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Top 10 Football Players of All Time | Greatest Footballer’s

Top 10 football players of all time:- Football is played by the team of 11 players and 7 are substitute in case of player get injured, or something happened. The Football is round in shape and is kicked by the players. The player is not supposed to pass the ball by hand. There are lots of benefits to playing football. It improves stamina, agility, flexibility, endurance, and so on.

Top 10 football players of all time

In this list, we have mentioned the Top 10 football players of all time. These footballers cannot be replaced with anyone because they had made many records and fans cannot forget them ever.  They will always in the mind of the people when the word “Football” is called by anyone. Some other retired football players are there like Eric Cantona and Luis Figo that we have not mentioned in the list of Top 10 football players of all time.

No.1  Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona was an Argentine professional football player and manager. He is widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of the sport. He was one of the joint winners of the FIFA player of the 20th Century award. Maradona’s vision, passing, ball control, and dribbling skills were combined with his small stature and there is no word for this player. Maradona became the coach of the Argentine national football team in November 2008. His physical strength was illustrated by his two goals against Belgium in the 1986 World Cup. Now he was not with us because he died recently on 25 November 2020 in Dique Lujan, Argentina.

  • Date of Birth:- 30 October 1960.
  • Position:- Attacking Midfielder.
  • Nationality:- Argentina.
  • Place of Birth:-  Lanus, Argentina.
  • Net Worth:- $100 Thousand.
  • Family Status:- His father is Don Diego, and his mother is Dalma Salvadora Franco.
  • Married Status:- His wife is Claudia Villafane.
  • No. of goal:- 259 goals.

No.2 Pele

Edson Arantes do Nascimento known as Pele is a Brazilian former professional footballer who played as a forward. He is also regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time. He was among the most successful and popular sports figures of the 20th century. His 1,279 goals in 1363 games, which includes friendlies, are recognized as a Guinness World Record. Pele began playing for Santos at age 15 and the Brazil national team at 16. Pele gets various nicknames in his career like Gasoline for his energy and “The Executioner” for his brilliant ability to finish.

  • Date of Birth:- 23 October 1940.
  • Position:- Forward
  • Nationality:- Brazil
  • Place of Birth:- Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  • Net Worth:- approximately $100 million.
  • Family Status:- His father is Dondinho, and his mother is Celeste Arantes.
  • Married Status:- His wife is Xuxa Meneghel.
  • No. of goal:- 538 goals.

No.3 Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff was a Dutch professional football player and coach. As a player, he won the Ballon d’Or three times, in 1971, 1973, and 1974. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the sport’s history and one of the greatest managers. Cruyff’s style of play and football philosophy has influenced managers and players alike. He is considered to be one of the most influential figures in football history. Cruyff was a creative playmaker with a gift for timing passes. Nominally, he played center-forward in this system and was a prolific goalscorer, but dropped deep to confuse his markers or moved to the wing to great effect.

  • Date of Birth:- 25 April 1947.
  • Position:- Attacking midfielder.
  • Nationality:- Netherlands.
  • Place of Birth:- Amsterdam, Netherland.
  • Family Status:- His father is Hermanus Cornelis Cruijff and his mother is Petronella Bernarda Draaijer.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Danny Coster.
  • Net Worth:-US $4 Million.
  • No. of goals:- 291 goals.

No.4 Zico

Arthur Antunes Coimbra better known as Zico. He knows a Brazilian coach and former footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. Often removed from the top 10 lists due to his lack of achievements, Zico’s footballing ability was never in question. With 527 goals in 769 games, he was not a prolific goalscorer but also a remarkable creator of goals with a left touch and an ability to produce unique shots and skills. As an attacking midfielder, further combined his talents with heading ability and free-kick mastery to be one of the most complete offensive players ever.

  • Date of Birth:- 3 March 1953.
  • Position:- Attacking midfielder.
  • Nationality:- Brazil.
  • Place of Birth:- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Family Status:- His father is Jose Antunes Coimbra and his mother is Matilde Ferreira da Silva Costa.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Sandra Carvalho de Sa.
  • Net Worth:-US $40 Million.
  • No. of goals:- 527 goals.

No.5 Michel Platini

Michel Platini is a french football administration and former player and manager. He was regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He was an excellent passer and free-kick taker, but he combined this with ruthless goal-scoring ability. Almost single-handedly, he guided France to the 1984 European Championships, scoring nine goals in the process. He lifted the European Cup with Juventus, and he also won three league titles in his club career. He was a quick, versatile, elegant, and intelligent offensive midfielder playmaker, with a unique ability to read the game and bend the ball from set-pieces.

