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The Indian Army is the branch of Indian Armed Sources based on land and a large component. The main agenda of the Indian Army is to make sure the citizens of the country are safe and secure and are not undergoing any threat from the enemy countries. Our Indian Army remains awake day and night so that we sleep peacefully.

The Indian Army protects its country from all the external and internal threats it sees and tries its best to maintain peace.

At various points of time, the Indian Army conducts rescue operations when there are floods, tsunami, or earthquakes in the country, and they are the ones to approach at first with the bravest heart and love. Other components of the Indian Army are the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

The Indian army has proved itself valuable in the war with Pakistan and China. Now our government cares a lot about it, so they have been gifted with bulletproof jackets.

You might be wondering as to why I narrated it all to you?

Well, I love Indian Army being a proud Indian and insist every Indian citizen should know about it. Thus we have made this corner on our website to make you aware of every fact about the Indian Army.