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Top 10 Video Editing Software in India | Easy To Use Apps

Top 10 Video Editing Software in India | Easy To Use Softwares: The advent of the web has provided the wings to the dreams of millions of people. YouTube has helped many people to become famous by showcasing their skills through their videos. However, video making is not an easy task. It needs skills as well as patience to create an awesome video, which the people like. Have you ever tried to make your YouTube channel or lack of technical know-how keeps you behind? So don’t worry. Here, a list of the top 10 video editing software is provided, which will help display your talent and skills by making wonderful videos.

Top 10 Video Editing Software in India | Easy To Use Softwares

  1. LightWorks

LightWork is an easy-to-use software for beginners that offers video editing, even for movies. It works with YouTube in HD, SD, and 4K format. It offers a complete pack of various features such as a simple and prompt interface, easy timelines for the video edit and trimming, and real-time audio and video FX. Various other features are animations, video management, video and audio upload, cross-platform, trimming, slice, slow-motion effects, keyframes, and desktop integration. It is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

  1. VSDC

It is a free video editing software that helps you create a simple video to a complex one. It has multimedia support along with video and audio effects. It provides an interactive and easy-to-use interface, which is user-friendly. It allows you to create different objects at various locations and positions at one time. VSDC comes with conversion tools that allow file conversion from one format to another as per the user’s desire. Various features that equip the software include blending modes and filters like Instagram, masking, motion tracking, easy export to social networks, support to popular formats, working with charts, and many other exciting features.

  1. Blender

Blender is a popular video editing software, and it is free and open-source software that provides a 3D creation suite. It is packed with useful features like simulation, animation, rigging, 2D & 3D animation, modeling, composting, etc. It provides a perfect solution to make your videos interesting, which is liked by more people. So if you are planning to make a video, hop on to it.

  1. KineMaster

Another easy-to-use video editing software is KineMaster, which is at number 4 in our top 10 list of video editing software. It helps you to tell your stories through videos. It is compatible with your iPhone, your desktop, or your iPad. It provides a range of exciting features such as visual effects, music, themes, control of speed, audio filters, real-time recording, instant video preview, sharing on social media platforms, and many more. It is the most preferred choice of Youtubers in India. So you can think about it when you make your next video.

  1. Pinnacle Studio

At number 5, we have “Pinnacle” from Corel Corporation. It is a smart software that helps you to make videos with a higher level of creativity. Highlighted features of the software include split-screen, special video effects,3D modeling, title effect, voiceover, movie sharing, etc. It supports your mobile and offers customization. Its trial version is available for the users to try for free. So, don’t wait. Give it a try and upgrade your skills.

  1. Vegas Movie Studio

Another top-rated video editing software that occupies the sixth spot in our top 10 video editors is Vegas Movie Studio. It converts your digital pictures and video into a memorable experience. It is the most preferred choice for beginners due to its user-friendliness. Basic features include video sharing and management, image management, sharing, animations, title editor, trimming and slicing, slow motion and time effect, and many more. So, it can be of great help if you are a beginner as it also provides direct upload of video to the leading platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and others.

  1. Telestream

Another most preferred and professionals choice in terms of video editing software that makes an entry in our list at number 7 is Telestream. It offers live video editing and customization. It provides a full range of media processing. Telestream features include desktop integration, title editor, video effects, slow motion, and many other useful features. It is a web app and works on the desktop platform. It is an ideal choice for start-ups, SMEs, and agencies.

  1. iMovie

Another powerpack video editing software is iMovie, which occupies the 8th spot in our Top 10 video editing software list. It offers to make of videos, photos, slides shows, audio, video, and music also. It is effortless to edit videos using this software. Its features include cross-platform, title editors, slow motion, user interface, trimming, slicing, and audio waveform. It supports multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, Italian, etc. If you want to create videos with ease, get this software.

  1. Open Shot

Open Shot makes it to number 9 in our list. It allows you to make and learn through offering modules along with various features. Some of its unique features include audio waveform, time effect, and desktop integration. Moreover, it’s free, open-source software that makes it ideal for beginners not to invest any amount to make their videos. So, if you a beginner, it is ideal for you to make your awesome videos.

  1. AVS Video Editor (Top 10 Video Editing Software in India)

At number 10, we have an AVS Video editor. It is suitable for beginners to experts. It is effortless to use, and it offers up to 300 video effects and transitions. It provides support to HD and Blu-ray videos. Its prime features are project management, easy user interface, sharing tools, layering, color corrections, red-eye correction, photo stitching, photo enhancement, red-eye reduction, and many more. It’s the perfect easy to use software for beginners.

Concluding Thoughts (Top 10 Video Editing Software in India)

If you are not a technical professional, but you aspire to make a professional video to show your talent and skills to the world, then you are at the right place. The above discussion has provided you with a list of the top 10 video editing software that will help make video easily. So you can consider any one of the above-listed software for making and editing your videos based on your comfort and choice.

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