  • Date of Birth:- June 21, 1955.
  • Position:- Attacking midfielder.
  • Nationality:- French.
  • Place of Birth:- Joeuf, France.
  • Family Status:- His father is Aldo Platini and his mother is Anna Platini.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Christelle Platini.
  • Net Worth:-US $15 Million.
  • No. of goals:- 353 goals.

No.6 Franz Beckenbauer

Franz Beckenbauer is a German former professional footballer and manager. He was nicknamed Der Kaiser in his playing career because of his elegant style, dominance, and leadership on the field. He is widely regarded to be one of the greatest players in the history of sports. He is a versatile player who started his career as a midfielder and made his name as a central defender. Beckenbauer won the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup in 1967 and three consecutive European Cups from 1974 and 1976. He is on the ninth position in the list of Top 10 greatest footballers of all time

  • Date of Birth:- 11 September 1945.
  • Position:- Defender.
  • Nationality:- Germany.
  • Place of Birth:- Munich, Germany.
  • Family Status:- His father is Franz Beckenbauer Sr. and his mother is Antonie Beckenbauer.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Heidi Beckenbauer.
  • Net Worth:-$10 Million.
  • No. of goals:- 17 goals for the national team.

No.7 Ferenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas was a Hungarian football player and manager, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation and the sport’s first international superstar. He was probably the most precise goalscorer ever. Combining his finishing prowess with general intelligence and ability to invent new skills. In Hungary, he won a further five league titles. At the international level, he led Hungary to the 1954 World Cup. For Real Madrid, he won three European and five league titles.

  • Date of Birth:- 1 April 1927.
  • Position:- Forward.
  • Nationality:- Hungary.
  • Place of Birth:- Budapest, Hungary.
  • Date of death:- 17 November 2006.
  • Family Status:- His father is Ferenc Puskas Sr. and his mother is Margit Biro.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Veronique Zidane.
  • Net Worth:-$8 million.
  • No. of goals:- 700 goals.

No.8 Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano was an Argentine-born professional footballer and coach, regarded as one of the best footballer players of all time. The first forward on the list has to be Alfredo Di Stefano. He wasn’t your conventional striker, though he appeared all over the pitch, tackling, passing, and dictating the play. He was the most complete player ever to grace the game. With Real Madrid, he won an incredible five European Cups, scoring in all of the finals. He won 13 league titles in his career. He is currently the sixth-highest scorer in the history of Spain. His international record is poor due to not featuring in a world cup, although he did win a  Copa America with Argentina.

  • Date of Birth:- 4 July 1926.
  • Position:- Forward.
  • Nationality:- Argentina.
  • Place of Birth:- Buenos, Argentina.
  • Date of death:- 7 July  2014.
  • Family Status:- His father is Michele Di Stefano and his mother is  Eulalia Laulhe Gilmont.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Sara Freites.
  • Net Worth:-$13.9 billion.
  • No. of goals:- 511 goals.

No.9 Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is a French former professional football player who played as an attacking midfielder. Zidane was an elite playmaker renowned for his elegance, vision, passing, ball control, and technique, and he is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time. Zidane started his career at Cannes before establishing himself as one of the best players in the French Division 1 at Bordeaux. He received many individual accolades as a player, including being named FIFA World Player of the year in 1998, 2000, 2003, and winning the 1998 Ballon d’Or.

  • Date of Birth:- 23 June 1972.
  • Position:- Attacking midfielder.
  • Nationality:- France.
  • Place of Birth:- Marseille, France.
  • Family Status:- His father is Smaïl Zidane and his mother is Malika.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Veronique Zidane.
  • Net Worth:-$125 million.
  • No. of goals:- 95 goals.

No.10 George Best (Top 10 Football Players of All Time)

George Best was a  Northern Irish professional football player. A highly skillful dribbler, He is regarded as one of the best players in the history of the sport. He won the 1968 European Cup and two league titles during his time with Manchester United. As an attacking midfielder, he scored a remarkable 205 goals in 579 games and won the Ballon d’Or in 1968. As Northern Ireland has never been a force in international football, he never made an impact on that stage. He was named European Footballer of the year in 1968 and came sixth in the FIFA Player of the century vote.

  • Date of Birth:- 22 May 1946.
  • Position:- Attacking Midfielder, Winger.
  • Nationality:- Northern Ireland.
  • Place of Birth:- Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Date of death:- 25 November 2005.
  • Family Status:- His father is Dickie Best and his mother is  Anne Best.
  • Married Status:- His wife’s name is Alex Best.
  • Net Worth:-$250 Thousand.
  • No. of goals:- 205 goals.


1. Who is the best footballer ever in history?

Diego Maradona is the best footballer ever in history.

2. Who is the goat of soccer?

Lionel Messi is the goat of soccer.

3. Who is the king of the free-kick?

Michel Platini is the king of free-kick.

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