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Top 10 Construction Companies In India | Best Leading Company

Top 10 Construction Companies In India | Best Leading Company:- The construction industry of India is an important indicator of development as it creates investment opportunities in various related sectors. It is an important factor in the development of infrastructure. The construction sector is visualized to play a powerful role in economic growth and produce structures that add to productivity and quality of life.

Top 10 Construction Companies in India


In this data, we have mentioned the top 10 construction companies in India. According to their good reputation, net income, revenue, and many employees we had to rank these companies. Hindustan construction co. ltd is on the top of this list because this company has better revenue and net income annually.  It also made a good reputation in the market.

No.1 Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd 

Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd(HCC) is a construction company whose businesses span Engineering and construction sectors, real estate, infrastructure, urban development & management. HCC is also developing Lavasana, a planned hill city set in the Sahayadri mountains. HCC has constructed a culture that encourages people to venture beyond the brief and to think big. It is on the list of the top 10 construction equipment company in India.

  • Founded:- 27 January 1926
  • Founder:- Seth Walchand Hirachand.
  • Headquarters:- Hincon House, Vikhroli (West) Mumbai, India
  • Key People:- Ajib Gulabchand( chairman, MD), Arjun Dhawan(CEO), Shailesh Sawa(CFO).
  • Revenue:- ₹81.50 billion
  • Net income:- ₹39,751.85 million
  • Number of employees:-  1,900 (2017)

No.2 L&T Engineering & Construction Division (L&T ECC)

Larsen & Toubro is commonly known as L&T, is a multinational, national technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing, financial services conglomerate in Mumbai, India. This company is also counted in the world’s top 5 construction companies. As of 2020, L&T Group comprises 118 subsidiaries, 6 associates, 25 joint-venture, and 35 joint operations companies. L&T leads in nearly every sphere of business it operates in, serving customers in more than 30 countries. It is also in the top 10 most famous best-leading construction company list 2021 of all time.

  • Founded:- 7 February 1938
  • Founders:- Henning Holck-Larsen, Soren Kristian Toubro
  • Headquarters:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Key People:-Anil Manibhai Naik, S.N. subrahamanyan, R. Shankar Raman.
  • Revenue:- ₹147,813.26 crore
  • Net Income:- ₹9,549.03 crore
  • No. of employees:- 337,994

N0.3 Tata Projects LTD

Tata group is an Indian multinational conglomerate. The company gained international recognition after purchasing several global companies. It is one of the biggest and oldest industrial groups in India. Tata company operates independently according to the guidance and supervision of its own Board of directors and shareholders. Tata Projects is one of the fastest-growing and most admired industrial infrastructure companies in India. It is also on the list of the top 10 construction chemical companies in India.

  • Founded:- 1868
  • Founder:- Jamsetji Tata
  • Headquarters:- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Key People:- Natrajan Chandrasekaran(chairman).
  • Revenue:- US$106 billion
  • No of employees:- 750,000

No.4 Punj Lloyd Ltd.

Punj Lloyd Ltd. is an Indian engineering procurement and construction contractor providing services for the energy, infrastructure, and defense sector. The company operations are spread across the middle east and Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and Europe. The group includes over 50 Subsidiaries and has executed many projects in more than 60 countries. The objective is to provide a decisive edge to the Indian armed force.

  • Founded:- 1982
  • Founder:- Atul Punj(chairman)
  • Headquarters:- Gurgaon, India
  • Key people:- Atul Punj(chairman)
  • Revenue:- ₹5,585.77 crore
  • Net income:- ₹71.82 crore
  • Number of employees:- 7,359

No.5 GMR Group

GMR Group is an infrastructural company. GMR is today a major player in the Infrastructure Sector, with world-class projects in India and abroad. Employing a Public-private partnership model, the group has implemented several infrastructure projects in India. GMR Group is one of the fastest-growing infrastructure enterprises in the country, with a rich and diverse experience spanning three decades.

