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Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World | World’s Famous Place

Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World: This world is full of beauty and charm. There are many unique and unbelievable places in this world. Some places are made naturally, and some by human beings. In this world, every human being wishes to visit different beautiful places. There are many hidden places also that soo adorable.

Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World

On this earth, there are many forests, seas, oceans, beaches, and waterfalls. The beauty of these are things are just unbelievable. People love to travel to different places to experience nature’s beauty. There are many visiting places globally, but here is the List of Top 10 Beautiful places in the world.

No 1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls is the most beautiful place in the whole world. This beautiful waterfall’s name was inspired by a US aviator ‘Jimmie Angel.’ Because he was the first-ever person to fly over this fall, this waterfall comes from the mountain that mainly shoves, but it also consists of sloped downpours and flumes. It is soo beautiful that people get enamored by it. Even in its pictures, you can feel the beauty of it. Everyone in this world must visit this place once in their life. It is not an easy task to reach this waterfall because it is outlying in the jungle. For reaching this place, you have to travel through river trips. River trips are organized from June to December.

  • Angel Falls is located at Auyan-tepui, Canaima National Park, Bolivar State, Venezuela.
  • The height of this waterfall is about 3,212 ft high.
  • Thi waterfall also includes 1,300 ft of the sloped cascade.
  • Angel Falls is also considered the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfall.
  • The special thing about this waterfall is that it is situated in deep jungles, so one can also observe real nature’s beauty.

No 2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. This national park consists of many amazing things: mountains, glaciers, ice fields, and deep forests. At the beginning of the 20th-century, coal mining was also started near Lake Minnewanka in Banff, but soon it was ended. The climate of this national park is cold. The park is snowy in winters and mild in summers. Almost 56 mammal species live here, and this place has become their home. This park also consists of 280 species of birds. This place is a complete visiting place; it involves all the nature’s beauty in one place.

  • Banff National Park is located at Alberta’s Rockies, Alberts, Canada.
  • This national park covers the area of about 6,641 km2.
  • This amazing national park was established on 25th November 1885.
  • This park is governed by ‘Parks Canada.’
  • The specialty of this national park is that you can also watch different breeds of animals, birds, mammals, plants, and trees.

No 3. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island group that is situated on Leewards Island. This island’s northwest is covered with an inland sea and coral reef, which makes it more attractive. And at the center of the islands, the are leftovers of an extinct volcano. There are many resorts on Bora Bora island for tourists. Hotel Bora Bora, a famous hotel on this island, was built in 1961. And almost after nine years, the first overwater bungalow was built on the island. No public transport is used on this island. Only two-seater buggies and motorboats are used to explore the island. Many species of sharks and rays live in the nearby water.

  • This island was occupied for the first time by Polysencia Settlers in the 4th century.
  • The main Bora Bora island is located 230 km northwest of Papeete.
  • Bora Bora island totally covers an area of about 30.55 km2. 
  • The main Bora Bora island is located 230 km northwest of Papeete.
  • The specialty of this island is that you can do scuba diving and snorkeling here.
  • In the new era, Bora Bora is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

No 4. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city that is at located in Mexico. This place is popular for its beaches, scuba diving, marine life, and EIArco de Cabo San Lucas. Many beautiful resorts are built on the coast of Cabo San Lucas for tourists. The water nearby this place also consists of sharks, rays, dolphins, and striped marlin. You can also experience cruise ships there. There is also a famous nightclub named ‘Cabo Wabo Cantin’, owned by an American singer ‘Sammy Hagar.’ The climate of this place is a tropical desert climate. Many people from different countries visit this place every year.

  • Cabo San Lucas is situated in Baja California Sur, in Mexico.
  • Many competitions of beach surfing and sport fishing are also organized here.
  • The resort, beaches, and marine life is the main attraction of this place.
  • People visit Cabo San Lucas for their vacations because there are many things to do like – fishing competitions, traveling on cruise ships, enjoying beaches, adventure activities – scuba diving, and snorkeling.

No 5. Mount Fuji

Mount is the highest mountain that is located on the island of Honshu. Mount Fuji is an active stratovolcano and is last erupted between the year 1707 to 1708. It is located 100 km southwest of Tokyo. This mountain is un-evenly cone-shaped, and it can be seen from Tokyo on clear days. This mountain is covered with snow for 5 months a year. The beauty and charm of this place are breathtaking.

