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Top 10 Made In India Mobile Games |List of Mobile Games Made By India

Top 10 Made In India Mobile Games: The Real Teen Patti that Red Monster Games had developed is the number 1 made-in India mobile game whose genre is gambling. The digital market for the mobile games of India has always been very dynamic. The preference of the gamers of the country changes, but they still opt for some common games. It has been observed that Indian Gamers are more inclined towards games of genres of gambling and sports.

Top 10 Made In India Mobile Games

Gaming was previously seen only as a time pass activity, but now the gamers are earning monetary returns and reputation on international levels. From entertaining to earning these games also give you a terrific experience, especially when you are bored. If you are interested in playing some, here is the list of the top 10 made-in-India mobile games.

No 1. Real Teen Patti

The developer of Real Teen Patti is Red Monster Games. Red Monster Games is evidently a smart gaming company as it designs the games, keeping the need of the games required by the customers in the Indian market. The company tried its hands in the market by hitting the market with casino games; when the results were favourable, it extended and got into other social gaming genres, including the original IP-led games.

  • The founders have worked for organizations like Zynga. The game was published in 2015.
  • Real Teen Patti is a multiplayer card game popularly called Indian Poker.
  • In Real Teen Patti, players are given three cards, and the game deprives them of any community cards.
  • The winner is the one who has the strongest pots.

No 2. Teen Patti Gold

The developer of Teen Patti Gold is Moonfrog Labs. The game was published in 2014. The interesting fact is that the game developer is a Bangalore-based startup that designs and created mobile games exclusively for the Indian market. The developers who previously had work experience of various projects with organizations like Zynga on various titles were the founder of the Moonfrog Labs.

  • Teen Patti Gold is quite similar to the Real Teen Patti game and hence has a few similar principles as having a three-card game of Poker.
  • The Teen Patti Gold gives you a good fun time but cannot gift you any real prizes won by you since, in the game, no real money is involved.

No 3. Parking Frenzy 2.0

The Parking Frenzy is a game that develops. Serial entrepreneurs Alok Kejriwal and Mahesh Khambadkone, who also are gaming technocrats, are the company’s co-founders. The game was published in 2012 and has earned millions of players. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The genre of the game is “Parking.”

  • Parking Frenzy is such that the players are faced with the challenge to park their cars (virtual) quickly but accurately, saving the cars from various obstacles.
  • Parking Frenzy has nearly 16 varieties of featured cars with 200 levels.

No 4. Dhoom:3 The Game

99Games is the developer of Dhoom:3 The Game. The developer of this game is an indie studio located in Karnataka that has been successfully developing and publishing mobile games. 99Games holds a good position in the market as it owns various global awards and has 20 million downloads and 12 game titles. Dhoom:3 The Game was published in 2013 and has a racer genre. The game is designed after the release of the movie Dhoom:3.

  • Dhoom:3 The Game game features a 3D bike racer who has to keep collecting coins and overcoming road obstacles.
  • Also, the racer has to be protected from the police running behind him to catch him on the roads of Chicago.
  • The game has crossed over 15 million downloads on various platforms and has been rewarded with several awards.

No 5. Chhota Bheem Jungle Run

Chhota Bheem Jungle Run game is developed by Nazara games, which is a mobile game development studio. Chhota Bheem Jungle Run game was published in2015 and is of the genre Arcade. Chhota Bheem Jungle Run is a very famous mobile game in India, and a big credit for the fame of this game goes to the favourite superhero character that is “Chhota Bheem.” The kids in the country adore this character.

  • The game is all about how the players help Chhota Bheem, who is far away from Dholakpur, to pass the road, which takes him back to the village but is full of dense jungle, filled with obstacles weird creatures.

No 6. Real Cricket 14

The game Real Cricket 14 is developed by Nautilus Mobile, which is a game development studio. The studio consists of former Gameloft employees. A popular game developed by this studio is Song of Swords that even has won the People’s Choice Indie Game of the Year award in 2013. Real Cricket is of genre sports and was launched in 2014.

  • This game is a cricket stimulant game that is for both mobile and tablets.
  • The games come up with various modes or tournaments, for instance,  T20 and Masters Cup.

No 7. GSN Casino – Free Slots

GSN Casino-Free Slots is a developed game of GSN games that was published in 2015. GSS Games is a well-known and reputed Indian game development studio. It is a well-established gaming company with two top 10 grossing iPad apps and nine offices around the world. Sony Pictures Entertainment and DIRECTV are the game owners as the game is part of GSN games, and GNS is owned by them only. This game belongs to the genre of gambling games.

  • The GSN Casino is a casino simulation game that provides various gambling games, which we see in casinos usually.
  • The game includes slots, bingo, video poker, Blackjack, and the Wheel of fortune. However, the game doesn’t include any real money transaction or gambling.

No 8. Solitaire TriPeaks

The game Solitaire TriPeaks is developed by and was published in 2014. The game is of the genre- Card game. Solitaire TriPeaks game provides a tropical solitaire arena that is of 600 new levels and also has islands.

  • The game players aim to steer islands and speed through numerous solitaire cards to pass through the different levels of the game.

No 9. Bingo Bash

The game Bingo Bash is developed by and was published in 2014. The genre of the game is gambling. Digging more about the game, we will find that Bingo Bash is a game featuring traditional music and is a bingo-style game. The game consists of  350+ levels and 50+ ways to play. Additionally, every two weeks, new bingo rooms are added.

  • Even though Bingo Bash is a gambling game, it does not permit gambling with real money.
  • Although the game hasn’t completed a decade but still owns nearly 70 million players playing the game.
  • Bingo Bash is a hilarious and famous game among the masses.

No 10. Teen Patti – Indian Poker (Top 10 Made In India Mobile Games)

The developer of the Teen Patti-Indian Poker game is Octro, a mobile company initiated in 2006, and it was then headquartered in Delhi. Sequoia Capital announced in 2014 that it has decided to invest in Octro. The game was launched in 2015. The genre of Teen Patti-Indian Poker game is that it is a card game. This game, “Teen Pati” – Indian Poker, is one of the most played mobile game in India.

  • This game is popular among different age groups.
  • This game is among the most downloaded games in India, which is evident from the fact that this game has more than 10 million downloads on Android alone.

FAQs (Top 10 Made In India Mobile Games)

Which is the number 1 mobile game in India?

Real Teen Patti is the No 1 mobile game in India.

How many mobile games India made?

India has made 5302 games.

Which is the best game made in India?

Real Cricket 14 is the best game made in India.

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