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Top 10 Veg Restaurants in India | Best Place For Vegetarian

Top 10 Veg Restaurants in India | Best Place For Vegetarian: Tired of spending long hours perusing the menu, scrutinizing every ingredient? Then you’re unsure if these restaurants are ethical? What if the cook forgot and accidentally added clarified butter to the masala ‘dal.’ Committed vegetarians are happiest after they recognize evidently that accidents aren’t potential during this totally vegan kitchen. Paneer is extraordinary, and tofu rules supreme.

All these days, you believed the tough powerful being vegetarian in India. Currently, take a glance at the various vegetarian choices offered to you. Restaurants, catering, and home delivery are obtainable in most cities.

Top 10 Veg Restaurants in India | Best Place For Vegetarian

1. Paradigm Shift, Bengaluru

Paradigm Shift Organica is a restaurant founded by Sowmya Reddy in the year 2013. Paradigm Shift is a brand committed to plant-primarily based organic food and sustainable products. It all started in Koramangala, a cradle for startups and an ‘adda’ for millennials, as a restaurant and an activist center supporting causes for social justice.

Keeping its traditions intact, PSO advocates for nature, no matter the direction during which humanity and today’s society are moving. They continue to maintain the values of their brand, not only for profit but also for the sake of nature, and to uphold the very fact that Mother Earth comes primarily else.

One of the foremost pleasurable rooftop restaurants in Bengaluru, Paradigm Shift has great rustic interiors and a breezy atmosphere. It additionally has a superb menu, fully vegetarian and tilting heavily on organic food.

2. Carrots, Bengaluru

Touted as India’s 1st vegetarian restaurant in India, Carrots has fast gained a reputation for superb food. They cater to vegans and additionally those who have protein allergies; therefore, the menu is dairy and gluten-free. Their dessert has quite an immense fan following. Ask the owner any queries on food and nutrition she’s going to be happy to update you. Boast a homely ambiance and exceedingly warm employees. This place is nice in terms of every food and ambiance. This restaurant is a cozy spot with amazing vegetarian food that’s fantastically bestowed, enabling customers to revive their faith in vegetarian and gluten-free food things. The atmosphere is warm and alluring, with wonderful service. The food is undoubtedly yummy, with several things to settle on from. Talking about food, this place has some very superb things like soya buttermilk and Mushroom Stroganoff that provide a tasty and emotional sensation to customers’ taste buds.

3. Poets & Oats/ The Terrassen Café, Hyderabad

Poets and Oats grew organically from that exploration and with a passion for food. They tend to give you a choice of a healthy, sustainable eating lifestyle. Poets and Oats is an attitude of questioning; it’s a stand that we choose to take. At Poets and Oats, it is believed to endeavor to provide Healthy, Organic, and Plant-based food. Poets and Oats believe in food cooked from the heart, is chemical-free, wholesome, and tastes heavenly. Food that is kind to us heals and satisfies the soul. Situated in the upmarket locality in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, this tiny, purely vegetarian café has an earthy rustic feel to it. Terrassen Café is a sweet respite for a quick stop-over for anyone who is looking to grab some coffee in soy or coconut milk along with a banana walnut cake. And yes, it’s entirely vegan.

4. The Real Green Café, Pune

Pune’s first complete vegan restaurant, The Real Green Café, is centrally located in Koregaon Park.. the Real Green Cafe gained popularity in the last few months and hosts open mics and other interactive events. It’s worth a visit. Strictly vegetarian, The Real Green Cafe serves a proper plant-based menu. One can choose from plenty of whole-wheat carb options and delicious dishes such as sandwiches, flat-breads, pasta, wraps, mock meat, soy, and almond milk, dairy-free cheese (made with nut), and gluten-free items to satiate your palate, and not to forget the desserts here is just amazing. Everything on their menu is sourced locally and freshly made in-house. They can source organic fruit on order and also host vegan cooking workshops on occasion.

5. Bean Me Up Cafe, Goa

Bean Me Up is a place for the nomadic traveler.  Bean Me Up Cafe is an award-winning vegan restaurant in Goa, along with a bed & breakfast, yoga space, and conscious boutique located en route to the Ozran beachfront in Vagator. Bean Me Up provides some great mouth-watering starters and a main course range. The range of desserts is just incomparable. Cafe has an amazing spiritual vibe, plans a trip to goa, and stays there for a few days (bonus tip) as they provide accommodation also. You can sit, read your favorite novel, write, listen to music or stay idle. The menu comes as a fantastic deal for vegans. It consists of various options, including seitan (mock meat), tempeh, yam chips, and desserts like banana split, tiramisu, pina colada & much more! 

6. MAA cafe (Top 10 Veg Restaurants in India)

Situated in Morgim, Goa, this Cafe indeed is bliss for all traveling vegans. MAA cafe is a raw vegan cafe that includes a menu of interesting items and unique ingredients. From the freshly created burritos to their sprouted quinoa salad and the refreshing green juices, it’s one in all a sort and manages to attract foreign tourists and the health-conscious crowd.  

7. Ahimsa – The Vegan Cafe, Shirdi

The journey to Shirdi has become a lot of fun since ahimsa. The vegetarian restaurant opened its doors for pilgrims who have had an extended day once traveling and standing in an exceeding queue for ‘darshan.’ a pleasant menu with a worldwide cuisine that includes uncommon stuff like black bean burgers and pizzas. Sit and munch comfortably in an exceedingly calm atmosphere. Sounds great.

8. The Holy Tree, Ludhiana

In a place where everything possibly includes dairy, The Holy Tree comes to your rescue. It’s a vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant with various choices of food from main courses to desserts. Their seating is pretty easy; however, it’s a peaceful and pondering atmosphere that soothes the soul of each guest who walks in.

9. Veganza Cafe, Auroville

A rooftop cafe that cares about your vitamin D needs, along with delivering yummy food and good music. And if that wasn’t enough, this place additionally has wifi! The concept is to supply a compassionate diet to the people who wish to be in a very peaceful place and share that with the rest of your friends and family. Check them out here.

10. Satchitananda Raw Food Restaurant/ Auroville Raw Food Centre, Auroville

Raw vegetarian food gone inventive is what you may notice here! You may get pleasure from the goodness of indulgence in fresh, natural manufacture and discover gifts of earth in their purest type. They serve strictly raw vegetarian food, and every dish could be a delight and 100% healthy! Satchitananda does complete justice by not or very less introducing this to children as food heaven.

Takeaway (Top 10 Veg Restaurants in India)

All the vegetarian people don’t worry. You have got a lot of o places to have your meal purely vegan. You can ask your friends to give you a treat there, only if they are okay with that. Plan the trip to any of the above-mentioned places, but after this pandemic situation ends. But people staying near the place can opt for home delivery check with the restaurant, and enjoy the meal.

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