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Top 10 IT Courses in Demand in India

Top 10 IT Courses in Demand in India:- Information Technology and Software Companies are the fastest growing sector with incredible revenue in India. IT industry deals in various primary products, such as software, software technology, and the Transformation in technology like cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). India is converting into a Cyber Hub for IT services that provide nearly 75% of the global digital talent to the world. Below is the list of the top 10 IT Courses in Demand in India 2021.

Top 10 IT Courses in Demand in India

The world is a leading Hub of the IT sector and computer science, where technological innovations reshape the world. Hence, there is a huge demand for skilled and specialist IT professionals all around the world. Today, we will discuss some top Information Technology Courses and certifications with their salary payout in demand in India and all over the World. Several colleges in India offer UG & PG programs that include certification of these courses mentioned below.

No.1- Big Data & Data Science

Big Data and Data Science are at the first position in the top 10 IT courses in Demand in India. The Big Data course is an overview of data science where they fetch Data, construct databases, maintain databases, clean and segregate data for various needs, and work on data visualization and analysis. Data science certification is mandatory to get a job. This covers various topics knowledge of Statistical applications, Python Programming, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Basic & Advanced SQL, Basic & Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, and Big Data Analytics. There are so many colleges that offer various UG & PG courses in India.

No.2- Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one of the popular IT courses in India. Business Intelligence is a short-term certification course. This program covers Predictive Modelling and Statistics & Optimisation, case studies, and projects to help students build real-world skills. These certifications are reliable for various job profiles like Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and other senior-level management roles in a company. IT professionals can use their technological skills in data planning, metadata systems development, ERP, systems analysis, programming, and technology management with a BI certification.

No.3- Software Development

Software Development is an in-demand job in India. IT professionals and experts are looking career as a profile in software development. The software development course is based on the programming language which is used to develop various software, computer programs, high-quality mobile applications, and web applications using some in-demand programming languages, i.e., Python, Java, C#, R, SAS, Scala, Swift, JavaScript, and TypeScript. This course is extremely relevant to the modern data-driven industry. Many colleges and institutes offer this course that covers Data Processing & Warehousing, Big Data Processing on the Cloud & Analytics.

No.4- Block-chain

Block-chain is gaining popularity and in huge demand all around the world. The demand for blockchain developers and professionals has grown rapidly, and 18% of the world’s GDP will be on blockchain technologies by 2025. Candidates can join short-term courses like PG certification in Blockchain technology and Executive program with relevant blockchain certification to help them find job opportunities in business development, engineering, operations, and many others. You will learn how to develop Smart Contracts using Blockchain tools like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Fabric, Composer, Advance JavaScript, and NodeJS.

No.5- Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is an essential part of the world of the Internet. Cybersecurity experts or Cybersecurity engineers are popularly known as Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hackers. Cybersecurity certification can boost your resume’s qualifications with specialized learning in subjects like cryptography, computer networks, and application security. Cyber Security is a 12-month course that focuses on Application Security, Data Secrecy, Cryptography, Network Security, and other cybersecurity-related concepts and skills. Candidates interested in becoming cybersecurity engineers can also earn credentials like CISSP, CISM, CEH, CISA. 

No.6- Web Development

Web Development is the leading course if you want to become a web developer or designer. To become a web developer, the candidates should be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JS. Adobe, Google, Zend, and Microsoft have individual certifications for web developers, PHP engineers, and solutions developers where you can learn online and become a web designer. The developers are assigned the task of designing complete apps and websites. After certification, candidates can learn core concepts of front-end and back-end programming, SQL and no SQL database, fundamental concepts of programming languages, and many other essential things required to secure a job in many IT Industries.

No.7- Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is now covering the IT world with high speed. Cloud computing Course is in demand with the increased adoption of cloud computing in Indian companies. The certification offers real-world industry projects which will let you work through the technical challenges associated with cloud computing. The Course includes training in cloud computing like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc. This is a great choice for IT Professionals, Project Leads/Managers, Data Professionals, and Software Developers. The courses are for 12 months that teach on Cloud Infrastructure, Services, Business, Virtualization, Virtual Machines, Microservices, Cloud-Native Applications, and much more.

No.8- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a big branch of computer science that indicates intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence that improves the ability to learn from experience without being programmed automatically. The course and certification of AI & ML will help them learn essential concepts and skills needed to develop effective AI systems, which will help candidates secure a good position in Industries as data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI engineers, and many others. This is because there are so many institutes that will provide certification for AI & ML. 

No.9-  DevOps

DevOps is the most demanding technology in the IT industry with the highest annual pay. Candidates who are leading experts are gaining a well proficient job in the top MNC’s. DevOps certification helps to gain knowledge on DevOps lifecycle and other strong technical skills required to get a specific job position like DevOps engineer, DevOps manager, DevOps architect, etc. DevOps involves going beyond the traditional practices of software development and infrastructure management. In the DevOps certification course, there are tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, Jenkins Engineer, Puppet System Administrator, Chef Developer, etc. 

No.10- Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a fast-growing IT industry and becoming an important part of our lives. For candidates looking forward to going for the IoT, Its certification course will help them gain a solid understanding of developing and implementing your IoT solutions using sensor-connected IoT devices and other functions. After the professional certification course, candidates can get job opportunities as IoT architects, IoT cloud engineers, IoT developers, etc. India is changing at an incredible pace, with the number of IoT devices increasing by 31 percent year over year. By 2022 it’s predicted that there will be around 30 billion IoT devices and a global market of $7.1 trillion.



Q.1- Which IT course is a highly paid job in India?

Big Data or Data Science is the highest-paid job in India.

Q.2- Is SAP a good Career?

SAP is definitely a good option for a long-lasting and fulfilling career as an IT fresher.

Q.3- Which is the Top IT company in India?

TATA Consultancy Services is considered the best IT company in India and all over the world.

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