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Posts published in “Economy”

An economy is an area of the production, trade, and consumption of goods and services in the country.  It is related to the processes involving culture, values, education, political system, and legal system prevailing in the country and according to all these, there tends to have a change in the economy of the county.

If you are a banker, a financial dealer, or a stockist and an investor, your eyes will always be on what is going on in the economy.

Is it appreciating or depreciating? What will happen in the market, is it at risk, or will it lower my return on the investment I have done, while thinking about the economy these are the common questions that come to mind. Well, for every business expert or an investor, we have our economy section that is going to provide all solutions to the queries going on in your mind.

Our economy on a high scale also depends upon the foreign market.