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Top 10 Youngest Billionaire in India | Teenage Billionaire List

Top 10 Youngest Billionaire in India | Teenage Billionaire List: Talking about age, age is just a number, and trust us, it has nothing to do with you being among the richest persons in the world. This article will discuss 17 Indian entrepreneurs, aged under 40, who have been featured in Hurun’s 40 and made it under a self-made rich list. Comprising altogether, they hold a fortune of ₹45,000 crores. Moreover, it may excite you to know that 9 of the 17 billionaires business headquarter is located in Bengaluru.

The list here provides the Top 10 Youngest Billionaire in India. This might be surprising to you, but the list consists of the name you may already know. But they are all self-made Billionaires. Let’s get started with the list and disclose the people who topped the list to be the youngest billionaires in India.

Top 10 Youngest Billionaire in India | Teenage Billionaire List

  1. Nithin Kamath & Nikhil Kamath

Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath are at the top of the top 10 youngest billionaires in India. Kamath brothers co-founded an online trading platform popularly known as Zerodha. Zerodha has now grown by leaps and bounds and has become India’s largest stockbroker, and this all because of the hard work and vision of the Kamath brothers and, of course, the support from the number of clients. Nithin Kamath, at the age of 40, and Nikhil Kamath at the age of 34, have created this wonderful online trading platform that is providing people to invest and gain on their investment. If you are somebody into trading, then you should surely try Zerodha.

  1. Divyank Turakhia

At the second position with a wealth of ₹14,000 crores, we have Divyank Turakhia at position 2 of the top 10 billionaires in India. Divyank Turakhia is the founder and CEO of He became a billionaire back in 2016 after was sold for nearly $1 billion in 2010. Divyank Turakhia, along with, founded 2 more companies, namely  ResellerClub and Skenzo. He may be currently on break, and it is also said that he is setting up a family office and is looking for the next big opportunity to come back and show the world that he is still in the business.

  1. Amod Malviya, Sujeet Kumar, and Vaibhav Gupta

At number 3, with the smashing entry of Udaan co-founders Amod Malviya, Sujit Kumar, and Vaibhav Gupta, it made the space on the top 10 billionaires in India. They are all under the age of 40 and have accumulated wealth for rupees 13100 crores. They have witnessed about a 274 % increase in the wealth led by the strong investments in Udaan. During the period of lockdown, Udaan has witnessed great success in being a B2B marketplace. Udaan is among the best platforms to get yourself registered if you are a business or a shop owner.

  1. Riju Ravindran

Byju’s owner Riju Ravindran, at the age of 39, acquired a wealth of rupees 7800 crores. All because of an online education platform Byju’s, he has secured the position at number 4 on top billionaires in India. The valuation of Byju’s as of August 2020 is to be achieved at $10 billion. Riju Ravindran has registered a 117% increase in his wealth as compared to the last year. It is also observed that Riju Ravindran’s Byju’s ranked third in Hurun India unicorn index 2020. The motive behind Byju’s is to Think and Learn, and it would not be wrong to say that this platform has been achieving this Moto very rigorously.

  1. Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal

At number five, we have in the list are Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal, the founder of Flipkart. At the age of 37, Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal at the age of 39 hold a whooping rupees 7500 crores from their startup Flipkart. After their exit from Flipkart, Binny Bansal has been investing in various startups and plays the role of Angel investor. In contrast, Sachin Bansal, co-founder of Flipkart, is now the CEO of Navi, a neo Bank startup headquartered in Bangalore.

  1. Ritesh Agarwal

This man Ritesh Agarwal started with the company Oravel Stays, which is now popularly known as Oyo. Although the covid-19 pandemic has taken over the hospitality business globally and has somehow affected Oyo’s growth story, we can still witness the decline of 40% or rupees 3000 crores. But Ritesh Agarwal, at the age of 26, is still the youngest billionaire in the rich list accumulating the wealth of rupees 4500 crores. Although it is a tough time for Riteish to cope with his hospitality business, Oyo is the name or is the brand that sells well. Hopefully, in the coming time, it will achieve the great heights it was previously achieving.

  1. Bhavish Aggarwal

At number 7, he is co-founder of the ride-hailing company Ola cabs. Bhavish Aggarwal has seen a 13% increase in his wealth this year. Previous year in July, ola incentivized Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati by issuing equity shares at the nominal price of rupees 10 per share that has resulted in a 13% increase in their wealth compared to the wealth they earned last year. With a total wealth of rupees 3500 crores, Bhavish Aggarwal has successfully made it through the top 10 billionaires in India.

  1. Deepak Garg

The co-founder and CEO of the logistic company Rivigo, he is Deepak Garg. Deepak Garg is just 39 years old and has a wealth of ₹3200 crores. Back in September 2019 ₹, 35 crores were invested by KB Global in Rivigo at the valuation of ₹7593 crores. Then Rivigo entered the Hurun India Unicorn Index 2020.

  1. Herman Narula

With a wealth of ₹2900 crores on number 9, we have 32 years old Herman Narula. Herman Narula is the co-founder and CEO of Improbable Worlds. His wealth is rising by 45% from the last year. Along with Improbable Worlds, Harman Narela has also co-founded Rob Whitehead and Peter Lipca back in the year 2012.

  1. Deepinder Goyal

The co-founder of online food delivery platform Zomato, Deepinder Goyal, has made his presence among the top 10 billionaires in India. With the worth of ₹ 2200 crores upon the recent valuation of Zomato. His wealth increased by 16% as compared to the last year. Also, remember that in January 2020, Zomato acquired Uber eats India, and in an all-stock transaction, the deal gave Uber 9.99% ownership in Zomato.

Conclusion(Top 10 Youngest Billionaire in India)

The list provided above states the name of the youngest billionaires in India. This includes Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath, who runs financial company Zerodha, the richest self-made billionaires in India under 40. India’s top 10 youngest billionaire list also includes some renowned names such as Ritesh Agarwal, Deepinder Goyal, Sachin Bansal, and Binny Bansal, Harman Narula, Bhavish Aggarwal.


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