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Top 10 Vodka in India | List of Best Vodka Brands 2021

Top 10 Vodka in India | List of Best Vodka Brands 2021: Ever wonder which drink would be awarded the title as the party’s life which option may win? Without any doubt, it will be awarded to Vodka. Just a few rounds of shots of the clear liquid are known to result in a fabulous night and a clean memory slate. Specifically, in that case, there’s nothing that works quite as well as vodka does. All by itself or thrown into the most classic cocktail mixes, Vodka is undoubtedly the definition of liquid courage. So here today we want to tell you more about this party potion. Discussing the journey of the top 10 Vodka in India.

Top 10 Vodka in India

  1. Ciroc

The price range for this Ciroc Vodka brand depends upon the variety they offer and what you choose. Ciroc Red Berry Vodka Price In India – INR 8,620 for 750 ml, Ciroc Coconut Vodka Price In India – INR 5,450 for 750 ml, and Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka Price In India – INR 4,850 for 750 ml. The alcohol content in Ciroc Vodka is 35%. This French vodka is undoubtedly one of the most famous vodkas globally, its light fruity flavors and instant ability to get a party going and what it is famous for. Ciroc Vodka gets its remarkable taste and quality from two different French grapes and a five-time distillation process.

  1. Grey Goose

If you call yourself a fan of spirit and haven’t known this premium vodka brand, then you need to rethink this thought. Grey Goose is at a stellar reputation as it is among the top vodka brands in India and internationally. The price of Grey Goose in India is INR 5,200 for 750 ml, and its alcohol by volume content is 40%. The indescribable smell and absolutely excellent and lovely taste of this vodka made it one of the favorite brands.

  1. Belvedere

Polish vodka available in India for INR 5,151 for 700 ml is Belvedere, Belvedere Vodka Alcohol Content is 40% ABV. Belvedere is said and believed to be among the world’s first luxurious vodkas; this is a brand that sticks closely to the traditional Polish vodka-making process. Belvedere Vodka is made from Polska Rye and is filtered four times, as dictated by 600 years of making vodka in Poland. The taste and feel both are amazing and deliciously smooth. The absence of sugar or additives makes this spirit one of the most respected organic vodka brands globally.

  1. Ketel One

Distilled from 100% wheat, Ketel One is an extremely smooth vodka meant for those who prefer no-frills. The Nolet family filters it in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and the spirit is highly revered for meeting the gap between traditional distilled techniques and modern ways of making vodka. The result is a unique liquid that’s immensely clean in taste and long in the finish. The taste is light, wheaty with hints of pepper, and gives a drinking experience you won’t forget anytime soon. Ketel One vodka is costing INR 3210 for 750 ml, and the alcohol content is 40%ABV.

  1. Finlandia

Next on the list is Finlandia, available in India at INR 3,056. The alcohol content in Finlandia Vodka is 40% ABV. It is said that when Finnish six-row barley and glacial spring water come together, the result is the best-selling vodka you are reading about right now. Admired by fans worldwide for its purity and excellent quality, this premium vodka brand is packed with a crisp, clean, and delicate taste. One of the best vodka brands in India and the world, Finlandia Vodka is smooth enough to drink by itself and a fantastic mixer for classic vodka cocktails.

  1. Skyy

You know a spirit is perhaps planning to live up to your expectations once simply the container makes you buy to shop for it! Okay, even if you disagree, trust us once we say there is a reason Skyy vodka is the fifth biggest premium vodka complete within the world. Filtered four times and filtered thrice, this American vodka has a fine smoothness and a medium taste. From the top vodka brands in India and the world, Skyy can be enjoyed with fruity cocktails or just by itself, in equal measure.

  1. Absolut

On number 7, it is the vodka you can find in almost all bars one visits that is a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Absolut Vodka Alcohol Content of 40% ABV and is available in India at INR 2,884 for 750 ml. Being 100% wheat Vodka and no added sugar makes it one of the purest vodkas around. It’s a high-quality Vodka that drinkers have relied on for several years, and the 30-year-old recipe has only gained more fame as time has passed. The flavor of smooth and mellow with the clear bottle is as iconic as it gets.

  1. 42 Below

The name of the vodka at position 8 was named after the geographical coordinate of where it is made, which is at the latitude of 42 degrees below the equator. The price quoted for 42 Below in India is INR 2,550 for 750 ml. It is soft, and light on the tough and is one of the world’s most awarded vodka, having an alcohol content of 40% ABV. This exceptional vodka is famous for being made with water from a volcanic spring in New Zealand, making it one of the clearest and finest vodkas in the world.

  1. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya or more commonly known as Stoli, is the most popular vodka brand in the global market. The one that’s often expected as a must-have in a home bar by most vodka lovers. Interestingly the Russians really know how to make an exceptional Vodka, a basic fact one will experience when they grab a bottle of Stoli. This iconic Vodka brand packs a pure spirit filtered from selected grain and distilled through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand. Sold for INR 2,224 for 750 ml in India and got alcohol content of 40% ABV.

  1. Reyka

Here is the first green vodka in the world; Reyka Vodka is globally known for its unique, sustainable filtration process using geothermal energy, including contents like glacial water drawn from lava fields and volcanic distillation. Consisting of 40% ABV alcohol content, this is undoubtedly one of the smoothest vodkas you will taste, with a slick and moderately full body brought together with the most subtle hints of sweetness and lemon. The exceptional quality offered at a reasonable price of INR 2,000 approximately in India for 750 ml is what makes Reyka one of the best vodka brands in India and the world.

Final Thoughts (Top 10 Vodka in India)

Providing you with the list of the top 10 vodkas in India. The above list depicts the different price ranges and preferences, and here it is all included. So if you are a party-loving person and fond of vodka, then you must have tried it all, and if not, try it in the first chance you get. The list consists of the cleanest, cheapest, and even organic vodka preferred by a lot of people.


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