 2. Ather 450X (Price INR 1,48,754)

The popular electric scooter in India, Ather 450X, is a sportier variant of the Ather 450, which the Bangalore-based start-up unveiled. The 450X has a significantly bigger battery pack, which increases the real-world range by 10 kilometers to 85 kilometers, which is a significant improvement.

The 450X drops around 3 kg in weight, weighing in at 108 kg, similar to other 110cc petrol scooters. The engine capacity has been increased from 5400 Watts in the standard 450 to 6000 Watts.


  • Electric motor with 6000 Watts maximum output.
  • Three riding modes (Eco, Ride, and Sport).
  • 60 – 85 KM range depending on riding mode.
  • 7-inch full-touch instrument panel.
  • Google Navigation, Calls, Messages support.

No 3. Bajaj Chetak (Price INR 1,15,000)

The age-old Chetak name has been brought back to life by the Pune-based manufacturer in an electric scooter.

It is completely paired with a round, fully digital instrument cluster that provides you with most of the details you need. There is a smartphone app that allows you to stay connected to your electric scooter at all times. The Chetak electric is powered by a 3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a real-world range of 85 to 95 kilometers on a maximum charge.


  • Full Digital instrument console with smartphone connectivity.
  • Electric motor with a maximum output of 4080 Watts.
  • 85-95 KM range depending on riding style.
  • Its battery pack has a warranty of 3 years or 50,000 km.
  • IP67 rated water-resistant battery pack.

No 4. TVS iQube (Price INR 1,15,000)

The Chennai-based manufacturer’s only electric vehicle is the TVS iQube. TVS installed a huge 4.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is water and dust resistant to IP67 standards. The electric scooter operates for around 75 kilometers in Eco mode before requiring you to refuel the tank.

With a maximum power of 4400 Watts, the motor is also very efficient. The maximum speed is 78 kilometers per hour, which is appropriate for city commuting.


  • Fully digital instrument cluster with color.
  • Xconnect subscription service.
  • 4400 Watts maximum output motor.
  • IP67 and dust-resistant battery pack.
  • 75 km maximum range.

No 5. Okinawa iPraise (Price INR 1,23,000)

Praise electric scooters were formerly available on Okinawa, but antiquated lead-acid batteries powered them. A lithium-ion battery pack with a large capacity is now available. With a battery power of 3.3 kWh, the Eco-mode has a range of approximately 140 kilometers and has been evaluated in real-world traffic environments.

Okinawa has now launched a mobile app that provides vehicle statistics, alarms, over-speed alerts, trip information, repair updates, immobilizer, and other features.


  • Unbeatable range of 140 km.
  • Maximum output of 2500 Watts.
  • Mobile app connectivity with a new host of features.
  • Top speed of 58 kmph.
  • Removable battery pack for better convenience.

No 6. Hero Photon (Price INR 84,990)

Hero Photon is developed by Hero Electric which is a sister brand of Hero MotorCorp.The Hero Electric Photon is the company’s signature model, with a good range and speed thanks to a dual battery setup.

When it comes to the design of the Photon electric scooter, it is clear that the company is working on an outdated platform that does not match the offerings from Ather, Bajaj, and TVs. Hero Electric is the only company that does not have LED lighting in its electric scooters, despite its absolute necessity.


  • 87 kg total weight.
  • 110 km total range.
  • Dual battery setup.
  • 45 kmph maximum speed.
  • 3-year warranty on the battery.

No 7. Hero Optima ER (Price INR 74, 990)

Hero Optima ER is another product on our list of the best electric bikes and scooters in India. The suffix ER stands for Extended Range since the Optima ER comes with two battery packs double the electric scooter’s range.

In the Optima ER, a dual lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 2.7 kWh is included. The Optima ER has a maximum speed of 40 kmph, which is appropriate for rural areas.


  • 110 KM maximum range.
  • Dual removable battery pack.
  • Top speed of 40 kmph.
  • Affordable price.
  • Better service and aftersales network.

No 8. Ampere Magnus Pro (Price INR 73, 990)

Greaves came up with the idea for Ampere, an electric scooter brand in India. Ampere’s main model, the Ampere Magnus Pro, is aimed at tier 2 cities and the rural sector.

Ampere has the smallest battery pack in this list of the best electric scooters in India, with a 1.8 kWh battery pack. The battery pack requires around 5 to 6 hours to charge fully, and there is no choice for quick charging.


  • 3-year warranty with the ability to extend another 2 years.
  • 75-85 KM range.
  • India-specific robust build quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight.

No 9. Ampere Zeal (Price INR 68, 799)

The Zeal is a lightweight electric scooter that places a premium on durability since it is not one of the few with a maximum speed of just 25 kmph for the sake of range. Zeal is just 78 kilograms in weight, making it ideal for individuals with small illnesses, older citizens, and college students.

Ampere, like Magnus Pro, offers a 3-year guarantee on the Zeal up to 20,000 kilometers, with the ability to expand the warranty for another two years.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • 85-95 KM range.
  • Safe speed of 25 kmph.
  • Extended warranty facility.
  • Affordable price.

No 10. PURE EV ETrance (Price INR 51, 999)

The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad has incubated PURE EV, an electric vehicle start-up. The PURE EV ETrance is India’s first unisex electric scooter, designed for women of all ages, including teens.

It is designed for city commuting and has a fast pick-up for squeezing through traffic. PURE EV ETrance has a 3 Years / 24000 km Performance guaranty and a 1-year guaranty on the motor.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • 70 KM range.
  • 35 kmph top speed.

Wrapping Up (Top 10 Electric Scooters In India)

This completes our list of Top 10 Electric Scooters In India. The electric scooter market is booming rapidly, and more and more people are going towards electric vehicles. Our list will help you select the best scooter for your use.


  1. Which Electric scooter is the best?
  • In India, Ather 450 is the best value-for-money electric scooter.

2. Which is the best electric scooter in 2021?

  • The latest Ather 450X is the best electric scooter money can buy in India.

3. Are electric scooters legal in India?

  • Yes, high-power scooters are legal in India.

4. Are electric scooters safe?

  •   Yes, electric scooters are safe in India, as they use sealed lithium-ion battery packs which are water-resistant.

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