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Top 10 News Anchor Salary In India | India’s News Anchor’s

Top 10 News Anchor Salary In India: Arnab Goswami is the number 1 highest-paid news anchor in India who earns an annual salary of Rs 12 Crore. Indian news networks are no less than famous journalists and newscasters. They are known by every Indian home. Not to mention this popularity, there is also plenty of money. The route is no longer less taken in India for journalism and news anchoring. More and more of India’s youth wish to continue their dreams of putting their name on the prestige list with various notable news reporters like Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, etc.

Top 10 News Anchor Salary In India

Gone were the days when journalism was not considered a good-paying job, as now the average salary of a News Anchor today is Rs. 50000.  You will be shocked to discover that the below-listed news anchors and presenters are generating fortune in the profession of journalism. This list of “highest-paid news anchors in India” inspires you to draw your socks up if you want to pursue your ambition of becoming a journalist. Read about the top 10 News Anchor Salary in India.

No 1. Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami’s salary is around 12 Crore every year. Arnab Ranjan Goswamí is an Indian reporter who is Chief Executive Officer and editor of the RMN. The highest-paid news anchor in India is Arnab Goswami. In the Republic of Bharat and in Hindi, the Goswami Media Network claimed and operated 2 diverts straight to unique republic TV. Born on 7 March 1973 in his native Guwahati, Assam, India he is known for being assertive, super outspoken, and straightforward with what he feels like.

  • Many journalists in India have been noted for their speaking and decent conduct in discussions. But it’s really fantastic how Arnab stands for himself with his distinctive design.
  • Arnab Goswami can be said to be the guy of intelligent words and this is also apparent from several events in the past.
  • The net worth of Arnab Goswami is Rs 253 crore.
  • Arnab Goswami cars are very expensive.

No 2. Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep Sardesai has an annual salary of Rs 10 Crore. In the most paid news anchors in India, Rajdeep Sardesai is the second name. Rajdeep has incredible communication and the power of reasoning. Sometimes he also covers reports on the ground level in the outside media. Rajdeep Sardesai is also an author. He is currently an advisory editor for India Today, and he is a member of India Today Television too.

  • He studied in Mumbai (BA) at St. Xavier’s College and in Oxford University College (MA, LLB).
  • He is renowned for commenting on a range of issues of national significance.
  • The net worth of Rajdeep Sardesai is $4 Million.

No 3. Nidhi Razdan

Nidhi Razdan has an annual salary of 4 Crore. Nidhi Razdan is one of India’s top 10 highly paid news anchors. The senior editor Nidhi Razdan, works for a famous news channel that is NDTV. She is the principal anchor of the Left, Right & Centre, NDTV 24 alternate news show. She studied at the Indian Mass Communication Institute in Delhi, a prominent journalism school.

  • She is one of the most successful news anchors in her career at the beginning of the 2000s. She has experience in every field from the ground report to the documentation.
  • Her study of India’s political and foreign affairs was carried out closely in extensive reports on political, economic, and social topics.
  • The net worth of Nidhi Razdan is $0.5 Million.

No 4. Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma’s annual salary is 3.6 Crore. Rajat Sharma is an Indian journalist and presently the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV, one of the largest paid news outlets in India. He is famous for the role of anchor and the originator of the “Aap Ki Adalat” television show. Born in Delhi on 18 February 1957. Rajat Sharma is by far one of the most renowned journalists and anchors. He worked for various journals and periodicals during the early stages of his career.

  • He began working for a standard observer in an editor’s role approximately after three years of working with onlookers.
  • For his contributions to the area of journalism, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.
  • The net worth of Rajat Sharma is $15 Million.

No 5. Shweta Singh

Shweta Singh’s annual income is Rs 3.4 Crore. She is a well-known news anchor and managing editor of Aaj Tak’s special programming. She was born in Patna, on August 21, 1977. She is renowned for her skill and specialization in news relating to sports. There is no social media outlet for her as she says she doesn’t like to chat a lot. The irony of her website is that she never intended to be a reporter instead of having a greater interest in writing.

