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Top 10 Best Hospitals Treating Covid-19 In India

Top 10 Best Hospitals Treating Covid-19 In India | List Of Ten Best Hospitals For Coronavirus: New Delhi, Aiims is the best hospital to go to for the covid-19 treatment is a government hospital but has all the facilities available. India has more hospitals and clinics than any other country in the world, which can surprise you.

Top 10 Best Hospitals Treating Covid-19 In India

India also has the most dispensaries and hospitals, which is perhaps unsurprising given its huge population, but despite many patients, the subcontinent has some excellent medical facilities. We’ll look at the best multispecialty hospitals in India and highlight the best ones with some facts and figures for your consideration.

No 1. New Delhi’s AIIMS

This globally renowned hospital is widely regarded as the best of its kind in India with good purpose. AIIMS is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals globally, not just in India, thanks to a combination of world-class infrastructure and some of the best equipment available.

For several years, AIIMS has provided these excellent services to patients at a very reasonable cost. AIIMS is firmly rooted in the twenty-first century, with a high-tech online platform where Aadhar-based patients can register and book appointments.

No 2. Chandigarh’s PGIMER

Chandigarh is home to our second top-rated Indian multispecialty hospital. PGIMER is the best hospital too to cure Covid-19. The first example in this article is widely regarded as India’s and the world’s finest specialty hospitals. PGIMER was the first institution of its kind to deliver Robotic-Assisted Surgery in 2014.

PGIMER is still at the forefront of medical technology in India, as shown by this ground-breaking achievement. Robotic surgery was developed primarily to help people with urinary system diseases.

No 3. Christian Medical College, Vellore

Because of the presence of this prestigious specialty hospital, Vellore has a strong reputation for providing first-rate healthcare. It’s no surprise that Christian Medical College is highly regarded in its profession, as it houses some of India’s most advanced medical technology.

No 4. Chennai’s Apollo Hospital

The Apollo Hospital in Chennai is well-known for being a forerunner in the development of advanced medical treatments. Apollo was established in 1983 and has been the first to achieve several groundbreaking therapies and procedures.

Patients can travel from all over the world to receive care at Apollo Hospital because of its international reputation. Apollo specializes in knee, hip, and kidney transplants, among other therapies and surgical procedures. They also assist millions of happy patients with their heart and circulatory problems, and cancer is one of their specialties.

No 5. Gurgaon’s Medanta – The Medicity

 So, Gurgaon is home to our fifth and final multispecialty Indian hospital. Dr. Naresh Trehan, a well-known cardiac surgeon, created Medanta in the first place. Medanta prides itself on providing exceptionally high-quality instruction, science, and medical care.

Medanta has received high praise from medical reviews worldwide for providing such high quality and specializing in medical fields such as Urology, Cancer, Cardiology, and Haematology.

The hospital is situated on 43 acres of beautiful grounds and has approximately 1200 beds for patients to have cared for. This massive hospital is on the cutting edge of medical research, with 45 operating rooms and 350 beds dedicated to critical care.

No 6. Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital

The Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai is well-known for its cancer treatment. It focuses on treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Cancer Research Centre is another name for Tata Memorial Hospital. Hemato Oncology, ICU, Operation Theatre, and blood tests are among the hospital’s other facilities. This hospital is equipped with a PET scanner.

No 7. Puducherry’s Jawaharlal Institute

JIPMER (Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research) was established in 1964. This hospital is ranked among India’s top ten hospitals. JIPMER is unique in that it provides teaching from undergraduate to super-specialty levels, conducts research, and provides high-quality specialty health care.

This hospital offers free specialized medical services to those who cannot afford them. When the Ministry of Family and Health Welfare, Government of India, took over JIPMER in 2008, it received national recognition.

No 8. Sankara Netralaya, Chennai

Sankara Netralaya, a Chennai eye hospital, provides specialist ophthalmic treatment with compassion. Their goals are to uphold international standards and to ensure that patients are satisfied with their care. It is a government agency that has been privatized.

The mantra that motivated this hospital is “physical knowledge of a divine will.” This hospital is well-known for its international quality facilities and cutting-edge technology.

No 9. Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital

 Tina Ambani founded Kokilaben Hospital in 2010. It offers multi-specialty medical services. This hospital has 750 beds, cutting-edge technology, and highly skilled doctors and medical personnel. It specializes in pediatric heart disease care, robotic surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and so on.

This hospital is named after Dhirubhai Ambani’s wife, Kokilaben. Its world-class care has propelled it into the top ten list of India’s best hospitals.

No 10. Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital

 In India, Lilavati Hospital provides multispecialty healthcare. Patients come from all over the world to visit. This hospital’s slogan is “human care is more than healthcare. This hospital first opened its doors in 1997. Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust is in charge of it. While Lilavati Hospital began with just 10 beds and 22 physicians, it now has 323 beds and 12 operating rooms.


  1. Which is the No 1 hospital in India?

AIIMS, New Delhi that stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is the number 1 hospital in India for Covid-19 and other treatments.

2. Which hospital gives the highest salary in India?

  1. Fortis Hospital gives the highest salary in India.

3. Which of India’s hospitals is the largest?

Aiims is the largest hospital in India.

Wrapping Up ( Top 10 Best Hospitals Treating Covid-19 In India)

All these hospitals have helped not only the patients but also the entire nation. These hospitals, doctors, and nurses proved to be the real backbone of the country. They have been diligently serving us and providing the best possible treatments.

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