  • Founded:- 1978
  • Founder:- Grandhi Mallikarjun rao
  • Headquarters:- New Delhi, India
  • Key people:- GM Rao

No.6 Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Afcons infrastructure limited is a construction and engineering company. The company infrastructure services and is involved in constructing infrastructure projects such as viaducts, flyovers, metros, bridges, pipelines, roads, ports, oil and gas projects, etc. The vision of Afcons is to be a knowledge enterprise. It has accelerated learning, innovation, and better execution. Afcons has projected in over 22 countries in Asia, Africa, and the middle east.

  • Founded:- 1959
  • Founder:- Shapoor Pallonji Mistry(chairman)
  • Headquarters:- Mumbai, India
  • Key people:- Shapoor Pallonji Mistry(chairman).

No.7 Gammon India Ltd

Gammon India Limited is one of the largest civil engineering construction companies in India. It has executed some notable civil engineering projects. Gammon India was the recipient of a performance bonus based on its delivery of the extradosed flyovers ahead of the 2010 commonwealth games at Delhi for the Delhi metro rail corporation. Gammon India was also awarded by “signature bridge project” for executing a modern designed bridge. In other words, we can also say that it is the number one leading construction company in India.

  • Founded:- 1922
  • Founder:- John C. Gammon
  • Headquarters:- Mumbai, India
  • Key people:- Abhijit Rajan(president)
  • Revenue:- ₹310.15 crore
  • Net income:- ₹−1,755.05 crore
  • Several employees:- 50 (March 2019).

No.8 Reliance Infrastructure

Reliance infrastructure limited is an Indian private sector enterprise involved in power generation, infrastructure, construction, and defense. It is part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Groups. Reliance infrastructure’s interests are power plants, metro rail, bridges, toll roads, and defense. In 2019 Reliance infrastructure was ranked as the 51st largest corporation in India, with the first rank in the infrastructure development category.

  • Founded:- 01 October 1929
  • Founder:- John C. Gammon
  • Headquarters:- DAKC, Navi, Mumbai
  • Key people:- Anil Ambani(president)
  • Revenue:- ₹20,972 crore
  • Net income:-  ₹868 crore
  • Number of employees:- 5,718

No.9 Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. LTD

Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Private Limited Trading as Shapoor Pallonji Group is an Indian Conglomerate company. It operates in construction, Real estate, Textile, engineered goods, home appliances, and biotechnology. SPCL is a well-diversified Business house with clients in over 60 countries,  delivering complex and challenging projects for over 150 years. It operates in 6 major business areas with 13 group companies and a strong employee base for over 60,000 people from across 40+ nationalities.

  • Founded:- 1865
  • Founder:- Pallonji Mistry
  • Headquarters:- Mumbai, India
  • Key people:- Shapoorji Pallonji(chairman), Pallon Mistry( president)
  • Revenue:- Rs.18,316.23(2020)
  • Net income:- US$28.0 Billion (As of 9 April 2021).
  • Some employees:- 1,10,000.

No. 10 Consolidated Contractors Company LTD

Consolidated Contractors Company is the largest construction company in the middle east and rang the top 25 international contractors. CCCL has, over the years, earned a reputation that is rock solid. While its reputation is reflected in the edifices that it has built, the respect and trust that it continues to enjoy can be gauged from the word of its clients. Consolidated Contractors Company has offices and projects in over 40 countries and was engaged in 40 ongoing projects globally.

  • Founded:- 1952
  • Founder:- Said Khoury, Hasib Sabbagh
  • Headquarters:- Athens, Greece
  • Key people:- Islam Farag(chairman)
  • Revenue:- US$7.4 billion (2017)
  • Net income:- US$2,606
  • Number of employees:- 120,000 (2019)

Final Thought

Based on research and study, we have present this list. This list of Top 10 Construction Companies In India is mention according to their net income, number of employees, and revenue of the company.  Some more construction companies in India were not included in this list, like BL Kashyap & Sons Ltd, Essar Group, GVK Group, and IRCON International Ltd. These construction companies have low revenue, net income, and several employees. So that why these do not get so many construction contracts.

Please stay connected with us; we will always update you with a new construction company in India.

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