  • One of her important characteristics is the coverage of sports reporting.
  • Before joining Aaj Tak, Shweta Singh also worked at news channels such as Zee News and Sahara News.
  • The net worth of Shweta Singh is $2.3 Million.

No 6. Sudhir Chaudhary 

Sudhir Chaudhary’s annual salary is Rs 3 Crore. Sudhir Chaudhary is now the chief editor of Hindi, Zee News. He hosts the Daily News & Analysis news show. He’s a pioneer in live TV and is renowned for 24 hours of news TV. Born in Palwal on the 7th of June 1974. In the 2013 category of “Hindi broadcast”, he earned a Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism.

  • Sudhir Chaudhary is one of India’s most experienced press reporters. Sudhir Chaudhary is part of a tiny city in Haryana, India.
  • The net worth of Sudhir Chaudhary is $3 Million.

No 7. Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar has a salary of Rs. 2.16 – 2.40 Crore. Ravish Kumar is a well-known Indian media writer and journalist. He is currently NDTV India’s Senior Management Editor. The channel’s numerical show, entitled Prime Time, Hum Log, Ravish Ki, and Des Ki Baat, is part of it. It comprises numerous shows.

  • In 2016 he was designated “The Indian Express,” one of the 100 most influential Indians, and was also named a Mumbai Press Club Journalist of the Year.
  • In 2019, for his exceptional commitment to the journalistic organization, he recently got the coveted Ramon Magsaysay Award.
  • Ravish Kumar has been awarded twice the journalism award for his work with Ramnath Goenka Excellence.
  • The net worth of Ravish Kumar is $20 million.

No 8. Vikram Chandra

Vikram Chandra’s predicted annual salary is Rs 2 and a half lakh per month. Vikram Chandra is well-known for India’s top 10 highest paid news anchors. Vikram Chandra is presently one of India’s top journalists and technology experts. Vikram Chandra is an Indian TV journalist. From 2011 to October 2016, he was also CEO of the NDTV Group. When he covered the Kashmir dispute, his reputation as a journalist grew. After his reportage of the Kashmir war, Chandra arrived at LimeLight.

  • He presented various famous premium shows like Gadget Guru and the huge battle at nine o’clock news.
  • During his same broadcast, Bill Gates, Shimon Peres, Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Apple Inc., and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia were interviewed.
  • The net worth of Vikram Chandra is Rs 2 Crore.

No 9. Gaurav Kalra

Gaurav Kalra has a net worth of Rs 1.5 Crore. His communication abilities are great. Gaurav Kalra is regarded as India’s top sports anchor. He was a sports writer at CNN IBN but is now a senior editor for ESPN Cric Info to generate video and content reports. He knows a lot about this sector. For more than two decades, he has been in the journalistic sector.

  • He covered several sports reports, including World Cup cricket and Olympic Games.
  • His excellent language fluency during news reports is noteworthy.
  • He worked first for CNN IBN as a sports anchor.
  • He works on the world’s largest digital cricket platform as an editor of video and news content.

No 10. Anjana Om Kashyap

Among the Top 10 News Anchor Salary In India, Anjana Om Kashyap earns an annual salary of Rs 1 Crore. Anjana is a famous Indian journalist and anchor who is currently the editor-in-chief of the Hindi Aaj Tak news channel. Ranchi, Jharkhand is her birthplace. She’s strongly opposed to reservations of being socially downtrodden classes in India. She is a woman with strong convictions and thoughts, which makes her special.

  • Kashyap was criticized during the Bihar encephalitis epidemic in 2019 because she had entered the neonatal ICU at Sri Krishna Medical Colleges and Hospital.
  • She began her work as a Daewoo Motors counselor but afterward resigned upon the discovering of a vocation to journalism.
  • Anjana is well recognized in India for speaking strong views over reserves.


Who is the highest-paid news anchor In India?

Arnab Goswami is the highest-paid news anchor in India.

What is the salary of Aaj Tak Anchor?

Rs 3.4 crore is the salary of Aaj Tak anchor who is Shweta Singh.

Who is the richest journalist in India?

Rajat Sharma is the richest journalist in India.

Who is the no 1 news anchor in India?

Arnab Goswami is the no 1 news anchor in India.

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