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Top 10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In India

Top 10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In India: White Water Rafting is the number 1 adventure sport in India that is liked most by adults. Who on this planet does not like having some adventurous life? Obviously, life gives us adventures every day but there are some sports which one should try to get some thrill in their lives. Action sports, adventure activities, or big sports are activities regarded as including a high level of risk. These sports often involve speed, height, a high level of bodily exertion, and highly specialized gear. Because of India’s wide geographical heterogeneity, the country proposes a huge compilation of adventure activities.

Top 10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In India

Some fun in life is very important. With the growing notoriety of adventure games among the Indian society, many old, as well as recently found adventure sports, are composing an appearance. Including almost all aspects of life, India has a list of absurd opportunities when it comes to exciting sports. Below mentioned are the top 10 adventurous sports In India that one should include in their bucket list.

No 1. White Water Rafting

Many challenge the first river rafting adventure in Ganga at Rishikesh to be the opening of an obsession! Dwelled in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, amid the beautiful Himalayas, Rishikesh is one of the greatest places for White Water River Rafting in India. One gets to encounter the mood-spectrum of the wave on the rapids through several challenge levels of Grade I to Grade IV.

With unique names like Sweet Sixteen, Double trouble, and Three Bling Mice, there is an entirety of 13 exciting river rapids in Rishikesh beginning from 9 km to 36-km long ranges. The best time to visit is between Mid September Mid June. White water Rafting will cost you Rs. 1500 -2500.

No 2. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the greatest sports for the ones who enjoy flying and rush! To get some thrilling experience one should choose this sport. One of the top sites in India is proposing an array of watersport experiences in Goa. Accompanying with thrilling nightlife and a variety of unlimited bohemian street shopping, you could additionally take yourself on a parasailing voyage.

This sport will leave you awestruck. Giving a magnificent flying view of the Arabian sea and the beautiful Goan beaches, parasailing would surely be the highlight of the journey. The best season to visit is between October – March. Parasailing will cost you Rs. 950- 1500.

No 3. Scuba Diving

Different from others sports, Scuba diving is a swiftly developing water sport in India. Thanks to the large Indian coastline covering various wonderful corals and abundant marine life to be traveled, this water experience can attest to be both healing and adventuresome.

The Andaman islands are one of the top sites suggesting the most desirable scuba diving activity along with the most prominent marine world experience in extension to a variety of mouth-watering Island foods. The best season to do is any season but not the monsoons. Scuba Diving will cost you Rs. 3500- 5000. Doing this sport will surely become a memorable adventure in anyone’s life.

No 4. Mountain Biking

Tackle mountain biking if you are tired of the common adventures. With wide ranges of hills and mountains across the country, mountain biking is the latest obsessions for adventure- seekers. Off-road driving bicycles along bumpy areas can be considerably adrenaline-pumping. With its dry, stony routes high elevation, and cold climate, Ladakh is one of the best mountain-biking sites in the Indian Himalayas.

Fascinating adventure enthusiasts all around the world, the area renders many cycling courses testing even the fittest and expert bikers. Riding bicycles within these little and thin crossings with the breeze in your hair beside amazing landscapes makes visions of a lifetime. The best time to try this sport in Ladakh is between June to September. Mountain Biking will cost you Rs. 30,000- 40,000.

No 5. Trekking

Right from accurate expert treks to easy hilltop or fort treks, India is a trekker hub! With the bounty of creation and countless possibilities around it, India gives some of the most suitable regions to trekkers. Out of many famous sites for trekking and Himachal leads the list. With its timeless elegance and mesmerizing ravine senses, one of the greatest treks for newcomers is the Chandratal trek to Charang valley trek.

Although this trek can be a bit exhausting for both summer and snow adventures, Himachal will fill nearly all types of trekkers. With slight top-air, difficult areas, and irregular wind patterns, Himachal Pradesh provides several dangerously interesting trekking events. The best season to visit this place and to try this sport is between March – June. This sport will cost Rs. 8500- 30,000.

No 6. Rock Climbing

With both actual and man-made places, India allows an array of rock climbing sites across the country. For those who are severely interested in mountain climbing, we completely advise Sar Pass in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, where you would join the Sar Pass while heading to Biskeri Ridge from Tila Lotni.

Situated at a height of 14000ft, Sar Pass is exceptional for newcomers who want to try the Himalayan regions. The best season to visit this place to try this sport is between May- October. Rock Climbing will cost you Rs. 8500- 12000.

No 7. Bungee Jumping

Plan a tour to Rishikesh for the most exciting Bungee adventure in India. Situated at the shores of Ganga in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh offers an experience with refreshments of the essential order. The best season to visit this place and try this sport is between August- October. Bungee Jumping will cost you Rs. 1800- 4000.

No 8. Paragliding

With oneself as well as managed Paragliding concourses available in many states across the country, you can now capture the skies without spending a huge amount of cash. Live your reverie of being capable to fly with all the protection and comfort at one of the best locations for Paragliding.

Bir Billing, a wonderful village within the mesmerizing displays of Dhauladhar Ranges of Himalayas, is also known as the Paragliding Capital of India. Providing offer short, medium, and long flights, Bir Billing is surely a bucket list strike-off. The best season to visit this place to try this sport is between October and mid-June This sport will cost you Rs. 3500-5500.

No 9. Flying Fox/Zip Lining (Top 10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In India)

Aren’t we the fans of Superman? Don’t we have the desire of flying like Superman? Or drifting in the air at great speed over the profound valley? Well, then you must try Zip Lining. Ziplining, aka flying fox’s fame has increased amazingly over a short span of time and is among the most famous adventure activities in India. Munnar surpasses the list when viewing for zip-lining sports.

Here, you feel the excitement of flying over the beautiful tea gardens of Munnar as you steep in the excellence of this green and peaceful hill station which is situated in Kerala. You can try this aport by visiting this place either between September to November or between January to March. This sport will cost you Rs. 200-500.

No 10. Skydiving (Top 10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In India)

Among the Top 10 Adventurous Sports In India, Skydiving is a famous adventure activity on the preponderance of venture seeker’s list. This action-packed sport includes you befalling from thousands of feet in the air and arriving with the aid of a parachute. Amby valley in Maharashtra is the only site in India allowing skydiving batches throughout the year.

The atmospheric view of the area is breathtaking.  You would be instructed by professional trainers and equipped with all protection gear before falling from around 10,000 feet. This sport can be done in any season except monsoon season. This sport will cost you RS. 25,000-30,000. This sport is not very easy to be done but surely is very exciting.


Which adventure sport do Indians enjoy more?

Paragliding is enjoyed more by Indians.

Which one of the sport is an example of adventurous sports?

Skydiving is an adventurous sport.

What is the most popular adventure sport in India?

River Rafting is the most popular adventure sport in India.

Which is the most dangerous adventure sport?

Paragliding is the most dangerous adventure sport.

Which is the easiest adventure sport in India?

Zip-lining is the easiest adventure sport in India.

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