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Top 10 Services Lacking In India During Coronavirus

Top 10 Services Lacking In India During Coronavirus | Challenges For India In Covid-19: India is experiencing an escalating health crisis, with the country’s second wave of virus infections reaching new highs, putting strain on hospitals across the country as stocks of intensive care beds and life-saving drugs run out. Hospital beds are running out across the South Asian country, from Maharashtra’s richest and worst-affected state to the most populous, Uttar Pradesh.

No 1. Beds

The bed’s data from the Delhi Corona app show a significant disparity in people’s preferences, with large private hospitals being the most desired. The high occupancy applies to ICU beds without ventilators, 85 percent filled in the top eight private hospitals. There were no vacancies in three of these, Max Patparganj, Fortis Shalimar Bagh, and Apollo, even though 35 percent of such beds were declared vacant across the district.

The Delhi government and top health officials admitted that private hospital beds were in high demand but said that resources were sufficient for the time being. A Delhi government spokesperson said, “There are enough ICU beds available; there is no need to be concerned.”

No 2. Infrastructure

According to Sarin, fatality patterns indicate that the facilities can handle the load and that the situation is unlikely to worsen to where the capital’s hospitals were overburdened in June.

This is because a standardized medication protocol has been implemented. Doctors have started proning patients to improve oxygen saturation, administering antiviral drugs and steroids, and, of course, plasma therapy,” he said.

No 3. Vaccines

Rajesh Tope, Maharashtra’s health minister, cautioned that the state only had three days’ worth of vaccines on hand and that vaccination centers across the state were being forced to close. He declared a weekend lockdown on Friday in an attempt to contain the outbreak. All but 3% of the intensive care hospital beds in Mumbai, the state capital, are currently occupied.

No 4. Hospitals (Top 10 Services Lacking In India During Coronavirus)

There has been a lack of hospitals in India carrying Covid-19 treatments, and if there are hospitals, then the pieces of equipment to treat this deadly disease are lacking.

No 5. Fewer Doctors

India has a fewer hospital beds and doctors than 1,000 people. Many people may lack access to sufficient handwashing facilities, which is a basic necessity for keeping the disease at bay. People in India are also at a high risk of being forced into poverty due to out-of-pocket healthcare costs, doctor guidance implying that a widespread pandemic could have a significant financial effect.

No 6. Handwashing facilities

One of the most effective ways to prevent COVID-19 is to wash your hands. According to statistics, 50.7 percent of the rural population lacks basic hand-washing facilities, such as soap and water (2017 data). It was about 40.5 percent for the population overall, with 20.2 percent in urban areas.

No 7. Mask Equipments

The absence of main requirements such as masks and respiratory equipment has fueled global hysteria, a problem that India may face, according to the manufacturing section. About half of the manufacturers (over 100) have either closed their doors or are preparing to do so soon.

According to industry analysts and numerous companies contacted by TOI, red tape, low domestic demand, and unethical business practices have resulted in just one-third capacity utilization. A sudden increase in demand for protective masks caused a panic situation when the pandemic hit.

No 8. Shortage of ventilators

As India fights the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, many state governments face a ventilator shortage, owing to dwindling domestic manufacturing and supply following the Centre’s initial drive last year. The government could also intervene by imposing import restrictions on ventilators, which would help to accelerate the ongoing Atmanirbhar Bharat push.

No 9. Shortage of medicines

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting even more pressure on the already fragile drug supply chain. During an ongoing crisis, pharmacists in all environments, including managed care, will need to prepare for exacerbating current and new drug shortages. We explore possible mitigation techniques and encourage our colleagues to react with the resiliency required to protect our patients.

No 10. Shortage of PPE kits

According to India’s first systematic survey on the subject, almost all components of personal protective equipment for health care workers were found to be either inadequately available or unavailable in most hospitals.

PPEs, including body coveralls, N-95 masks, goggles, and face shields, are a critical medical aid for frontline staff during the pandemic.


  1. What is the state of Covid in India right now?
  • India is experiencing a second outbreak of COVID-19, with over 300,000 coronavirus infections and over 3,000 deaths every day.

2. Will India be able to make up for the services it needs?

  • Yes, India will be able to meet the services from the foreign countries that are helping it.

3. Is the COVID-19 vaccine successful in India?

  1. Yes, India’s COVID-19 vaccine is successful as any other vaccine produced by other countries.

Wrapping Up (Top 10 Services Lacking In India During Coronavirus)

While we face this deadly virus, authorities need to ensure that patients are being treated properly. The government needs to step up and cover these scarcities in various sectors real soon.

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