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Top 10 Radio Jockey In India 2021 | Famous Radio Jockey

Top 10 Radio Jockey in India: A radio jockey is popularly known as RJ in India, whereas a radio personality {American English} and radio presenter { British English} is a person who hosts a talk show on the radio. Basically, an RJ runs the shows per the script, plays music, and interacts with the audience via telephone, email, social media, and SMAes.

Top 10 Radio Jockey in India

A radio jockey is a person who fills a person with energy while going to the office in the morning, crossing hundreds of traffic lights, and take away all the tensions, tiredness, and problems faced during office hours while returning home. Such a job like RJ demands thrill, enthusiasm, passion and should work as an eye for the listeners who can listen and cannot watch.

No.1 RJ Malishka

Malishka Mendonsa, admired as RJ Malishka, is an RJ from  Mumbai, India. She participated in the “Youtube Original Series pretty fit” of Prajikta Koli.

  1. Personal Life:-born on 11, 1981 October and brought up in Mumbai raised by a single widow mother. I graduated in political science and done a master’s in Marketing and Advertising from Mumbai University.
  2. Career:- Currently works in REd FM 93.5.  She has done popular shows like Morning No.1, Best Breakfast Programme, and M Bole Toh. Trained and played role with actress Vidya Balan as RJ  Munna Bhai MBBS and Tumhari Sulu.
  3. AWARDS:- In 2010, her show Morning No.1 won the Best Breakfast Show at Indian Excellence in Radio Awards.

No.2 RJ Raunac

RJ Raunac is also known as Baua. He loves to write poetry as well as quotes. With that, he also writes the script of his morning show on Red FM 93.5.

  1. Personal Life:- born on 25 December in the city of dreams Mumbai. he completed his schooling at Mumbai’s Dayanand vaidik Vidyalaya and his graduation from Kelkar college.
  2. Career:-  worked at WIPRO for one month after completing my MBA. Later starting working at popular radio FM of India RED FM 93.5. I got so much appreciation and fame from his character BAUA.
  3. Achievement:- Won Best Radio Personality Local Market Award.

No.3 RJ Naved

RJ Naved is popularly known as Mirchi murga. He also hosts T.V. shows, and radio shows from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Also famous for doing mimicry for many people.

  1. Personal Life:- born on 1 May 1976 Faridabad but brought up in Lucknow .did his bachelor’s degree from Jamia Delhi.
  2. Career:- started the career as airtels call boy in the night shifts he competed  and won the show, 35000 people, to get a job in radio Mirchi and has done shows “Total Film” and “Dilli Ka Don.”
  3. Achievement:- IRF:-Best Sparkler, National Television Award, and Indian Icon Award.

No.4  RJ Sayema 

Sayema Rehman is popularly known as RJ sayema. She was accused on social media by trollers of initiating mob violence by asking people to assemble outside the Delhi headquarters.

  1. Personal Life:- born on 25 December 1985 in the capital city of Delhi completed masters in philosophy from Miranda house Delhi university.
  2. Career:- started the career as the host of Mirchi 98.3 FM, which is the longest-running show on Mirchi purani jeans.
  3. Achievement:- Best Designated Award For Best RJ in 2012.

No.5 RJ Praveen

RJ Praveen was a very entertaining person at the time of his school. From his childhood, he was very good at mimicry and comedy.

  1. Personal life:- born on 26 Sept 1986 in the city of waterfalls Ranchi. after graduate in Marketing and Bussiness Management shifted to Kolkata.
  2. Career:- He cleared all the exams and interviews in the first attempt for the job at red FM. Moreover, he hosted the internationally acclaimed show Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi.
  3. Achievement:- won RJ of the year 2016 and 2017 and was also the winner of the new york festival in the best innovation and narration category.

No.6  RJ Sidharth

Sidharth Kanan is widely known as Sid K. In 1997, while at college, he joined a Radio star and show with Cyrus Broacha called ‘Miranda Char Baje Band Baje.’

  1. Personal life:- born on 31 March 1976 in the city of drama, arts, and theatre Kolkatta later moved to Lucknow and finally settled in Mumbai and graduated from there.
  2. Career:- started career with times FM at the age of 14 . the youngest RJ also hosted n number of shows like Planet Bollywood, Oye Talkies on Oye, Bollywood hat ke, and many more.
  3. Achievements:- Best Radio Host 2011, Best EMCEE 2013, and 2014.

No.7 RJ Balaji

Balaji Putturaj mainly known as RJ Balaji or Cross Talk Balaji. He is also a presenter, comedian, director, cricket commentator, and Tamil actor.

  1. Personal Life:- born on20june and grew up with one younger brother and 3 younger sisters. He completed BSc. in computer science from Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of Arts in 2006.
  2. Career: He started his career with a big FM 92.7as host and still hosted the show along with his popular show Cross-Talk Balaji.
  3. Achievement:- IIFA Utsavam Award for best performance in Comic Role -Tamil.

No.8 RJ Archana Pania

RJ Archana is a television anchor and voice-over artist. She is known for work in My FM and short story on social media.

  1. Personal life:- born on 4 Nov in the city of hot dunes, Kuwait but originally belongs to  Mumbai city. after completing BCom from the Indian school Kuwait in 1998, she retired to her hometown.
  2. Career:- in 2005, at the age of 41, she was hired by popular radio Mirchi as an RJ on 91.1 FM. she also hosted Kasa Hai Mumbai with RJ Salil.
  3. Achievement:- Nominated for the Best RJ of the year 2017.

No.9 RJ Ameen Sayani

Ameen Sahani also the former announcer of Air India. He achieved fame and popularity all across the Indian subcontinent when he presented hi Binaca Geetmala.

  1. Personal Life:- born on 21 December 1932 in the then known British India, now India. Completed schooling from famous Scindia school and is an Alma mater of St. Xavier’s college Mumbai.
  2. Career:- started his career with the Geetmala show and made it iconic in1952, Sangeet Kay Sitaron Ki Mehfil, Saridon Ke Saathi, Shalimar Superlac Jodi, and many more.
  3. Achievements:- Living Legend award 2006, Hall Of The Fame from IIFA, The Person Of The Year award 1992 from LIMCA book of world records.

No.10 RJ Suchi Ramadurai (Top 10 Radio Jockey In India)

Suchitra is also known as Mirchi Suchi. She is a famous playback singer, songwriter, composer, voice artist, dubbing artist, and film actress.

  1. Personal Life:- born on 14 August 1982, Chennai. A multitalented RJ is also famous for her singing. A BSc graduate from Marivanious college and completed an MBA from PSG Institute of Management.
  2. Shows:- Coffee with Suchi as a host and Music India as the judge.
  3. Achievement:- Filmfare Award for Best Female Playback Singer – Telegu; Best Singer Of The Year by Bussiness.


1.Who is the youngest RJ in India?

Sidhartha Kanan is the youngest in India.

2. Who is the no.1 RJ in India?

RJ Malishka is the no.1 RJ in India.

3. What is the other name of RJ Raunac?

RJ Raunac is also known as Baua.

4. who is the most famous RJ of Delhi?

RJ Naved is the most famous RJ of Delhi.

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