  • The total area covered by Mount Fuji is about 20,702.1 ha.
  • The height of Mount Fuji is about 3,776.24 m high.
  • Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
  • It is also considered the 7th highest peak of an island on the Earth.
  • Mount Fuji is one of the ‘Three Holy Mountains of Japan.’

No 6. Oia

Oia is a small village in South Aegean located on the islands of Thira. This place became popular between the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1956 a part of this place was destroyed by an earthquake. The houses of this town are built on a steep slope, and the trackways of the town are narrow. This town consists of whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, Cycladic houses, and cave houses. You can witness the true beauty of the sunset here. The climate of Oia is mild. The winters are wet, and summers are hot and dry.

  • Oia is situated in South Aegean, in Greece.
  • The total land area of this town is about 19.449 km2.
  • The white-painted houses built directly into niches are the specialty of this town because it is unique and beautiful.
  • There is a place called Fort Londsa, which witnesses a complete 360-degree view of the town.

No 7. Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat is a sandspit of the land located about 2 kilometers west of the harbor town of Bol. The beaches on the sides of it increase about 634 meters. The shape of this sandspit makes it more adorable and unique. There are pines at the corners of the beach. In the year 2008, Red organized a unique kiteboarding competition in flying over the beach. The land of a sandspit is a white pebble beach, and it enhances its beauty. Zlatni Rat is also listed in the top beaches in Europe.

  • Zlatni Rat is located on the coast of the Croatian island of Brac, Dalmatia.
  • The nearby water of this sandspit is clear and cool.
  • The unique shape of it makes it more attractive.
  • The shape of this sandspit changes every 2or 3 years.
  • Zlatni Rat is also known by the name ‘Golden Horn’ and ‘Golden Cape.’

No 8. Iguazu Falls

Iguaza Falls is a waterfall of the Iguaza river. These waterfalls divide the river into upper and lower Iguazu. Most of the river flows in Brazil, and the waterfalls are on the Argentine side. This waterfall is in the shape of stairs and has a two-step waterfall formed by three layers of Basalt. The steps of these waterfalls are about 35 and 40 meters. The climate near the Iguaza Falls is a humid subtropical climate.

  • Iguazu Waterfalls are located on the border of the Argentina Province of Misiones and the Brazilian Unit of Parana.
  • Iguaza Waterfall 115 and 131 ft in height.
  • These waterfalls are the largest waterfall in the world.
  • The average fall rate of Iguazu is about 1,756 m3 per second.
  • This waterfall is also featured in my movies – Tarzan, Baraka, Tummy, A fantastic Women, and Black Panther.

No 9. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a natural site that is located in Denizli Province. The terraces of place are made up of travertine. In the 2nd century, this place was founded as a thermal spa. People visit this place to experience the thermal pools. Hierapolis-Pamukkale was declared the World Heritage Site in 1988. The underground volcanic activities of this place make it different from others. The surface of this place is shimmering, snow-white limestone, shaped over millennia by calcite-rich spring.

  • Pamukkale covers an area of about 1077ha.
  • The official name of this place is Hierapolis-Pamukkale.
  • Pamukkale is located in Denizli Province, Turkey.
  • This place was inscripted in the year 1988.

No 10. Raja Ampat Island (Top 10 Beautiful Places in the World)

Raja Ampat Island is a group of islands located at the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula. This group of islands consists of almost 1500 small islands and shoals. But there are four main islands – Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. This group of islands in the shape of a coral triangle. For people who live on these islands, their main occupation is fishing because their surroundings are covered with sea. The oceanic nature of this place makes it more attractive to tourists. The climate of this area is tropical.

  • The total area covered by Raja Ampat Island is 8,034.44 km2.
  • Raja Ampat Islands consists of a total of 612 islands.
  • It also consists of 4 main islands, and they surround all the rest islands.
  • In the sea, there are more than 1,508 fish and 537 coral species.
  • Raja Ampat Island is the richest marine biodiversity on the Earth.


  1. Which is the number one beautiful place in the world?

Angel Falls is the number one beautiful place in the world.

2. What are the top 10 most beautiful places in the world?

The top 10 beautiful places in the world are – Angel Falls, Banff National Park, Bora Bora, Cabo San Lucas, Mount Fuji, Oia, Zlatni Rat, Iguaza Falls, Pamukkale, and Raja Ampat Island.

3. Which is the nice place in the world?

Oia is a nice place in the world with the best sunset views.

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